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    1992 Blue Devils
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  1. That’s absurd. I don’t care what it costs to design the show. For a gap season, to charge that much is a joke.
  2. The activity also won’t survive with predatory adults preying on kids, or groups serving sheet cake for dinner because it’s cheap. The bubble was bound to burst, and this pandemic is one of the final nails in the coffin.
  3. I doubt it. Between the pandemic, and off the field issues, I strongly doubt it.
  4. Between their tone-deaf initial response, and their attempt at saving face more recently, plus the gravity of the accusations, at what point does DCI choose the nuclear option like they did with Pioneer and Cadets. Changing an ED, and adding some positions is a knee jerk reaction, and people should see right through it. They need to clean house, and DCI needs to have major sanctions. We’ve seen this play out in DCI and other aspects of life in recent years that there is simply no way that this is excusable.
  5. Sort of reminds me of 98 when I was marching Madison, and we were marching on in a double company front and the paint guy went back out there, rumor has it GH was behind that moment as well.
  6. What are you referring to in Pasadena? Wasn’t there that year, and wasn’t really following things around that time.
  7. Wasn’t there for the, but was 55 at retreat in 1999, and colder before Saturday. Still pretty cold.
  8. Yup-for the right price, you too can get a fake reaction to just about anything.
  9. 1991 Cavaliers. Part of the 1996 Bluecoats, 1993 Colts, 2012 Cadets.
  10. It’s sad that some will be angry because an organization wants safety, fiscal responsibility, and longevity.
  11. So you’d encourage organizations to abandon fiscal responsibility and member experience to so you can watch marching band?
  12. He was the arranger for winds at the HS I attended, as well as the first arranger I used when I began teaching band. He was a great friend, advocate, and just an all around great person to know. He will be missed.
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