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  1. Wrong John Hughes film, you're thinking of Sixteen Candles.....
  2. No, not a fan of the Star Trek TV series T.
  3. Ooooooooooh you and I will be fighting well into NEXT YEAR (in hockey )…..
  4. Heh, I was thinking the SAME THING.....Pacific Crest you are NEXT!!!!!
  5. You'll have to wait until 2029 for that to possibly happen, the contract with the Lucas Oil Stadium runs through the 2028 season which was signed in August 2015.....
  6. #### I was CLOSE (with Vanguard's score heh)!!!!!
  7. Sticking to my guns and saying 98.7 with MORE THAN A POINT between them and Silver as I predicted a while back, heh that Silver just MIGHT GO TO BLOOO, we'll see…..
  8. Oh boy, I don't know, you just might be right.....
  9. It doesn't have anything to do with where he played. He had the exact OPPOSITE effect that Payton Manning had: his former teams get BETTER when he leaves.
  10. Or teams that got better since Jay Cutler got cut?????
  11. StarVoyager

    Chester Tour of Champions - August 01, 2018

    Oh geez, one of those "entitled" people huh? LOL, some people.....sooooooooooome people.....
  12. StarVoyager

    What makes a good Blue Devils show?

    Oh yes, LOVE this show. One of my favorites from them over the past 2 decades heh. I'm hoping they go back to something like this sometime down the road. So FULL of energy and just a joy to listen to EVERY time.
  13. StarVoyager

    What makes a good Blue Devils show?

    Yeah I agree, most of my favorites from BD are due to the great writing in the music book.
  14. BTW, noticed all of the talk about the great Cavaliers hornlines of old in recent threads, DON'T FORGET about their 2010 line!!!! Adolph DeGrauwe returns to the Green Machine and uncorks them for the first time in a while LOL.....