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  1. First off, thanks for the insults about my personal life. That said, my posts about this season are based off previous seasons. Oh and sorry for caring about things that are important to me and judging me, you’re a real class-act.
  2. He made a request fir it. Yes it’s happened in the past, but openly requesting it is gross. That is why people were bothered, not by the fact that things like that have happened. Which has been my point all along. No one said it didn’t happen before, nor do they need to. To openly request designers to put the members in revealing attire is still disgusting. Find me where people stayed that it happened before and their support...then you have a point about those posters, but criticizing gross comments isn’t hipocratic since that was not what was being commented on.
  3. We’ve had great luck on Hotwire as late as the day of finals.
  4. I appreciate your optimism, but as an alum tgat marched in the late 90’s, and until 2018 was nothing but a blind cheerleader post age-out, I’ve spent too many years thinking about, stressing about, and losing sleep over things because I blindly thought things would somehow improve. Since then, when I took a step back, stopped worrying about how I would be perceived from people, I can’t sit around and just be positive, when there are so many things that need to improve. I’ve been blasted by members of the admin, kicked out of Facebook groups, received texts from people I respect(ed), and watched people not willing to hold themselves and others accountable, when truthfully-some of those same individuals should be looking at themselves and those around them, and asking themselves the question of whether or not they are doing everything they must be doing for the betterment of the members and the organization. Scott Stewart was fired for missing finals 1 time. Sal Salas was chased out for a dip in placement, yet CK is still around while missing finals 3 out of the last 4 years, an average placement of 12th, and the board gives him a rubber stamp. There is no accountability and that’s pathetic. He is inept, and so is his hand-picked BoD. If they improve, great, but the organization is in disarray and with the current BoD and ED, the glory days are over, and have been, and there needs to be a conscious effort and great change in many if we ever want to see this once great organization thrive again.
  5. They purposely chose a virtually all open class staff, and turned down people for key roles that are not only world class designers and staff members, but also people that have been ultra loyal to the corps. So yeah, im going to voice my displeasure with things. Even the fact that they CHOSE to spend less and less on staff and design the last few years, in my opinion tanking, to insure they would “need” to go coed to rebound, makes me have ZERO faith. Oh, and barring alums from various groups that go again CK’s mission, even though the corps has missed finals 4 times during his tenure, makes it impossible to support the current admin and direction. Or texting people to call them out for not falling in line. Forget that. I hope your kid has a great experience, but the leadership has failed the organization And the board allows CK and his ### kissers to continue ruining the organization. Thus is a public forum, I’ll express my opinions, plus the members should know the truth about their admin and it’s vast numbers of failures. They’re only going to get sunshine and rainbows from most in life anyway, so honesty will do them good.
  6. For me, the last time I wasn’t thoroughly entertained was 1988 from them, but that’s just me.
  7. The Blue Devils haven’t been entertaining since the 90’s? Whoa.
  8. You’re right, it has. However, openly requesting it is gross. And that is what poster did. To which you stated it’s absurd to call him out for requesting this. You literally said those of us calling him out is more absurd, which means you are more ok with his post, than those of us that think it’s a bad thing. So yeah, you did support that post more.
  9. You find a borderline pedophile comment less amusing than people bothered by it? Sorry, what he wrote is gross, creepy, and concerning, and your support of the comment is gross, because you’re supporting someone requesting cleavage from teenagers or slightly older, so I guess you’re ok with pedo requests? I mean, based on your comment you are, which is messed up.
  10. On a big round rock, they telling me we’re circling a star.
  11. No, I’m not 5 years old, just curious since it was brought up in the thread before I asked he had posted. You know...because it’s a forum and people are discussing/bringing it up.