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  1. Allentown - 1st show with the "?" ending
  2. 92 Crossmen were fantastic, a year where I absolutely loved the mid-finalist corps the most!
  3. they like the revenue, just saying - the lawyers will draft the contract to protect liability - public HS will lag a bit no doubt
  4. ridiculous. its now expected that multiple highly-effective vaccines WILL BE available for the general public by April 2021 - one month prior to ST move in - members, staff & support will need to be up to date on their vaccinations prior to move in
  5. Ok you heard it here first - Grandpa grumpy pants has canceled the 2021 season!
  6. If there’s no season in 2021 you can stick a fork in the activity- there won’t be enough corps left to have a meaningful tour imo we will end up with a short 30-45 day tour with outdoor shows with limited capacity JMO
  7. Exactly!!! I was reading this with a facial expression of wtf until your post! I’d add OK, IL and GA/FL to the mix for second tier behind TX and IN
  8. DCI should issue a lifetime ban IMO -- it is well within their power to do so, it would likely require a majority of member corps, it would certainly send the correct message of "zero tolerance" which MUST be the standard
  9. they seem to agree as they communicated recruiting additional members as a key goal it is still a big improvement over the old days of a small panel of Hopkins lackeys - I will judger them by the results - solid financial footing will be a good first step
  10. Same thing in a lot of other news sources, so yes I tend to think that it’s accurate
  11. lots of positive news gives me hope for 2021 DCI
  12. well I've been tested several times, no copay and as stated all the biggest insurers have pledged coverage, many with no copay, government working for entirely free for Americans who cannot afford or are at higher risk