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  1. I'm interested! We do need tickets:-) Thanks, Mark
  2. Swap completed. We were able to swap with someone. Thanks everyone and have a great time at DCI Nationals! Mark and Lisa.
  3. Hi everyone, Per our original post above... we will buy lunch/dinner for anyone willing do do a Hi-Low swap with us! Please consider it, Thanks again! :-) Lisa
  4. SWAP COMPLETED, Hi DCI fans, We waited a little late (didn't think we'd be able to go) and ended up with 2 decent Friends of DCI tickets in section 441 row 4 for Semi's and Finals. I would love to give my 14 year old "Band Geek" daughter a closer experience for a night so I was wondering if anyone would swap their 100 or 200 area seats for just a night. I'm only asking to swap one night so if you would be kind enough to do that we would certainly feel blessed and very appreciative:-) Section 441 seats are high enough to get the design of the drill and still get a good blast from the horns:-) Thank you in advance for your consideration:-) Feel free to PM me or reply:-) Lisa
  5. Hi there, I am interested but I can't use the Thursday tickets (and it saddens us this year). I would happily give you face value for Friday and Saturday and you keep Thursday's tickets. Or I can give you $500 for all the tickets:-) Thanks for posting:-) Mark
  6. I'm sorry. My wife said she was looking for something different. Please disregard my previous post. Sorry! Mark
  7. I'm interested! How much are you asking? My wife and daughter are wanting tickets:-) Thanks, Mark
  8. Hello, I submitted the original post (Mark) It looks like my status as a Rookie may be hurting my ability to get some tickets:-) I will pay over ticket price if it means we can get a couple of good tickets:-) Thanks! Mark
  9. Hello, Looking for 2 seats together for either Friday or Saturday evening in Indy. I would buy both nights if that's what you have. Seats don't have to be in the Friends section:-) Good seats in section 139, 140, 141, 239, 240, 241 would be best. Let me know if you have only one night or both:-) Thanks very much in advance, Mark