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  1. Merry Christmas to CrownLAND & DCP denizens all!
  2. While ‘89 SCV & PR are my personal gold standards, it’s hard to imagine such shows making a dent in the top six of 21st century DCI.
  3. With this much discussion activity, this early in the season, definitely liking CrownTHREAD’s chances of repeating this year🥇🏆.
  4. K hasn’t held forth much on the ‘23 thread to date, but he sure as h@ll still knows how to pick his spots.
  5. Still waiting for a Crown rendition of Under Pressure, but I fear Vanilla Ice might have ruined that for at least one generation.
  6. I’m on board with you. Besides, I’ve eaten enough crow in my lifetime to have actually acquired a taste for it. Goes down a lot better with an IBC Cream Soda or Killian’s Irish Red.
  7. Not unusual to continue the post mortem on the just completed season, on the upcoming year’s thread. So, if there’s one single aspect of RHRN that could have been changed/added/eliminated, that might have eked out just enough increase in score to put them in the medals, what say you? This is a sincere query. More than a few of you regular contributors and frequent visitors have extensive knowledge and I find your comments to be extremely informative.
  8. Okay, I just caught on to what ya did there. Good one🥷!
  9. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout: folks baggin’ on CrownPERC! Crown faithful know that’s the third rail ‘round here. We’re painfully aware that it’s been a weak spot for a long, long time. Fact is, it’s exceedingly unlikely that anybody contributing to this thread has any kind of juice to bring about any change. Oh, we all hope like h@ll or some of the empirical types among us lean toward laws of probability that next years’ battery and front ensemble will vault to Sanford levels, but to paraphrase 2017, it is what It Is. I’m not saying that the critiques aren’t valid, it’s just that there’s nowhere else on DCP that you’ll find fans that are more aware of the issue. Now, how about that CrownGUARD in ‘22?!
  10. Bezos or Musk pull a Bill Cook, either create a 21st century Star or make a mind boggling cash infusion to an existing corps, and the result is a seismic power balance shift in top tier, world class. Until they lose interest.
  11. There’s one from 2019, for the last minute of the show that’s—at least visually—outstanding, floating ‘round YouTube. Would love to see one for RHRN, with the app👍
  12. A couple of days out from Saturday nite now, I’ll say this about Crown 2022. Generally, I find it difficult to enjoy re-watch or listens so soon after season’s end. More often than not I’m a little bummed on placements, scratching my head over green shirt numbers or just a little over the show at this point. Not so this year. Somebody had posted the Flo finals broadcast on YouTube by the time I headed out to church Sun. a.m. I got a little choked up again! With a rerun!!! At least for me, no criticism—and I’ll readily concede some to be legit and accurate—or absence of awards will undermine my appreciation and enjoyment of RHRN. It will age well with me, that’s for sure✨
  13. Dang K, where da h@ll ya been, pal??!! It ain’t a legit CrownTHREAD until the Oracle of [wish it were Omaha: neighbors with Warren and dig the alliteration], but of course I digress. Regardless, always good to read your posts. While your ‘22 mantra didn’t bring us a medal or Ott, it still contributed to an epic program. Folks, CrownTHREAD 2023 is now officially open for business. Now where the hellz NewsEd bro….
  14. That’s far too kind, but thank you. ZTWright became my new best friend on Thursday. or Tues., but obviously you’ll be shortlisted for same. In all seriousness, have found your comments to be extremely accessible and even more informative. Both you and ZTW have certainly raised the level of discourse ‘round these parts. Thank you both👑♾️
  15. Because of my self professed ignorance on drill design in particular and my rudimentary—if not archaic understanding of the activity in general—I’m loathe to fault find with any corps show, especially Crown. I will only say this: a CrownSET from day one of the season I found unusual. Crown faithful are generally losing their minds if we don’t see it by Atl or NightBEAT. But it’s something we wait for and anticipate every year. Figured it was an omen of some sort. Perhaps a non issue in the big scheme of things, but it stayed in the back of my mind the whole season.
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