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  1. According to my son, they are planning on taking this Wednesday off BUT that night change to Thursday if the weather shuts them down tomorrow. You should be safe this coming weekend, weather permitting.
  2. Word on the street is the first Crown brass block of the summer just leveled part of the Gardner Webb stadium.
  3. Way to go, Dre!!! Love this!! You raised a great one, Chief!!!
  4. It's his first summer with Crown. He was a Cadets rookie last summer. Appreciate the well wishes!
  5. My son and I have been packing him up for the last few days. He can't wait to get there on Saturday. I'm extremely excited for him but sad to see him go. It is going to be a special summer in Crown land, I can feel it. I'll catch up with him in San Antonio and Indy of course. Here we go.....
  6. Work is here for me and the wife and the kids are still in college here. If it was like this when we moved out here 25 years ago, we wouldn't have come out West. The weather is nice tho! LOL
  7. I live in CA and agree. We've considered leaving the country and moving back to Texas. 😁
  8. What is "top tier?" Top 5? Top 10? You'd be surprised how many rookies with no previous DCI experience actually make those top tier corps. My son was a 17 year old Cadets rookie last year with no DCI experience and due to being a minor, had to stick together with all of the minors, which all but 1 had no previous DCI experience. It was a pretty large group of guppies.
  9. Something special is brewing, I can feel it!. Hoping this weekend is amazing for Dre and the entire corp. Buckle up, Chief! Here we go again. 😃
  10. Can't wait to hear how this weekends camp goes! Safe travels to all. Crazy to think move ins are less than a month away.
  11. Enjoyed the podcast as well and even got a few laughs from it. 1) Nikki's comment about DCI "giving" The Cadets 5th place last year because they new this was coming. - Yeah, ok. 😅 2) the ballad from 2023 - the comment about only realizing how good it was after recently hearing it added to a clip from Kung Fu Panda - where were you all season last year? I do love the Kung Fu Panda mash up tho...
  12. BUMP! Really looking forward to what Mandarins have in store this summer! My son has 2 HS buddies that will be on the field with Mandarins this summer and I'm excited to follow their first summer with the corp. They've been at our home a few times recently with my son catching up, watching DCI performances and eating up all of my food (🤣). I stay out of their way, but love to hear them talk shop from a distance. Some of us "dinosaurs" tend to think that they don't appreciate the corps and shows of old, but you'd be surprised. They respect and appreciate where the activity came from and how it has evolved. They spend hours watching and listening to performances from the 80's and 90's which tickles my heart because those eras spawned the bug that bit me. They are great kids and I'm excited for them to join the Mandarins family this summer!
  13. Thank you kindly! Hope to see you around in Indy!
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