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  1. Ok. #2 is Squires and Precisionnaires. #4 St. Ignatius. 73.8 #3 would have to be the first corps to go on in the all girl category in 1974?hmmm.....Jeanettes.....or Mello Dears...or Ventures...St.Johns Girls!
  2. This is awesome. I live too far away. Someone will rock this!!!
  3. I remember some of the corps performing Star Wars. Well, our busses performed MoonWars. Our 55 greyhounds were too slow to pass our rivals, but we put on a great show for them.
  4. Imagine arranging Copland's Third Symphony,but for G bugles in 1969. Chromatic but still range, tessatura limited to the valves. A great study for arranging chords! Harmony history. In awe here. St. Rita's Brassmen Brooklyn!!! I am sure every brass player remembers their favorite chords. Even the warm ups on the starting line. That hurricane force sustained wind 60 horn power hype! Don Hill would point to each one of us and raise or lower your note at a quadruple fortissimo. Dissonance then consonance. What a sound!
  5. Cabs and Brassmen! Got the hair standing goose pimples! Now off to the NY Skyliners.
  6. 74 Kilties ! Great brass! In Eli's Coming, the arranger had to static modulate the melodies between the baritones and sops. Two diatonic close related keys to keep the line in tune. That guy could write! Off to check out St. Ritas!
  7. This could have been a better posted thread everyone.... Comment on the content. What are the camps like ?
  8. .Please. We must file all the history...and catorize the jenres...all with same discipline. Innovate! Make it really international other than that separate division. Judge more specific. Have a best historical corps catagory. Have A hybrid for the exploratory category. Keep all of the ideas alive!!
  9. Great writing and for one valve, a rotor or slide. Chromatic tensions and dissonance as well. To get intonation on paper. No Midi virtual Finali back then.Tweak the show at camp! Different times!
  10. I was listening to Anaheim 74 and could hear arranging and drop two voicings in their jazz concert section that to me became Blue Devils' thick chord sound. Wayne perfected this more and more over the years. We do not need to talk about just the previous statement but all evolution of brass favorites and the techniques used to create such great chords and voicings! If you are an arranger or a judge of brass, please share your experiences!
  11. Brian! That is the truly amazing point about the beginning of this topic. How corps get together and create great shows! Blending musicians like great beers and wines!
  12. The montage of the corps reminds me of the joy that this subjective objective art explains itself!