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  1. wow people here a cranky - for the timing I FELT the tone was poor. A little too opportunistic, a little too quick. JMO. It's jusy MY OPINION.
  2. it's all about tone and timing, neither was good JMO
  3. Yup. And the old Cadets saying "always look good" flew out the window with the self-serving please to any SCV members wanting a home.
  4. yup I've pretty much lost faith in the organization in the last few yeaars For me the adult drama has been too much I hope I'm wrong obviously but I think it's a slow unwind to a folded corps Erie, PA - hey if it helps terrific, never seemed like a commcunity with much money, but honestly I don't know it well The Various "factions" seem unable to move forward cohesviley, certainly not selfishly Have we heard a peep from the new "Director" ? I have zero fith in the BOD, can't even seem to send an email without various typos And the behavior of people both inside and outside the organization regarding DB and TA was honestly disgraceful. If the activity dies it will certainly be because of these impassioned "adults" - the members are NEVER the problem As you say, hopefully it all works out, and they benefit with more local support. And yes, hopefully SCV is back in 24.
  5. As others have said DCI "is the corps" > maybe it's time for that to change in some manner. We've seen for decades now, what a powerless "DCI" gets us.
  6. Probably figuring out how to best benefit from the trouble, ala USB for pennies on the dollar.
  7. yup - two corps w/ what - 17 combined DCI Championships, 1 isn't touring, 1 has constant "organizational drama" > not a great vibe for the activity. The "adults" in this activity need to GROW UP
  8. I also enjoyed the 2022, but I'd love to see something fresh and frankly, more modern. Something unexpected in 2023 please. And PLEASE no voice.
  9. The Cadets Announce Corps Director, Key Tour Staff | The Cadets - A World Champion Drum Corps
  10. VERY sad to read this news... I'm trying to remain optimistic, but honestly worry about a couple others on the cusp. Modern DCI is simply unsustainable at this point, particularly with rampant inflation driving gas and food prices higher and higher Things need to change. I'm fairly certain they won't. Too much ego involved. JMO.
  11. 90 Star at Hershey is one of my favorite live performances EVER - I remember it like it was yesterday. Wish that show was still a thing. Of course, I also wish Star was still a thing. That brass line, OMG
  12. That's why these sort of swift moves cause ME alarm, everyone is like "oh my god, what a get, Music City is going to be so good" etc. I totally get that. But given DCI and drum corps track record, my response is more WTF than Yes!!. Maybe we should start valuing folks on member feedback more than caption ranking. Problem not practical - but philosophically that sort of approach. Value member experience more highly.
  13. I mean, right now on paper I would expect them to be BETTER in 2023 than 2022. Yes, it's crazy.
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