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  1. honestly I thought you were joking - sorry. Hard to tell sometimes in written form.
  2. oh lord... ST things really should be perfect lol - not like it is November or December camps when mistakes are still allowed
  3. eh not with the talent Cadets marched that year... when was the last time a corps won percussion with 10 snares? Just curious and I literally don't know...
  4. 2015 Cadets snare line disagrees. Judges SHOULD be rewarding demand - but doesn't always work out that way They sound great - and as you say, everything I've heard and seen from Boston shows demand increasing yet again. They should do very well!
  5. Really hard to clean end to end. Been done before though... just tough
  6. Dude I’m just joking around And my defense of this design decisions ended around 2015 - my defense of him as a person ended with the revelations
  7. It’s interesting you posted this i just watched a compilation video “Top 7 Phantom Regiment Closers Ever” type video - so many impressive closers
  8. I’m hoping to do the same and bring some kitchen truck gifts / food - but there doesn’t appear to be anything formal this early so was just checking out the days ensemble
  9. Toes for days