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    I have been a drum corps fan since the early '70s...My son played snare in 2014 Cadets, after 2 yrs with C2, and he teched C2 snare line in 2016-2018.
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    BD, SCV, Cadets, Madison, Crown, BK, Coats
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    Madison Scouts 1988; Cadets 2011; BD 2014
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    2011 and 2014
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    Computers, music, F1, Indycar.... Principal percussion and Timpani with Bucks County Symphony; Section leader at California State University, Long Beach 'back in the day.'

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  1. My 2 cents: The top DCI brass lines are among the best on the planet. I do not want to hear the quality of their sound, the blend, balance, stellar intonation and controlled power...abused by unneeded amplification, and that includes the insufferable bass goo that sometimes obliterates the base of the pyramid of sound. Just like I don't want to hear the Chicago Symphony or Berlin Phil brass sound corrupted via amplification. I don't think a DCI fan needs to be an audiophile to discern the negative impact of amplification done poorly. I've been a DCI fan since the mid-70s, and I don't plan to g
  2. Stan Kenton would have really dug that! I'd love to see BD or even Crown do a modern re-take on that iconic LA Neophonic chart.
  3. I found Prosperie's Cadets finals percussion tape to be very consistent with the 19.2 score.....they outplayed the book in his eval.. Would love to hear his BD tape for comparison.
  4. Flo was reliable for me until last night when it continually failed with what looked like a server error of some kind.....certainly not acceptable for the money they are charging subscribers. For me, the most obvious comparison is the streaming quality I get from the Berlin Philharmonic's Digital Concert Hall: Although the latter is not completely analogous to Flo's product, Berlin broadcasts a high def video/audio stream around the world; and their consistency and reliability are outstanding. I think DCI and Flo should go to school on how Be
  5. For me, Flow app via Apple TV on a Sony Bravia connected to Audioengine speakers is a reliable solution for DCI.
  6. And, if you can't get to Berlin, a subscription to their Digital Concert Hall is a slice of musical heaven.
  7. The only night that awarded a podium placement. Of course, as a parent of a 2014 Cadets MM, it was cool that every other show that summer found Cadets placing either first or second.
  8. The 2014 Tarps and the droopy Capitol banner in backfield were a gift-wrapped invitation to hand Silver to the Coats on the only night that counted....cringe-worthy.
  9. That was an awesome podcast, and the suggestions about achieving quality sound apply equally to percussion....getting the best sounds in your mind, etc.
  10. I just listened to the Marching Roundtable podcast featuring Freddie Martin and his sons, Chris and Michael. That was a half hour well spent. Chris Martin was Principal trumpet in Chicago after Bus Herseth retired, and now leads the NY Phil trumpets; and Michael plays in the Boston Symphony along with his work with the Cavaliers. Their discussion of the DCI activity in relation to their experiences and the demands of both disciplines was illuminating. Check it out!
  11. PC looked and sounded excellent...nice foot phasing, too.
  12. And despite that fubar, their execution and quality of the Copland arrangements were arguably Silver, even on Saturday night.