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  1. No. I’ve never understood the appeal of any “reaction” video, because they never seem authentic to me.
  2. Although not a ton of competitive bands out there, Hawaii has several strong bands as well.
  3. What records do you have? Don’t see any listed.
  4. I can speak for myself, as an educator, that I wouldn’t hire the guy, but can only speak for myself.
  5. So scores are supposed to dictate ones opinion? Weird. When I marched Madison in 1997-1999, our scores didn't reflect what audiences always thought should happen, and for years prior, and the audience voiced their opposition to the scores with boos. I guess they were wrong in having their feelings on the show/placements, and should have understood that the numbers being handed out dictated human thought and emotion.
  6. That would take a major change in leadership...but that’s wishful thinking.
  7. Interesting that they put out a form for potential staff to apply for writing and staff positions, yet CK simply appointed someone for this role. What’s the matter CK, need to micromanage more and don’t have the vision for the organization enough to seek out quality candidates? Under your reign, the corps has had its worst competitive history, don’t you think that maybe thinking outside the box might work?
  8. Pretty pathetic that a once destination corps has reduced itself to calling a cancelled season undefeated.
  9. I would love to see an early season version of Scouts 99. The superstar fanfare was at the beginning of the closer, then went into the gospel section and closed with a big ending. We got huge ovations at the start of the close and then it fell flat. We learned the new version of the closer over a few days while still performing the old ending, which was tough. Then we switched to the finals version. All happened in June.
  10. Am I the only one that isn’t into her videos? I even marched Scouts 99 which she recently did. Literally the only people that know like reaction videos are in middle school. Not trying to be a jerk, I just don’t get it at all.
  11. Give it a rest. The victim card on the interwebs was old 15 years ago. #glasshouses
  12. So you’re saying it’s ok that he hires a sexual predator and is a bigot, because, you know...he DID help out financially?
  13. I find it appalling that they thanked him for his service in the press release. #### that after his ########.