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  1. My Flo experiences have been somewhat of a mixed bag, but if they're covering Memphis, gonna have to roll the dice with'em I guess. A lot on the line at that show.
  2. “Trebek, you know what I happened to your Mother last night?”
  3. Actually, I saw one of those on an episode of EastEnders.
  4. Two consecutive days useage=a legitimate “thing.” If it’s still around by season’s end, you’ll find it in OED next year.
  5. The other night I put out the question re Crown’s decision in 2013, to start the tour on the West coast that season. This should in no way be construed to suggest that BAC, Blooo & Cadets aren’t legitimate contenders, but only after a couple shows in, numbers are higher in West coast contests. Yes, I’m aware of the fool’s errand to compare different shows, but it does give one pause to consider.. Aside from the added expense to start the year way out there—which I’m sure is considerable—it would seem a sound strategy to go head to head as early as possible against those corps that have a high probability of being at or near the top come Indy. SCV’s return to prominence is comparatively recent, but BD are always in the mix.
  6. Since they’ve got that awesome, company front, how about upping the old skool ante... Maybe a Z-pull? Better yet, Star ‘91 cross~cross! Matt Harloff might have some insider knowledge about that particularly maneuver.
  7. The best DCI show I ever watched was ‘89, when the late, legendary sports commentator Curt Gowdy rode shotgun with Rondo @ Arrow Head Stadium, back when PBS broadcasted the top 5 on finals night. DCI was hyping the whole Summer Music Games concept, and CG added some gravitas for the athleticism of the activity. A few years back, at my first NightBEAT, I geeked out and asked Rondo to sign my program, with a paraphrase of what he remarked to one of Curt’s questions that evening, decades before. ”Curt, there can’t be ANY mistakes tonight.” While Gowdy certainly wasn’t a DCI insider, for me he is inexorably linked to one of the greatest, all time finals.
  8. With two shows completed, the handicapping has begun in earnest. In '13, Crown started the season on the West coast. Question... Strategic move on their part or simply a coincidence that they went on to win their one and only world title to date?
  9. Blasphemy! Reliable Rondo is a DCI institution. Have HIS people call HER people.
  10. Can't read this, unless it's on a dry-erase board... This in re K's schedule for today.
  11. THIS! Hoping they’ll introduce a move that will forever be referred to as the Fibonacci Sequence.
  12. True dat, CrownPAISAN! Had a two hr. drive home + early roll call, so I had to eject prior to Blooo, though I’ll get my opportunity to see them @ NightBEAT. My son updated on scores/captions on the ride home. Crown 2nd tonight? Got’em right where we want’em...
  13. ...so, Greenville NC is no hotbead of DCI interest. Good news: I have essentially a private viewing, in a stadium seating venue. On the 50, just below the box. Where a self deluded, CrownVIP belongs...