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  1. Lots of hate in the show thread. Liked the new additions. Moving flame was cool. Guard was very good from what I saw and brass is much cleaner. We will see what the judges say
  2. Was hoping they would be close to Boston tonight, but seeing as how there’s a stomach bug and not knowing exactly what changes they used tonight, I’ll wait until BA to really start to compare scores in sub captions. Mainly GE and percussion. Either way, keep pushing Crown! 🔥🔥
  3. Saw it on a YouTube video. Hope they were just trolling but if they actually believed it, then they are out of touch
  4. And to think I’ve seen comments on other Crown brass videos that they are the “worst crown horn line in a decade” and the high brass is terrible. They sound incredible and it’s an extremely difficult book. It’s getting cleaner as well
  5. Where can one find this performance? I can’t find anything on the video website
  6. It would be cool if the torch turned on and off when the fire is taken from Mount Olympus, taken back by the gods, and then finally given to the mortals. Would be great GE
  7. It’s always difficult to go from the previous season to the new one. You spend all off season watching last years show at finals and other videos of finals performances. The show will evolve and get to a good point. Just have to trust the staff and I do after last year with how they made the show come to life in the last few weeks of the season
  8. Hope everyone (staff, members and fans) are hydrated for tonight. Stupid hot in SC today. Have a great show Crown!!🔥🔥
  9. I’ve been the past two years to CrownBeat but not this year. Couldn’t swing it. Enjoy!
  10. Last year they added the ending to the ballad at CrownBeat. Wonder if they will add anything this year at CrownBeat
  11. I have no doubt the staff know what they are doing. Let’s not forget they didn’t add the new costumes to the main characters last year until San Antonio and that helped a lot with the story. There is, more than likely, a lot more to be added. As some have said, compared to others Crown has the more incomplete show, so we will see what happens. I don’t have a problem with them losing GE but to go down in that caption from the previous competition was a little confusing to me. All in all, trust the staff, trust the members, they will get it there. Long way to go Crown peeps! 🔥
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