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  1. Very obvious you do not know me, or my priorities I'm at a point in my life where I do not need to engage with the negativity on DCP, and all the anonymous posters with their pathetic agendas. When I started this site; it was to end the blight of RAMD, unfortunately, over time a few posters have driven away 90% of the traffic and spread rumors and negativity. That's not what I'm about. Cancer changes a person, so see ya.
  2. That scoring gives people context and influences crowd reaction in Indy - some of these crowd favorites were just filthy dirty and would not have had quite the crowd reaction with a 75 ish score attached to them
  3. I'm sorry but a couple posts here make it real clear why we need scoring
  4. then the scoring attributes need changed
  5. you want a supporting argument? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  6. FloMarching? Narration? A corps director pacing the front sidelines? This is DCP, complaining is an artform!
  7. nope scores will always be here & need to be!
  8. Congratulations to ALL the corps who made it on the road and to Indy this summer under even tougher than normal challenges! It was a terrific success. Don't forget to do what you can to support your favs this off season, a large number of corps organizations are under great stress still coping with the impact of COVID. We will lose several, please help if you can.
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