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  1. and I disagree with the statement that Crown will be remembered. The roar you heard was the whining about how Crown came in 2nd:)...Go Bloo!!!
  2. have they had many age outs?...besides the almighty Willie V of course..
  3. hellz no...give credit where credit is due- At least they didnt change their uniforms midstream? like HUH?
  4. Lets get down to brass tacks here-Bluecoats found a way to fight their way to the top 3 whether it was 'electronics incorporated into the show, change of use of the spheres and ending changes, you have to know what works and what get the judges and audience on their feet. The music was brilliant! Bon Iver, genius!, Their look, their execution, their use of the field all worked. If you stay scrappy and pay attention all things pay off. You could have the electronics and have a terrible show, Agreed? Bluecoats pulled this one out-BIGTIME!
  5. Dont hate the player hate the game..thats why its called a competition. I love the Coats, its not just the 'electronics'.. listen here...How about their show design, music, the 'electronics; just enhances what is already a brilliant combination. Nothing about it was lame. It left you wanting more and got you out of your seat at the end didnt it? Youre lying if you said it didnt:) Love you Coats! Bring on 2016
  6. I echo that sediment, that show was well done beginning to end. cant wait to see 2016
  7. that makes perfect sense. Surf is not a freshman Corps, they have been around a while, just wondering why they are where they are, they should place higher thats all Im saying...Your gonna tell me that some "Surf'ers look at a Corps in the top 5 and not want that success? Time to step out of the box and take Surf'ers along, I would like to see someone different rock the apple cart other than the usuals..
  8. that last statement makes 0 sense..'until they decide to buckle down" so you admit that they should rethink the philosophy and travel with the pack..I would love to see them get really creative and blow other corps away in 2016..pull the trigger now and make it happen.
  9. So true and the more experienced group the better the show and placement. Its almost treated as a team, they know their strengths and weaknesses to try to build on that with familiarity until it gels into a successful (not only in placement but the retention of bodies year after year) corps.
  10. I could start from the beginning with everything that doesnt work for me with this summers performance, uniform choice what have you but its all in the books now.. All Im saying with everything that is available to them, I think they should look at their numbers and placement and strive for MORE. Have fun YES but also crave the movement in place instead of being stuck on the bottom wrung all season. There needs to be some serious consideration in packing a powerhouse show and get these kids hungry for more than just a happy go lucky performance. How do you know they dont want more? Everyone wants to do better....dont they???
  11. I disagree. I think they shouldnt be content and this is just the way they run things is a lame motto. Wheres the competitive spirit? They are miles away from the top half of the group, miles...,i know they were more competitive a few years back. Changes are in order