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  1. Or maybe you should stay away from attempts at humor, because that’s not it.
  2. There’s much to things than your generic attempt at humor.
  3. Exactly. Excuses are ########. Get your #### together CK and board. You’re doing a disservice to the members and the organization. Get off your ##### and fix things.
  4. Yup. But so do the admins and board, so maybe they’ll wake the #### up and do something for the members and organization.
  5. They still had a plan other than T-shirt’s.
  6. Me too! I wish the members luck. Some are reading my posts as though I hate the corps, and anyone who’s read my posts for years would see that I’ve been supportive always of the corps, board, and admin. I still strongly support the members and will, as always cheer wildly for them. However, until this ineffective board either does something, or the admin is adjusted, I’m done bring silent.
  7. If that’s the reason, then another reason people need to go.
  8. Exactly, home show for an organization that already has people skeptical and upset with the current admin team, and people in the organization are allowed to not have their #### together enough, nor are being held accountable can just pass this off. CK is not held accountable, makes changes that the board SHOULD have a say so in, and they either allow it to happen, it baffles me. We have missed finals 2 out of 3 years, barely making it the third year. Fires Jim Mason, but tries to save face by calling it a retirement. It’s all absurd and pathetic. Someone, anyone, own up to things. This goes much deeper than a ####### storm at a production facility.
  9. No uniforms tonight. That’s absurd. Stanbury puts up a post saying storms went through and caused production to stop. My issue-why were uniforms put into production so late that this could possibly happen? There’s no excuse that I believe is acceptable on this. Board members and staff reading this-someone’s head should roll on this. Scott Stewart taught us that regardless of venue, number of fans, whether it’s a parade, etc. every audience should be given the best product possible. CK and others have failed us, yet again. Anyone who oversees show design, uniform, program, etc should have to answer to this. Anyone on the admin team or board that get tired of getting called out by “dinosaurs” or whatever else alums that are upset are called-check your ####, get your act together, and do your job.
  10. I do understand the donor thing, but as someone who barely makes it paycheck to paycheck, I can’t do it, so it pushes alums like me and others away from that option. When I’ve got to choose between keeping the house and feeding the kids, obviously that’s the choice. Not that I’m looking for pity, but that sort of model being the only way to get early info pushes a large number of people into the “have nots” category, as to the “haves.” Just doesn’t seem like the best way to go about things when our alumni base is already so fractured.
  11. Saw a vid on Facebook and the show is refreshingly Madison. It was about 3 minutes and I’m not sure where in the show it is. I looked for it again but couldn’t find it. That said, I’m disturbed that there has been such little transparency which was said to be an area of focus after the last several years. It’s also concerning that there has been nothing on the look of the corps and that they’re working 24/7 to get the costumes ready to hopefully have them for our HOME SHOW. When others have already performed, it seems we’re behind yet again. Much like the work that had to be done after move ins to get a full guard. I’ve been vocally supportive, to a fault, and at this point, I can’t be 100% of the time. This has to be the last year of CK, regardless of improvement. He’s dug his heels in, alienated the alumni base, basically trash talks anyone that hasn’t jumped on board with his vision. I’m going to be cautiously optimistic, until I can’t be.
  12. Um...the entire Cadets 2004 show was Jethro Tull, so not Beatles, not even sorta.