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  1. Beats the bag-o-switches and spoiled orange the bag man usually dumps off @ Christmas. Only hope there’s a NightBEAT to drive it to before they yank my keys.
  2. On YT there’s a live PMG video of “First Circle,” 1989 Montreal Canada. Have lost count of the number of times I’ve viewed it over the years, and Lyle Mays’ keyboard feature during that performance still leaves me breathless.
  3. Gotta say, that’s a really interesting piece of music. Sure hope it finds its way to the field by some corps or elite HS band at some point in time👍
  4. OMG! What an opening hit. Amps & mics? Pfffft.....
  5. As we enter the home stretch of ‘19, just a week or so left to commemorate Crown’s 30th anniversary. And for those that are concerned about the CrownSTORE, above item arrived at my door 96 hours after I clicked “place order.” Happy holidays to DCP denizens one and all⛄️🎄
  6. Harloff is a beast! Avon’s still unloading the trucks from GN’s, and MH is modulating to Crown mode. He’s got a work ethic I can only dream about.
  7. K, you never fail to deliver: that’s the exact vid I had in mind. I’d be willing to pay the price of a seat at NightBEAT, to have had a chance to hang out on that porch! Even on my iPad, you can hear and feel the energy & enthusiasm. That was the opening track off of EWF’s ‘79 release “I Am.” Maurice White smiles down from the cosmos when he hears CrownBRASS’s rendition😇
  8. Dunno if EWF’s In the Stone qualifies as true funk—you’d never confuse it with George Clinton’s Mothership jamz —but I recall a vid of Cream Crown crushing that tune as parade repertoire.
  9. Love the subtitle for ‘15’s show. Others will staunchly disagree, but here in HomerLAND I believe Crownies will always believe Inferno was gold.
  10. Hey, shouldn't Matt be in full Avon mode, this time of year?!?!
  11. All quiet on the Western front; here and on CC 2020 thread. Trying to take the position that no news is good news. I’ll resume my “head in the sand” position now...
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