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  1. the original yes-man stacked board did NOT fire Hopkins. The new board did. The old board were hand selected and approved by GH - everything I understand now is that there was zero oversight. DCI should insist on independent boards at all member corps
  2. it's also (apparently) hard to wait until the "truth" is released from the people IN THE KNOW
  3. she has a ton... her full bio is right there on I'm over all this back and forth - hopefully all these concerned folks will be donating and volunteering and back here in the thread complimenting the corps this summer.
  4. perhaps you've missed all those "hard choices" that have been made and announced: 1. laying off YEA staff including $200K in salaries 2. a more limited tour schedule for Cadets 3. shutting down C2 This alone accounts for $500K a year in "difficult decisions" Cadets are also making self-built props this year - last year they paid $60K for the stairs Many many examples are announced of smart, conservatively minded decisions And I'm sorry - but if her corporate background as an officer of Metlife doesn't impressed you, perhaps her background with SCV and many other corps does JMO, George.
  5. I’m sorry but you aren’t being constructive and you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s a dangerous combination oh look she has lots of experience running multi million dollar organizations: Professionally, Denise recently retired from MetLife where she was an officer of the company for 16 of her 35-year career. During Denise’s tenure at MetLife, her “hands-on” approach brought her to the front-line managing Insurance Product Software Development, and Quality Assurance functions in several locations around the US and Canada. Throughout Denise’s career at MetLife, she was extensively involved in company mergers and acquisitions converting software Illustration systems onto MetLife platforms. Denise managed a staff of 20 as well as associates in different locations around the country. Denise also played a significant role in relocating and transitioning MetLife’s Retail business operations to North Carolina. Denise is currently the Co-Founder and President of the Bonfiglio Foundation. As a non-profit charitable organization, the Foundation’s philanthropic mission is to raise money to provide scholarships in honor of George and Patsy Bonfiglio. Applications are accepted from young men and women that participate in DCI organizations. George Bonfiglio was the first president of the DCI Board of Directors and played a significant role in leading the organization through its early years to ultimately build a foundation for future success.
  6. "an unproven group of people" -- do you know who Denise Bonfiglio is???? What an absolutely RIDICULOUS statement. This "unproven" team is loaded with caption winners, championship winners, corporate leaders and DCI HOFers..
  7. wow - that's really a dark view of things. I guess for some the glass will always be half empty.
  8. Felt the same way going into it - wasn't expecting to love it but the ever-present parallels really kept me highly engaged. The final episode is incredible. Just announced it's been a massive streaming hit and season 2 is on the way. The cheer kids were just on Ellen (avail on YouTube to check out)
  9. I will just drop the highest loudest longest cleanest rolls EVER right here - enjoy :) To quote the innocent bystander at the end JESUS CHRIST!!
  10. that's not what's happening - it will be announced when they are ready to announce I think you'll be quite happy
  11. We certainly have a lot of people suddenly interested in every detail of the cAdets audition packet/registration was $200 with no camp fee; the Texas attendees get the audition packet and camp for $50 a great deal
  12. no one is portraying rainbows and unicorns - most are realistic. Cadets are in serious rebuild mode, competitively AND financially
  13. probably trying to get the most talent possible - same as Gino etc did in 17 when they headed to Boston, held out contracts attempting to recruit as late as possible. SMART imo - not handing out contracts like candy until they are through the TX and FL camps. I'd imagine by March they will fill the remaining spots and set the line with a set of alternates