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  1. Great job on the trombone solo!! Enjoyed the preview. Liked the show and all the "Annie" references!
  2. Would have preferred a more traditional book from the Troopers, but their horn line seemed better to me this year. Their music, I thought, was technically easier than the scouts and was a bit cleaner. I like the Scouts music selections and thought the brass was powerful as usual. Music was more difficult so was not totally clean for such an early show. They will get this taken care of as the season progresses. I think the giant rolling trunks will figure into the show more than they did tonight. The last half of the show they just sat on the field unused. Liked the closer and the kick a## tr
  3. Saw the movie at the Austin, TX Idie Film Festival. Very well done. It was selected as the best movie shown at this festival. I would LOVE to see it on a large screen.
  4. The app did not function last season other than allowing one to listen to audio archives. The show schedule and/or news topics were not updated the entire season. App worked as intended during the 2013 season which was when I had purchased it. As mentioned above, it recently failed to function at all. No prior notification given.
  5. New member; retired school band director; parent of just aged-out Madison Scout; and, of course, Madison Scout fan.