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  1. If they merit fourth, then, yeah. Siotting them fourth just for a shakeup isn’t a good reason.
  2. Earlier this week, Bluecoats put out a tweet that there was an immediate need for a third trumpet. If I had to guess, that spot is already filled.
  3. When I read that, I first thought What in the #### then I figured out WITF is a radio station.
  4. I attend a Detroit Symphony Orchestra series, and requirements have changed during the season. I always need proof of vaccination (pics on my phone are accepted), but sometimes masks are required, sometimes they are optional. Once we weren’t able to bring cocktails into the auditorium because masks had to be worn 100% of the time (for some reason I liked that concert the least). I have a concert on Thursday, and masks are optional. Yay, cocktails with Mozart!
  5. When I marched 27th, it cost me $400, but since I housed with the Zingalis and May was such a great cook, I really didn’t spend any money on food, or at least not much.
  6. It’s staggering, and yet the tuition is only affordable to the upper mid-class, and tuition is insufficient to cover the costs. If you are in an economically underserved class, how can you reasonably join a corps? How is this a sustainable model?
  7. Since I am a dog owner, I am more concerned about Shelty Pox.
  8. Ray Chen was great, and my wife said he was easy on the eyes. Funny … she has never said that about me. Either things.
  9. Michael Gains: Hey! Wanna be my visual caption head? Anyone with a pulse: !!!!
  10. Holy ####! That’s kind of like what happened in 1997 when Myron Rosander came in after the first visual camp to take on the visual design after the original design of the opener proved to be an unmitigated failure, and when the entire guard staff quit.
  11. Earlier in he season, I saw Ray Chen play the Sibelius Violin Concerto. He is a rising star. It was the very first live concert for the DSO since COVID.
  12. I saw the Detroit Symphony Orchestra play the Third Symhony this year. I agree, she should be played by some corps. (I also saw Hilary Hahn play Dvorak’s Violin Concerto at the same concert.)
  13. Hey! You saw me! And you didn’t even say “Hi”
  14. I have told Matt many times that I alternately bless and curse him.
  15. There was no chop and bop in “Unchained Melody.” They let the song go on as written. And that soloist was gold.
  16. Drill by good friend, Matt James. He is the guy who got me into drum corps in high school.
  17. Zingali and Sylvester collaborated on everything
  18. Yes, George Zingali wrote for the entire threepeat + 1987.
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