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  1. Let’s face it, real discussion and honest debate is really limited in today’s environment as a supporter of the cadets I’m delighted they are taking the topic of discrimination seriously let’s not morph that into quotas that stack the odds against the most talented applicants the activity is extremely white and I think we fix that mostly by returning an actual regional touring model
  2. Like a cornered ferret alumni were angry because of the way people were being treated!!
  3. You certainly are the master of all things obvious let me make this crystal clear I do not feel it should take two years for the trial!!!! Even without the Covid-19 delay tactic after another six months is plenty of time to organize the defense (if one exist)
  4. I understand that, wasn’t born yesterday however everyone deserves “equal treatment under the law” even victims
  5. It’s been years just like the Cosby one was before the virus
  6. So much for speedy trials- no wonder women don’t come forward/ you get dragged through a years long nightmare
  7. Such great transitions from idea to idea, just flowed so well
  8. i have been. the level of irrational intolerance is sky high and makes impossible to have any acutal discussion
  9. Different opinions are not allowed - reality be darned