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  1. yup - the one he did for 2021 was terrific as well
  2. the member who went to BK the next winter? Yes, I'm aware that was cleared. No, not what I'm referring to. I think he / frankly most / are well intentioned
  3. And what's your grounds for termination? Internet rumors? Literally I would like to know. And who are we appointing Cadets Director??
  4. You seem to give the issues which happened under Scott a pass. Just saying.
  5. Sorry - when I have people accusing me of extremely false things on here (repeatedly) it is a bit too much. I've donated to Cadets for nearly 40 years.
  6. I'm in agreement on the sexism in the activity (and on this site) - clearly if she wasn't told directly that she wasn't returning in her role, that's incorrect.
  7. lol - I do not think hiring someone's spouse is a good idea - THAT is what I meant > it is a TERRIBLE idea in terms of team dynamics, etc. It reminds me of when GH hired his GF to be CG caption head, also a TERRIBLE idea
  8. you guys just MAKE STUFF UP - it's literally like twitter in this place
  9. 100% - need more young design talent, amore female, and more diverse
  10. You all keep saying this over and over - anyone have a link to this "I" speech. I heard her speak at the ST event, she didn't talk about herself AT ALL. And here's her DCI HOF speech, spent her whole-time thanking OTHERS:
  11. Darcie should have never been hired in the first place. And she shouldn't have returned after the disaster of 2019. Adding to since others apparently do not understand my intent > No Darcie 100% should never have been hired. Hiring a spouse of your percussion caption head (who has zero DCI experience from what I can tell) to be your "artistic director" is a very bad idea. Retaining her after the 2019 design disaster I assumed it was because of her connections. All that said, she seems like a lovely person, but not a DCI level designer JMO. I hope she gets snatched up by someone else if she wishes.
  12. "no one here appreciates" = talk about superior tone, now you speak for everyone?? Geez. if your post made even a tad of sense, perhaps I'd be offended - nah, I wouldn't. No matter how many times you insult me, or yell from the roof top - or whatever, firing Cadets entire 20222 guard team makes no sense >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NONE
  13. I mean, he uses "Thomas" most of the time I've seen it written, so I guess I just saw others spell it that way and assumed? He goes by "Tom"? Did not know that. I'm definitely in the guilty group of that drinking game 😞
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