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  1. Dr. Ward Miller no longer listed as a member of the Scouts staff.
  2. Any city is safe, and any city is dangerous depending on where you go. If you're in Chicago, and you go to the Austin neighborhood, or Englewood, then yeah, it's dangerous, but that's many miles away from any stadium that would be used, as well as where most people would choose to spend time when not at a DCI show. Generalizing cities as safe or dangerous needs to be taken with a grain of salt. I've spent a great deal of time in St. Louis, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Indy, Chicago, etc. If you pay enough attention and do even the smallest amount of research it's easy to avoid areas that have high crime. Simply stating a city is dangerous because of what's on the news or in documentaries doesn't paint a realistic picture. For example: https://www.neighborhoodscout.com/blog/highest-murder-rate-cities-2018 On here, Chicago is in at #25, with 768 murders for 2,704,958. Hardly at the top. Elkhart, IN is actually higher per capita in murders. It helps to put things into context before completing trashing certain place. Last years top 12 are actually as follows: 1. East St. Louis, IL 2. Chester,PA 3. Camden, NJ 4. St. Louis, MO 5. Gary, IN 6. West Memphis, AR 7. Baltimore, MD 8. Flint, MI 9. Detroit, MI 10. New Orleans, LA 11. Salisbury, NC 12 Danville, VA #themoreyouknow
  3. Well, no, not as dangerous as some like to portray. If you look at the number of homicides, Chicago is very high, but if you look at those numbers against population, Chicago is dramatically lower than many other cities.
  4. Madison St. Louis Chicago Cleveland I like the concept of central location.
  5. I know nothing of the legal system. Are cases usually moved around this much?
  6. Speaking of lawsuits, has the POS started his trial yet? Wasn't it delayed until around this time?
  7. Anyone out there in need of a Yamaha YV-2700 vibe frame-we purchased an all-terrain frame, or a Yamaha Acoustalon YAM-YM2400C frame, same reason for selling the frame. Shoot me a message.
  8. And couldn't be further from the truth. CK-I know you lurk in here, do your job, if the inept board isn't going to fire you, own up and resign. You have failed the organization.
  9. Just going to leave this right here...highlight of my time as a Madison Scout.
  10. It's definitely the offseason. Let's get offended over nothing, and do the merry-go-round about how we've all been treated so awful for this thing called band.
  11. Then why not type competitive? The word win and competitive have vastly different meanings, but ok, keep pushing your agenda. Thanks for hijacking the thread with improper word usage. Have a great day.
  12. You realize there is only 1 winner, right? You made your initial quote to me referring to people wanting to go to a winner, there's only 155 spots in the winner, are then saying that any corps 2 and lower also has the lesser talent? I would beg to differ, consider the Bluecoats list year were not the winner, but I would not go out and say that their members were less talented than the Blue Devils, which is what you're implying.
  13. That's true, but most people don't necessarily make it into the winning corps.