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  1. Gotta go with 92. Moving Funny to the closer, along with the drum break, were really what moved it past 91. Both years were tremendous, though.
  2. Seriously, if this is the only thing you can think of to post, don't bother. We'll all be better off!
  3. Favorites: 1988-Still get chills listening to this version of Malagueña 1995-Intense from beginning to end 1992-Didn't really think so at the time, but I now put the closer up there as one of my favorites. HM: 1981-At one time I would have called this my favorite 1999-Great arrangement of Jesus Christ Superstar Least favorite: 2009-Why????? 2014-Just didn't feel the quiet ending 1989-Slaughter just dragged on and on
  4. Usually, I check on speedtest.net prior to each show just to see what I'm getting so I have an idea of what to expect. Last night, prior to logging in for DeKalb, I was getting 43 Mbps with a wireless connection from my router.
  5. Ah, excellent point. I don't use the app either, just the website and use HDMI from my laptop to TV. No issues.
  6. I guess I don't know what to tell you then. All I know is that my streaming was flawless last night. Additionally, I also started with the DeKalb show and then switched to DATR and had no issues after switching, unlike what some others have mentioned. I just have a hard time thinking this is a Flo issue, otherwise everyone would be experiencing the same, or at least very similar, experiences. Considering all the negative comments about FloMarching coming into the season, I've been very satisfied with the streams-other than the less than stellar camera angle switches with muliti-cam.
  7. Well, to be honest, I think you've pretty much defined the problem. If you're on DSL and trying to run through your phone to another device, you can't be getting more than about 3 or 4 Mbps download speed (just guessing) and that would be nowhere near enough to be able to stream this without buffering. I would venture to say you'd need to be downloading at a speed of at least 15 to 20 Mbps to get a reliable stream. I used to be in the same boat with the old Fan Network until I got a new cable connection that gave me 60 Mbps. Since then, I've never had any streaming issues.
  8. All I can say is that I've now watched 3 separate events and have had ZERO buffering issues. I use a laptop on a wireless connection connected to my TV with HDMI cable and a connection speed typically around 40Mbps. If you're getting buffering, it's either your browser's cache, your connection speed, or an issue with your ISP. If the issue were with Flo, then everyone would be having the issue.
  9. I have to admit that I still have some mixed feelings about this show. After my first viewing, I was feeling kind of, 'meh' about it, but after the Minnesota viewing, I was much more impressed, however, I'll admit I'm not exactly enamored with the music choices. The closer, however, still leaves me with a bit of the 'meh' feeling though. Not to sound like I'm trolling, but I am curious as to how tesmusic is viewing this year's production. He has been one of the Scouts most ardent supporters and defenders on this forum, yet has remained virtually silent over this year's show. I would be in
  10. Exactly! Unfortunately, much of the music being performed now is intended for the judges and those with a far more extensive musical background than the average fan. I realize the competitive element has pushed the activity more to the visual and away from the music, but it continues to get worse. It seems the music has become more of a background soundtrack while the guard has become the "show."
  11. Unfortunately, that sounds rather ominous.
  12. Ah, I think I saw that as well. Thanks.
  13. Just curious if anyone knows any of the tech specs required for the Flomarching streaming. Just got a new LG smart TV not too long ago and wondered if I'd be able to stream using the browser, or if I'll still need to hook up my laptop to the TV.
  14. True, I like 91 as well; just prefer the use of Funny as the closer in 92. Both were very entertaining.
  15. No problem. Glad to help. I love the entire collection and watch them often. Funny you would ask about the 92 show...while I've watched and listened to it from time to time, recently it has become one of my favorite Madison shows.