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  1. Around 12:35 sounds incredible in person. I heard it at the December and January camps, and it sounds glorious. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I first heard it. Just a sneak peak of something you will be playing on repeat this coming summer. Go Crown!!
  2. Honestly, one of my favorite Crown hornlines ever. Such a great sound and balance. Still get chills thinking about hearing that hit in person.
  3. It isn't much at all, but I could see people finding similarities between this show and 2011.
  4. Went up to Fort Mill today to check out some of ensemble and show and tell. Those worried about the drum set, don't worry anymore. It is not overpowering, and with the drum line on fire already, I was too caught up in what they were doing to even look at the drum set. As for the brass, it was apparent it was just the December camp with some early entrances and some cracks, but overall I could see this being another Ott year. One thing is certain, they are loud this year. Very loud. They did play two parts of their show today. Not sure at all what the concept is, but it seems they have something interesting and new up their sleeves with a little bit of 2011 in there. Not Rach Star 2.0, but I heard some undertones of 2011 in there. Other than that, I have nothing else to report. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday everyone! And as always, go Crown!
  5. It was electric that night. Unfortunately, those behind me were serious Bloo fans and did not give Crown quite as thunderous of an applause as this video shows. However, I haven't heard an ovation for Crown like this since 2015 (I wasn't there in 2016, so I can't compare 2019 to that year). This video gives me the same chills I had on Saturday. Great video
  6. Welp, I’ve had time to think about what I saw tonight and Crown, you amaze me. People wrote you off, including myself having some doubt around San Antonio, and you won the hearts of so many tonight and this week. I was moved to tears during that ballad tonight and no corps has ever done that for me. .037....unreal how close it was, and I think it should have been flipped around. People around me were shocked when they called Crown 4th. It was a medal performance only cut short by some questionable judging tonight. I’m so glad that Ott is coming back to Fort Mill for the 7th time. Unbelievable night at Lucas Oil. Time to gear up for 2020!!
  7. I cried during that ballad. Oh my god that was amazing
  8. They’re ready tonight folks...BWise get ready
  9. Brass is kind of puzzling to me. CrownBRASS is killing it as usual, but in no way do I think that they are overachieving their book. To each his own, but .3 really isn't that big of a gap to close over the next three days, especially if one GE judge doesn't screw them over like tonight, and if they have a better night visually. Come on Crown!!!!
  10. I'm not at the theatre so I am just going off of what people are saying on here. Thanks for the update!
  11. Got it! Thanks! First time not going to Big Loud and Live, so I was just making sure
  12. Flo is going all day correct? Not turning off whenever Big, Loud, and Live comes on?
  13. SCV also had not performed since Friday at Allentown, and this was Crown's 3rd show in as many nights. Keep pushing! Get that medal!!