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  1. Made my way up to WCU tonight, and it is getting cleaner. They are still angry (to say the least) that they lost their home show last week as Harloff kept bringing it up between reps tonight. Definitely some smaller changes that you will see on Saturday on the live stream, but they have gotten cleaner since CrownBeat which is the important thing right now for Crown. I do think that there will be some bigger changes coming between SA and ATL, but until then, just enjoy one of the better shows of the season. They are far from done with this show, and it should be a fun rest of the summer. That brass better get that Ott or there will be a riot. They sounded incredible tonight. Go Crown!
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YX3MOQRtE4 Here is a higher view of Crown's show from this past Friday in Lexington, SC
  3. Are those new props that I see in some shots? Looks like they were added to the stage
  4. So, Crown goes up 1.1 points after 4 days of rehearsal and Bloo goes up 3 points from Tuesday? Something seems off with that, but I feel like it has to do with who they are going up against. Bloo has been going up against Boston this week while Crown has been going up against the Blue Stars. People take cross-competition scores too seriously. Crown was way cleaner than the last time we saw them, and they will only get better. Keep pushing Crown!
  5. Not much talk going on this week with Crown in Muncie getting some rehearsal days in before tomorrow's show, but let's hope we see some good changes tomorrow. By chance, does anyone know what the significance of the drumline putting their arms up and out during the ballad hit?
  6. Babylon pulled me right in, but this one....not so much. We will see how it progresses throughout the summer
  7. Great job Crown! Closing that gap on the Bluecoats won't be hard. Crown has a better opportunity to add more to their show than the Bluecoats do. The Bluecoats did not sell me as much as it did others on here tonight. I've always thought that The Beatles were decent (they are not my favorite), but they have some good songs that I like. The Bluecoats are doing too much park and bark for my taste. It was play loud, go to a different part of the field while soloists or solis were happening and then play loud again. As wigwam mentioned, the electronics were way too loud at some points. Some people confuse loud for good sometimes. Others tonight who said Bloo would win brass tonight should have known better. Crown's brass was amazing tonight. Just the first night of many this summer. Keep pushing Crown! Great start to the season! Edit: I know that some people love what the Bluecoats are doing this year, but it's just not my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong, they sound good. How the show is designed is why it did not peak my interest
  8. Do you mean...the thing? Oh yeah. I saw it. Put a smile on my face
  9. Just wow...that's all I can say about tonight. Cannot wait until tomorrow to see what the uniforms do to the show, but Crown has something special this year. That ballad sent chills up my spine, and the closer is just fun. I do think it is a temporary ending, but it is definitely more concrete than years past. Going to be a fun summer!
  10. I'm going tomorrow night and Sunday night. I can't wait! I'm so excited to see the rest of the show. I haven't seen anything past the first half, so I am ready to be blown away
  11. I will never understand why people feel the need to slot corps before there has even been a single competition yet. At this point in the season, all anyone can really do is hype up the corps they like the most, which is why everyone on this thread has been hyping up Crown during spring training. Am I excited for the show? Absolutely! That doesn't mean that I think they will automatically win gold or silver. The top 5 or 6 corps right now are so competitive that even if Crown finishes 4th this year it should not be considered a failure, especially if the show gets people on their feet. There is just no way of knowing what is going to happen this season until it happens. We do not know what Crown will do with the show, but history suggests that they will layer the show as much as possible to make it a contender. We won't know if Boston is better until a week from now, and to say they are just based off of a standstill music performance is a big assumption to make. I'm ready for this weekend to see the finished product of spring training and look forward to what they will do to the show by the end of the season when I make my way to Indy.
  12. I went to Gardner Webb again this past Saturday and they have what seems to be half of the show on the field, and those 5-6 minutes go by fast. The show hooks you in from the first note (which also blows your face off). Whenever I am there, the members seem genuinely excited about the show and excited about being there. I, myself, have not been this excited about a Crown show since 2016. I was excited about 2017 too, but this show is on a whole different level. Crown will be back as the crowd favorite again this year. This show is so much fun to watch right now, and I don't even know what is going on at this point. The show is just that entertaining. I hope to make it up to GWebb again this weekend and maybe see the ballad barring no weather setbacks. I cannot wait until June 16th for the preview show and June 20th for the Tour Premiere
  13. I've been to a couple of Crown's spring training ensemble rehearsals so far, and all I can really say is that they are hauling a** and playing loud catchy music. The hornline sounds great for it being week one of spring training and the drums are on their game once again this year. No idea what the show could be at this point, but it is going to be fun to watch. Do not write them off just yet
  14. I do not think that any of the staff is going anywhere. As long as Harloff is there, Klesch will be too, and vice versa. They are what made this corps great by creating a brass sound that nearly untouchable (minus this year with SCV being absolutely incredible across the board). The design team needs to sit down and thoroughly think out a concept and come up with props that can be utilized to the fullest. When it comes to drill, the design head tells Sacktig what he envisions for the show, so it is not all on Sacktig. I give the staff one more year to figure this thing out and then we might see some changes. "Beast" sounds like and was a show that screams Crown. The design team just did not fully flesh out the show to where it could have been very effective and probably medaled. IF there are any changes this summer, I do not see it being with the the brass staff or visual staff, but strictly design (primarily Subel as artistic coordinator who seems to have been the mastermind behind this show after watching the Flo Marching specials they did for Crown). Only time will tell, and we will not get a first glance until around the Dec/Jan camps as to what they look and sound like next year. Overall a great year by the members, especially that drumline. As always, Go Crown!