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  1. I have copies of the scores. As well as some individual parts.
  2. tesmusic

    Blue Devils 2019

    Knowing BD, it will be used well. It's interesting to speculate, and I would love to see Tommy again, but there's a lot of jazz music that it would be great with as well. Madison used Paul Hart's Concerto for Guitar and jazz Orchestra in '88 before Malaguena, could be fun to hear that Concerto again, but with guitar.
  3. Not sure if it would work for SCV, but I've always wanted to see a corps do "A Chorus Line." Literally starting with the corps facing backfield doing the opening portion of the show at the audition, with mirrors backfield. When the big "I Hope I get it" moment happens, corps turns around and does a big fanfare, or go into something completely different. I think it could work well for SCV. That said, I think it'd be fun to hear SCV tackle an all John Adams show.
  4. tesmusic

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    I apologize if you feel as though they're attacks, but I am giving my thoughts on your opinions, as is customary on message boards. That said, you are calling me pathetic and a troll for giving my opinions and thoughts on things going on with PR as well as comments by posters. At no point did I attack your posts, simply posted my thoughts on them, at which time you called me pathetic and a troll, which is odd. As for stating you never ridiculed, you did. By calling me pathetic and a troll. Maybe before posting as though you've taken some high road, consider your responses to my opinions. Just a thought.
  5. tesmusic

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    Aren’t I entitled to my opinion? And really, you truly believe they are performing at the highest level possible? A level comparable to the past? thwg sort of delusion is pathetic, really.
  6. tesmusic

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    Sorry, but that’s an awful excuse for crappy performance. I’ve heard plenty of corps in recent years create emotionally stimulating performances, even with today’s style. Sorry that PR hasn’t lived up in recent years on their classics, but it’s not just design, it’s performance as well. They don’t have the talent they did in the past, coupled with #### arrangements. For the love of god though, your attempt to justify how much they’ve slipped, based on modern DCI arranging style is an absurd reach.
  7. tesmusic

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    I would love to see new music, but when they bring back an iconic song such as Fire of Eternal Glory, I have fears, because given each rehash, it hasn’t lived up to past renditions, IMO. That said, in 2004, 2005, 2010 when they tried newer pieces, I’ve lived them. It’s when I hear Nessun Dorma, Elsa’s, Claire, Fire, etc I’m not excited because the earlier renditions are always better than in recent years, and it’s disappointing. If they were doing a show with ALLnew composers to them, and new pieces, I’d buy in, but for now, with their recent trends, I’m not buying it. Sorry, but Will Pitts has yet to produce what Wren did.
  8. tesmusic

    Blue Devils 2019

    I’ve been hoping for a new Tommy since 1990. Love that show!
  9. tesmusic

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    That works when the design is better/fresh and the performance lives up to expectations..:hasn’t really been the case.
  10. tesmusic

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    I haven't written them off, but it's hard to feel as though they're moving in a forward direction, when they program the same composers and themes year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year......
  11. tesmusic

    Blue Devils 2019

    That's been the case for me with all shows since 2014. Prior to that, for me at least, it had been a while since they had a full ballad that I hold to a high regard, but starting with 2014, I've loved them all.
  12. tesmusic

    Blue Devils 2019

    Can't say I agree with you. Since their win in 2013, Crown's placements have been: 2014-5th 2015--2nd 2016-3rd 2017-3rd 2018-4th In the same stretch of time, with BD getting 2nd in 2013, BD has been: 2014-1st 2015-1st 2016-2nd 2017-1st 2018-2nd I don't see a new era, at least in regards to BD, personally.
  13. We didn't play Malaga in '98, but our drum major did take pictures in 97 during our Pirate show, which also did not have Malaga. In 1980, Daniel Veerhusen took a picture as well, during Ice Castles. They did use Malaguena in that show though.
  14. I’m with you on 79. That was a great corps playing great music.