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  1. Her reaction at 13:30 is priceless, captures everything this show made me feel that season (and even now after watching it again). A truly incredible show! Do it up DEVILS!!!
  2. LMFAO @ "I like the electric light bulb; the fact that I don’t know what it means doesn’t matter." So sad that the design team completely "wastes" the greatest collection of talent every year. Leave the DCI discussions for the grown ups please. EPIC FAIL.
  3. Buried on page 12 here. Anybody getting excited about BD in 2020! 😎
  4. 1) BD 2) Cavies 3) BK Another great year of ballads all around.
  5. Magic, pure magic. Thank you Devils for another memorable season.
  6. They had more marching demand than you are giving them credit for, certainly more than a "concert band".
  7. Cavies had an incredible season, I felt very lucky to have seen them on the west coast. Than you Cavies!!!