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  1. Guessing Fathom events wasn’t selling enough seats. Flomarching + a big screen is convenient, but not quite the same🙁
  2. I’m ashamed to admit this, but I was so far removed from DCI/DCP in the off season, I was not aware of the disappearance of the Cadets. Knew there was trouble, but…D#@N. Didn’t think I could ever be a bigger honk/fanaddict for Crown. But with those 20(ish), former MM’s—the last of a proud, legendary corps—now amongst the ranks of Crown. I’ll never cheer louder…
  3. My son's HS band utilized this as their ballad back in '98, when he was a freshman. I was a blubbering mess that season. And now this. Mad love 'til the hour I draw my last breath.
  4. Listened to Defined Dancing a couple of times today. Might have been the accompanying video, and damnitif’ I didn't get a bit choked up. Dunno how it’ll be arranged or placed, but that’s got greatest hit—not necessarily dynamically—written all over it.
  5. Way ahead of ya; looking to copyright as we speak. Gratis to Crown, of course😉🖖
  6. Just listened to an orchestral arrangement of Fraternity [with transcription]. Twelve minutes. You could have a whole d##n show with that. Alone. Lotta paint on that canvas to create some really powerful moments. As written terrific. After Crownification: epic.
  7. Is it too early or greedy to start petitioning for another Klesch lick? Sure, it was nice last season, but it was, after all, a minor key. I'm smellin’ some Crown ‘13!!
  8. “Good morning, Mr. Phelps. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to record an audio snippet of Crown rehearsal. As always, should you or any member of your IM Force be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
  9. It seems you’re invincible, Mr. Bond.
  10. Ah, to be <22 y.o., with the talent. Ship has long since sailed on the former, and never came in on the latter. But a great opportunity for a couple kids to make the big time♕♛🎺
  11. Yo, K. This is the part where you usually jump in and throw us a few bones/morsels of normally reliable intel…
  12. Geeze. I was totally fished in. Well done, K. Well done👍
  13. Okay, I’ll fall on one of the first grenades of this incipient season. Let’s at least wait until Crownies have had few weeks of second guessing, self flagellation, and mindless recriminations. After the show premiere…
  14. AM Working my way down a backlog of official DCI audio that I never got a chance to listen to - 2019 Crown is probably the best music book of the entire year. Funny enough, it's also probably one of the most "old school" in structure too. That closer is amazing. Of course. The detail of the pattern is movement😉
  15. Bloo ‘14 set the standard for hip that season. Cautiously optimistic for something equally epic from Crown ‘24👑👑👑
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