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  1. I don't know a great deal about guard, but consistent 7's seems like a pretty tough thing to do. Finding 10 guys that can specifically do that seems like a tall order. Maybe not.
  2. Well here's an interesting thread...
  3. tesmusic

    They're trashing our trophies

    About as much as 24 pages on BOA/Tarpon Spring, but that's DCP I guess.
  4. Convicted sexual predator in proximity to minors, as well as being on school campuses.
  5. That was going to be my response.
  6. I sent it in September.
  7. I filed a tip through the reporting system about Larson, they responded that they looked into it, and he was not involved with Midwest Connection. I found that odd.
  8. Then when they got into a formation that the word was spelled out, someone should have sprinted onto that field and pulled them off. It's not hard.
  9. I'm with you. I went to a HS where we had 8 sousaphones, and we spelled things during games, but no way would have considered doing something remotely close to this. We knew what would happen to us, by our director, school and parents, had we taken it beyond what we were allowed to do. Actually, anytime we wanted to deviate from the school mascot spelling, we had to clear it. I'm currently a director, and had my students done this, they wouldn't have made it to the end of the performance, regardless of who I'd have to embaress.
  10. This is pathetic on any level. Even hearing that band members took it upon themselves, where was a director or instructor that didn't see this before they went on the field? When it did happen, where's the adult, regardless of involvement with the band, that should have gone on the field and taken care of this immediately. I don't care if it would have ruined the performance, these individuals should have been taken off the field the second someone noticed.
  11. I find it peculiar that Dan is criticized on here, and by the "journalist" for commenting on the upcoming story, and not speaking with reporters, but there is no criticism of law enforcement for not commenting? Seems oddly one-sided, IMO. I'm not praising Dan in the least, but it would be nice if there was some balance to the criticism/comments.
  12. But they had better designers back then.
  13. I didn't take it as him blaming the reporter, more than I did him discussing the story coming out, personally.
  14. So Dan's response from DCI in April took too long, and people take issue with things. This time he makes a statement regarding a new investigation before the reporter has it published, and now it's too early. What do we want? The reporter tweets that she wishes he hasn't, and people are up in arms and defending her. This is almost as bad as politics in the US. Not that I'm defending Dan in the least, but seems like regardless of how he handles any situation people are upset.
  15. I agree there, especially on the singer. Especially when they changed much of the back half of the show and featured the singer more. How do you take one of the best hornlines over the last decade or so, and have them be the karaoke track to a singer that is marginal at best? I still don't get it.