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  1. Has it really been 12 years since I wrote this? Where has the time went?
  2. Coming off the '74 corps successful season, there was an 'aura' that surrounded the entire organization during the winter that something special was going to happen in '75, and it did. The corps finally defeated SCV early on, which included our drum line which ended SCV'S 58 show WINNING streak. Personally, the '75 corps will always hold a special place in my heart.
  3. I have 4 as well: '76, '77, '79, and '80. Rings were not given out until '79. However, rings are offered for purchase for members for the '76, and '77 seasons.
  4. x2 Will be off to Vegas in August to see 'em live.
  5. George, Sorry for the late response...........there's been no discussion of dropping 'Livewire' from DCP's lineup. If that changes, then sure, we'll remove the forum. Thanks, Rich
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, we'll certainly 'throw it around'.
  7. From the DCP Community Guidelines: Topic Closed.
  8. That's what the "Report Post' button is for............if you see something, use it.
  9. Everyones' thoughts are appreciated. The thread has run it's course, any other threads opened involving this issue will be closed/and or removed. Topic Closed.
  10. You're "toeing the line" here, so perhaps you'll want to re-think your stance.
  11. I'll address that soon as I have time tonight, or tomorrow. Thanks.
  12. Connor, John Donovan bought Drum Corps Planet, not me. Secondly, since John bought ownership, donations from members have not part of the financial equation. Hope that helps.
  13. The thread was created for members to voice their opinions, which is being done. That said, the announcement states our stance on the matter.