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  1. Super excited for Mackey to be composing a movement for Crown. I performed Wine Dark Sea in college about 7 years ago and it was a highlight in my young life. He knows how to end a piece so if it’s the closer, I expect babies to be thrown. Also very interested to see how it translates to a concert band piece in the fall as it’s the opposite of what usually happens for DCI with concert pieces going to the field. Summer can’t get here soon enough
  2. Expecting plenty of sparkles if it’s Twilight haha
  3. From a fan standpoint, I wish I knew what the show was. I only heard part one with brass and percussion. Didn’t recognize the music and really couldn’t determine what the theme was just from part 1. So I have no information other than they sound really good for January and, to my ears, it sounded dark but light at the same time. Another Klesch masterclass in arranging this year
  4. Very true. But brass and percussion together just sounded so blended. It’s incredible the leap they have taken as an ensemble sound the past couple of years
  5. They sound real good this year people. Real good
  6. I don't see Rick Subel anywhere on the website, is he still on the staff?
  7. Though its not a gold or silver, I am on cloud 9 right now. Brass and a MEDAL. Congrats Crown! Lets get a different metal medal next year!
  8. First medal since 2017! and that Ott is coming home! Congrats Crown! You made Crown alums and fans very proud this year. Thank you!
  9. I noticed it with Colts earlier too. Its just speaker placement and whatever mic setup is happening
  10. I really think Flo's sound wasn't great for Crown and made them sound off. They all seemed to be proud of that run. I felt the same way tonight as I did with Prelims and they were second in prelims. I have faith that in person it was much better than what Flo represented tonight. Regardless, fantastic season Crown!
  11. GE seemed like the difference tonight. Crown was right behind BD in GE and 3rd in GE tonight
  12. He was perc judge last night right? And had them 5th above Bloo
  13. A lot has happened since then. Crown was a point behind BAC and 2 behind BD. Perc has cleaned up a lot since then
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