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  1. Eh. I’m sure he’s fantastic- just ask him. 🤣
  2. Steal Jeff back. More likely and a bigger impact.
  3. Please leave Hopkins’ god complex out of this! Lol 😂
  4. Cortney Jamison from DCI: Due to excessive heat, the start of tonight's DCI Broken Arrow event in Oklahoma will be pushed back 30 minutes. Revised schedule: 8:00 p.m. – Welcome and National Anthem 8:10 p.m. – Phantom Regiment 8:27 p.m. – Blue Stars 8:44 p.m. – The Cadets 9:01 p.m. – Carolina Crown 9:18 p.m. – Boston Crusaders 9:35 p.m. – The Cavaliers 9:52 p.m. – Santa Clara Vanguard 10:09 p.m. – Blue Devils 10:26 p.m. – Bluecoats #DCI2019
  5. Thanks for your thoughts. Always good to read a voice of reason. Overall organizational "health" matters most.
  6. yup and the tick tock in the pit and the clocks on the flags and the members on the back sideline moving like clocks the mother and the father holding the baby - then the graduation cap flags etc etc and still few got it lol
  7. there's not - never apologize for being a supportive alum
  8. I think the point you and I were making is somewhere between the "sausage making process" that GH constantly shared and "complete winter/summer black out" is a sweet spot.
  9. Exactly Not the best way to engage and rebuild an organization is there a plan? If so communicate bringing back the drill designer and hiring an untested show coordinator were big mistakes since then it appears they’ve gone into full circle the wagons mode just my take on it as a complete outsider the other thing is- are they a class organization or not if so congratulate the Blue Knights
  10. The lack of communication is alarming Guard is improving but the percussion scoring is a surprise