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  1. The worst thing a corps fed me was warm sweaty boloney on white bread, with "bug juice", Gatorade they mixed with their whole arm in the cooler and it often had bugs floating around in it. The worst thing a host family fed me was garlic pancakes. We had spaghetti the night before and unbeknownst to anyone, one of the guys had mixed garlic powder into a whole tub of butter. None of us could eat the pancakes.
  2. Yup, Prince wrote the song in 1984 and recorded it in 1985. Sinead O'Connor did her cover in 1990.
  3. No, not me. I saw the Saints for the first time at the DCA finals this year. I just enjoyed their show.
  4. I'll do that! Thanks! I loved the Columbus Saints' steampunk inspired show, especially the Alice's Night Circus song. ❤️
  5. Now I'll start having drum corps withdrawal. I enjoyed all the corps and can't wait for next season!
  6. I cringe every time I see the rifle line do anything with the strap, cause when I marched color guard, the rifle strap was leather and it stretched over time causing problems.
  7. Box5 is getting much better shots of the corps than they did during prelims and with less track and trees.
  8. I haven't been able to log in on Box5TV on Roku either. I watching with my laptop plugged into my TV.