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  1. Interesting. Did they publicize this? Just curious.
  2. I don't think it was the age comment that was necessarily being pointed out, but the absurdly pathetic comment about requesting legs and cleavage from 16-21 year olds. It's just well...gross.
  3. I've seen a lot of hideous posting on this site over the years, but really? Requesting legs and cleavage? Ummmm...
  4. I'd actually love to hear the corps do a take on his arrangement of Hey Jude by the Beatles. Although, pretty much anything from Don Ellis is fine with me.
  5. I'm assuming Strawberry Soup, since it was referenced by Jason Robb in a podcast. Although, anything Don Ellis works in my world. Billie Eilish...not so much.
  6. Also-why such a drop in their programming expenses? Here's the conspiracy theorist in me, but having that much of a drop in expenses looks to me like they may have been purposely tanking last season, so that they could make going coed seem like the only option for the corps. Again, just the conspiracy theorist in me, but seems suspect.
  7. Where are people getting that $200,000 reduction in debt from? Also, notice the drop off in donations, as well as a nearly $70,000 reduction in total unrestricted?
  8. Sure, in that regard, but sexual assault is sexual assault, and in all forms it’s vile and disgusting, and trying to justify it for anyone reason, or downplaying it due to the victims age is gross.
  9. Extreme allegations?!? He sexually assaulted young women, and you’re justifying this? What kind of ####### statement is that? Whether or not they were 18, 28, or 45, he sexually assaulted people and you’re criticizing people calling him out. Do you actually ####### believe it matters if they were any age? Sexual at any age is monstrous, and you downplaying is in the way you did is disturbing, disgusting and pathetic.
  10. It changed when the board decided to continue to retain an ED, that has had 4 missed finals appearances, and an average placement of 12th during his tenure. But things are great though, I mean they have a leadership program!
  11. Sorry to #### off those of you that don't like items strictly pertaining to the 2020 Scouts, but the corps lost an alum yesterday from the 1999 season. Delane Black Elk was a member of our colorguard. He was one of the most genuine, sweetest, and humble people I had the pleasure of marching with. His love for the corps, and in particular our 1999 production was greater than anyone I have known. He will be missed. Love you Diva!
  12. They had different podiums by James Gulke's era in the 90's, but I vividly remembering him doing some mark-time at BD. I wonder who the last person or corps to incorporate even some of that element into their conducting style.
  13. They haven’t shred publicly but the debt is a fact.
  14. There have been debts for many years, pay attention a little more on that, as you’ve clearly missed them. I agree that the environment is safe, however they have failed to put a consistent staff together, quality design, and competitive success. If you look at the placements and quality of programming since 2008, and compare that to the success with the judges and fans of the Sal Salas era, or the Scott Stewart era, the results are a failure. The Jim Mason years helped, including the 2015 corps that moved up, but the rest is a major disappointment. You can call the CK eta whatever you’d like, but I’d calm them inept, and the era a failure. Their competitive average of placements from 2008-2019 is 11.8333. How is that a success. They are no longer a destination corps, but merely a feeder corps for others. They gave so much turnover on staff and membership. Last year they were asking for cut lists from other corps, when they used to share theirs with others to help. In June if 2019 they begged guard members from previous years that did not come back to fill holes because they started move in’s with less than 75% of the guard spots filled. But yeah, they’re a total success because they are fed well and there’s no scandals. Who cares how they’re doing from a performance standpoint, right?