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  1. Almost every announced 2021 repertoire (so far) has been popular, well-known "recognizable" music. So, I don't know what you're talking about!??
  2. They are about 80% locked in as far as venues w/ contracts - the remaining ones are "close" - that's straight from the Midwest & NE groups = I can certainly see a scenario where 1 or a small handful of these get canceled, or moved. Tickets not yet available is more on waiting for restrictions to possibly loosen up before they start assigning physical seats (hence DCI's list they are keeping) It would be terrific, as someone else mentioned, if BD could send something (small ensemble?) to Indy - but I highly doubt it
  3. Well, given the current judging community, and the reload of talent they get season after season, and the staff stability - no doubt they are the odds-on favorite!
  4. So, there's no value in Indy or the mini-tour this year? Highly disagree. Most of the corps heading to the "dog & pony show" are either full or nearly full corps at this time > so there's your "evidence of perceived value" >> at least to those hundreds and hundreds of marching members! A large number of other CA corps are making it work! Mandarins, Pacific Crest, etc. The attitude is very questionable. JMO It comes across (to me) like those with deep pockets "can't be bothered" since there's no hardware for the taking.
  5. They WILL cause damage - I'm certainly not a mind-reader as far as intent Not having 3 of the top competitive & most well-funded corps on this recovery tour certainly hurts Only the Bluecoats out of last year's top 4 corps has elected to support DCI's bridge tour - bravo to them It's a little eye-brow raising when many less well-funded organizations are putting in the work to make it happen Some of these second-tier corps will not survive IMO As far as the experience camp - I think it's great. YEA! / Cadets did them for years aka "Music is Cool" clinics >1-day
  6. just interesting - don't you think BD won't be in Indy, but is fine with hosting children at $500 a pop
  7. even a packed house doesn't "pay the bills" in a normal year - so, no, it will not.
  8. If the corps make it there safely and have a crowd of 7500 or so that will be a MAJOR success... and I think it will happen 🙂 I agree, "capacity limits" won't be an issue - safe practices, rehearsal space and sound fiscal management will be!
  9. no => all will be vaccinated; pretty sure the stands will be at 50% and masked