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  1. Yup. But thought we were talking about what should happen. Sneaking around always is a thing.
  2. I’m pretty sure school property is a drug free zone.
  3. a rather interesting strategy is posting for the first time to say "goodbye" take care! Things change, it's called life. I preferred the acoustic activity in G - loud as crap and FANTASTIC, but we haven't had that since 1999 for me the core (pun intended) of the activity has always been about the member experience and life lessons learned by the mm - it's not really about "us" IMO
  4. a lot of 2020 Cadets staff (and folks from the past) teach Stoneman Douglas HS Band in FL - a BOA band. Particularly visual & guard folks in 2018 show in Park Vista they were performing last when it started to downpour during the ballad and especially the closer you can see elements of Cadets influence in the guard work (large silks/long poles, swing flags in the ballad ala Cadets 1998) and then as the rain pours during the closer you can see a hint of that famous Cadets willpower. These things can be "taught" crowd goes nuts for the last 2 minutes - and remember, these are HS kids pushing through it - I enjoyed it enough to share:
  5. It was good / I listened to the tape delayed. Percussion side mainly same as last year for design and instruction said they had a couple tenors and base returning and 4 or so snares and six or so vets for the front ensemble center snare from last year will tech as a new addition mentioned they will march 9+5+5 in battery and 14 front And I’m not saying some of them are getting a little older but they kept saying “the Facebook” which just cracked me up They encouraged folks of all ages and experiences to attend camps
  6. Well things tend to get worse before they get better so aim low mentally
  7. sad to hear... - was one of our best forum members - sending prayers to his family and friends, George.
  8. There are two in the top 12 other than Cadets and one of those is top six and no I’m not naming names as frankly it’s not my thing
  9. Man I’m sure they want your expertise- please start running a corps immediately!
  10. Attitude and work ethic trumps “most talented” 9 times out of 10
  11. I was speaking euphemistically yes I would expect someone in the activity for 30-40 years as an instructor and coordinator to be able to adapt. I just don’t see the guard empty-handed pushing props around for four minutes and standing still tossing - after last year it’s way old
  12. I doubt April is going to have them push props and stand still to spin like many are doing these days - I just can’t even imagine it.