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  1. So which delivery is better? Socks or shirts? (j/k) 😂
  2. OK, of course I say Danny Boy, but isn’t there any love for 74 Scouts’ Ballet in Brass? Or Brian’s Song?
  3. Once upon a time, MM’s performance at a specific show could make a huge difference in outcomes, even surpassing the design’s impact. For example, 1979 Troopers at DCI Prelims.
  4. I thought for sure you were going to say El Gato Triste.
  5. I thought the same thing ... so I retired!
  6. Are you saying it’s a long and winding road for the Bluecoats?
  7. Since I can interpret that a couple of different ways, I choose that to mean a second championship, of which I am in favor. The other interpretation, not so much.
  8. Got mine yesterday, and have already watched the top six!
  9. Dad wanted a trumpet player ... what kind of compromise is being a barri? Mello ... that’s a fair compromise.
  10. Holding off on announcing their show hasn't seemed to have hurt them at all.
  11. I believe ‘87 was the crown jewel of the 80’s.
  12. I agree. The last thread hashed the point all the way to oblivion. Can we move on? Most of us would like to keep the Madison Scouts 2020 thread open