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  1. Thank you for this transparency. I am not in a position of holier than thou … but this situation was bungled, and the buck stops somewhere. I am sorry to say, but it stopped with RCA. I realize that it is hard to be perfect in real time, but this was a fail. I really hope she learned from this experience and will lead SCV into a a better, safer future.
  2. My issue is not if the grooming wasn’t spotted in a timely manner … it is the timeline after the behavior was reported. The question that was posed that haunts me is (and I am paraphrasing) “This is the only case, right?” Or “There won’t be anyone else coming forward, right?” Sorry I am not going to go back and find the right wording, but that was the gist. My reaction is, why does that matter? One report is enough. There was too much hemming and hawing. He should have been reported immediately to the authorities. I don’t care how many Ted Talks RCA made, or how she grandstanded in whatever forums she took part in. When the pressure was on, I believe she waffled. For what it is worth, I am sure she learned from this horrible experience.
  3. Na, but it makes bathroom breaks a little trickier. That’s why I am minorly annoyed.
  4. So are you saying that only we denizens of DCP have a problem with how this situation was handled and question the wisdom of SCV in this hire? I never realized we were so cutting edge in our discernment.
  5. It is the best way to enhance visuals, although I would be happy if 16 tubas became the standard.
  6. You requested 240, right? That’s about the best there is. As for us, my friend, Scott, was p!ssed! I am just minorly annoyed.
  7. Yes, I have know some people with crippling OCD. It is serious as hell. But … you just had to throw in that last “W,” didn’t ya?
  8. And I had to learn to play a valve-rotor Olds Ultratone Soprano. I had been playing a Bach Stradivarius trumpet. Life is so unfair.
  9. They processed our order, and our seat assignments moved down three rows because the top three rows of section 141 (and 139) are now blocked off for Friends of DCI. 😢
  10. I wouldn’t worry about it. I screw up the spelling of my name from time to time.
  11. I absolutely do that. I value my seats too much not to. I like to be one of the first twenty to order tickets to make sure we get them.
  12. Well, yes, it is first come, first serve. It’s just that DCI doesn’t deal with the paperwork and logistics until much later. I am pretty used to it after all these years.
  13. Oh wow. I don’t think anyone, at any time, has ever agreed with me word for word—and I have been married for almost 40 years! (I may have to rethink some of my life choices).
  14. I think I would riff off the the whole X-Men franchise … maybe have Hugh Jackman do Bones.
  15. In normal years, I don’t see any activity until Jan-Mar, depending on the year, and I buy my tickets on Thursday of finals week.
  16. I get it, and don’t personally have a problem with it. Some might see cancel culture, but I really don’t think it’s a big deal.
  17. Why not? I have wasted a day or so watching the New Zealand Girl.
  18. Ah, your attention span and curiosity outstrips mine by a mile. 🙂
  19. So today you posted two Phantom videos from two different years. Feeling nostalgic? (It’s OK if you are.) 🙂
  20. I will quibble—my GOAT is George Zingali, but I can live with that quibble.
  21. ST is very costly. And this year proved that four weeks can work pretty well — as long as design complexities / performance expectations are adjusted. A lot of traditional ST design can be added as the season progresses. As it is, lot is added during the last two weeks or so, but there isn’t any reason major changes can’t be added from week one.
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