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  1. trust me... if Frank were still around, he would have his friends take care of you while he watched... RIP
  2. yes St. Vincent's is on the corner of 47th st and Ave C in Bayonne and fielded one of the most dominant drum corps of their era, winning many national championships. buuuuut they were from uptown... (very different from the corps that later formed downtown )
  3. Jerome... whats with the ST reference... your not planning anything are you?
  4. If I know Chris, he was probably referring to that little man love comment to Marwan Snutchies!
  5. yeah, yeah... let concentrate on whats important... horn players!!
  6. The Bridgemen Brass still have a few spots open for the 2008 season! The Bridgemen have left open 1 lead mello, 1 second mello, 1 lead bari, 2 3rd bari, and two contra spots to fill. This will fill out our line for the season. The Bridgemen have rehearsal this Saturday and Sunday from 12-6 at St Andrew's in Bayonne. The Bridgemen will be performing Shaft! Big Noise from Winnetka, Stan Kenton’s Here's that rainy day, as well as some great favorites... In The Stone, My favorite things, and the corps signature tune... The William tell Overture If you are interested click the link below and se
  7. OK back on track here... the Bridgemen open house is this Saturday!!!!
  8. and I'm insensative!!! :P lets see Jerome kick me in the arse now!!!!!!!!