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  1. 1) BD 2) Cavies 3) BK Another great year of ballads all around.
  2. Magic, pure magic. Thank you Devils for another memorable season.
  3. They had more marching demand than you are giving them credit for, certainly more than a "concert band".
  4. Cavies had an incredible season, I felt very lucky to have seen them on the west coast. Than you Cavies!!!
  5. Originality influences me. If Bloo wins tonight, 2019 will forever have an * in my mind. While their show is executed very well, I don't favor it in ANY caption over the 3 others raked below them for most of the year. Never liked cover bands. All I hear in my head after they perform is "and now on to the 2nd half of the Super Bowl where the New England Patriots lead 49 to 3."
  6. I'd like to see the panel score the shows fairly, as if it was the first time they see them this season.