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  1. I participate in this site less and less … here is exhibit A as to why. The well documented continued abuse in the activity is why I am walking away after this season (I already have tickets for Indy and accommodations this year with friends or I would just walk away now).
  2. I don’t have it anymore, but they can’t be hard to get. (I still have my pin, though.)
  3. Exactly! But don’t call Mandarins a young corps … some will go bonkers.
  4. I must have missed it. Who said SCV isn’t going to make finals?
  5. I initially thought Mandarins for 4th at the end of last year, but I agree, fifth is more realistic, and that’s where I am predicting they will land. JW has done an amazing job getting the right staff for this still young corps.
  6. I loved it in 1978 … after 1979 I couldn’t even listen to it anymore
  7. Hey Chief, I’m still betting on Mandarins moving up this year. I’m guessing SCV for seventh.
  8. I’m with you. Remember the 27th Lancers Foundation?
  9. Maybe not be an arson, but seriously consider walking away? (Speaking personally)
  10. Just when I think we’ve hit rock bottom …
  11. The last Cadets show I loved was Ten … until that fateful day they switched to black, and the visual turned to mud.
  12. Yup, the Zingali years were the peak for me, especially 87.
  13. Really? That’s where you want to go? The corpse is still warm.
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