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  1. Thats what I have been saying. I can’t wait!
  2. Let’s put a pin in this and circle back to it in August.
  3. I remember a good many posters said this in 2016. How did that turn out?
  4. Wow. These scores got my full attention. It really is a horse race!
  5. Blooooooooi! OK, BAC, you take Guard. And we will take the rest! 88.10!
  6. Times, they are a changin’. Drill is not the sole denominator. (Unless you are a dentist.) But thanks for your comment.
  7. Bloo has no fluff or rainbows or unicorns in their show. They are just bad ### drum corps ... not 101 ... but master level!
  8. George Zingali to Jurassic Lancer: “How long are you going to be ####### up my drill?”
  9. Actually, I hope that is the case. I love those years! (But no ties.)