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  1. It's a red flag when the organization is so young, and not even part of Open or World class at this point, but are trying to be.
  2. So let me get this right, people that haven't been following or part of the activity, by choice, for many years, are going to continue their boycott, and this is just adding to their reason? I'm curious how many people will be boycotting DCI that have been going to shows/finals in the past 5 years. I, for example have been at every finals since 2011, went sporadically from my age out in 1999 until 2010. Thus I have been participating in the activity as a spectator up until 2018. That said, I will still be going to shows and supporting the activity, as I enjoy watching the corps perform and look forward to the season.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought I read somewhere that the evaluation hadn't even begun when this all went down? Doesn't that mean people are getting bent out of shape over DCI's actions, even though this group in theory isn't even under the DCI umbrella?
  4. Huh? Sorry for starting a thread about individual thoughts on top brass awards and who we all would have awarded based on our own opinions. Mods, feel free to close this thread that was meant to be fun.
  5. The list is who I would have put, if I were judging brass.
  6. tesmusic

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    You also said he had allowed Larson to be part of Capitalaires/Capital Sound, which is why I responded in the first place. It is true he was the director of the Capitalaireas, but that was nothing to do with Scott. He was then arrested and convicted, thus forming Cap Sound, which he was not part of in any regard, nor was he part of the Scouts organization other than his drum corps career before the Capitalaires, until the whole Kilties, Midwest Connection, and Jim Ott BE.
  7. Quite simple, and tagging off the current Jim Ott thread. I'm curious who everyone thinks SHOULD have won the award. Include who did win the award, if they won it that year, but change to who you would have picked if it's different. 1972-Kingsmen 1973-Madison 1974-Madison 1975-Madison 1976-BD 1977-BD 1978-SCV 1979-BD 1980-SCV 1981-Madison 1982-BD 1983-Cadets 1984-SCV 1985-BD 1986-BD 1987-Cadets 1988-SCV 1989-SCV 1990-Cadets 1991-Star 1992-Star 1993-Cadets/Star 1994-BD 1995-BD/Madison 1996-BD 1997-Cadets 1998-BD 1999-SCV 2000-Cadets 2001-BD 2002-BD 2003-Cadets 2004-BD 2005-BD 2006-Cadets 2007-BD 2008-BD 2009-BD 2010-BD 2011-Cadets 2012-Crown 2013-BD 2014-BD 2015-BD 2016-Crown 2017-BD 2018-BD
  8. tesmusic

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    Then wouldn't it be best to have facts straight on Scott Stewart in regards to Morgan Larson?
  9. tesmusic

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    Just trying to get facts out there. I understand people being upset about ML being with the Kilties, but there is no pattern here, and if people want to get upset, they should also look into those in charge of Midwest Connection and the Jim Ott Brass Ensemble Third Coast for enabling ML as well.
  10. tesmusic

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    Morgan Larson was the reason that the Capitalaires were shut down, and Scott combined them with the Junior Scouts to create Capital Sound. After Morgan was arrested and convicted, he was not part of Capitalires, so Scott did damage control and created the coed Capital Sound. Capitalaires were also not under the MDBCA (the organizations name at the time), so Scott had no control over them, nor their hiring choices. The only time Scott brought ML in was with Kilties.
  11. Open Wide is in cut time. Looking at the score right now for big band.
  12. tesmusic

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    Multiple? The Kilties and who?
  13. Maybe one is a mid season recording? I recall in 1998 DCI doing a mid season recording that year, and selling CD's of it not long after the recording date.