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  1. Exactly!!! I was reading this with a facial expression of wtf until your post! I’d add OK, IL and GA/FL to the mix for second tier behind TX and IN
  2. DCI should issue a lifetime ban IMO -- it is well within their power to do so, it would likely require a majority of member corps, it would certainly send the correct message of "zero tolerance" which MUST be the standard
  3. they seem to agree as they communicated recruiting additional members as a key goal it is still a big improvement over the old days of a small panel of Hopkins lackeys - I will judger them by the results - solid financial footing will be a good first step
  4. Same thing in a lot of other news sources, so yes I tend to think that it’s accurate
  5. lots of positive news gives me hope for 2021 DCI
  6. well I've been tested several times, no copay and as stated all the biggest insurers have pledged coverage, many with no copay, government working for entirely free for Americans who cannot afford or are at higher risk
  7. the President got all the largest health insurance firms to make it covered no copay officials said Tuesday they,are developed and become available.
  8. currently federal scientist are working with the states to prep, lots of things needed as you can imagine sub-70 freezers etc:
  9. there's a vaccine protocol in place and adopted, essentially 130 million americans up first in three phases starting with first responders/medical providers, high-risk then elderly in care facilities, essential workers involved in food production are also in this group: it's based on Health care professionals (incl. LTCF staff) public health closed temporary mass vaccination clinics + potential for mobile clinics Essential workers (specifics TBA – public health closed temporary mass vaccination clinics + potential for
  10. Thanks for the obvious, phase three trials underway
  11. The protocol will change once vaccine are released and proven effective
  12. maybe the news gets better with time, there are 70- vaccines in trial after all!
  13. The corps already “downsized” and there’s zero logic in abandoning the idea of 2021 at this time, March or so is plenty early