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  1. For me, nothing beats the 1993 uniform. It was my first time seeing drum corps live, and that show/uniform are the first thing that to mind for me when I think of PR.
  2. That’s impressive, but again-is it a historical record or the most in the last 10 years?
  3. True, but do those same individuals want to pony up $400 more to an ED and board they may not trust with their money? I keep getting PM’s in here and the book of Face saying things would be so much better with more money, but can people truly justify giving even more money to the same people that have failed to put a relevant group on the field, with a revolving door staff, and an inability to have additional programs under the organizational umbrella?
  4. According to what numbers? Ever? Or in recent years? How far back do they have records of audition numbers?
  5. I’m sure they weren’t. Plus, again, this is not a challenge program. That was rolled out previously to give the elite access to early information...even though CK and his cronies don’t share virtually anything with those that contribute that way either. The $500 fee is a single year jump from $100 (not a gradual increase that would make senses) in order to have voting rights, to insure that only a select few can vote in the pre-picked board.
  6. Almost like Chris Komnic and the Scouts board...do not come between them and allowing the organization to fail.
  7. Probably impossible considering they moved the annual meeting back a month to accommodate a change by Chris Komnick’s rubber stamp to change the by-laws to allow him to submit his proxy votes. It’s another ####### ploy to by the inept Chris Komnick and the worst board in the activity. Nothing will change until the corps folds, as those in charge are unwilling to change, and they’ve made it virtually impossible to oust them. It’s beyond sad and horrifying.
  8. This is absurd. Chris Komnick and his inept rubber stamp of a board are literally doing everything in their power to destroy this once great organization, that isn't even a shell of its former self. I've said it before and I'll say it again...if CK or the board truly cared about this organization they would learn from others on how to run an organization, how to be leaders, and to own up to their failings. As an educator, who is an alum, I can no longer, in good conscience encourage students to audition for this organization. Btw...what happened to the SoundSport and WGI Winds groups? Oh...those fell apart too?
  9. No. And if you have views that differ from some, they’ve got proxy voters to insure lack of change.
  10. It's refreshing to read the comments from veterans on the discounts they received yesterday, and SHOULD receive on a daily basis. As a son of a member of the US Navy for 25 years (15 active, 10 reserves) I know my dad takes great pride in that day, and you all have earned everything coming to you, and more! Thank you for your service.
  11. He was there at least through 1995, says so in his bio on the DCI HofF.
  12. Just throwing it out there...but with the tradition that is SCV's cymbal line, long before Rennick was there, could it be that he wants them...or that he has no choice but to have them? Just a thought.
  13. Jason Robb in his Marching Roundtable interview stated that aussies would be involved in Madison's show.