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  1. That was hard to read. Thank you for sharing. My mom died too young also although not due to smoking. As you say, the young ones don’t know what’s going on. I am glad your mom told you and your siblings she was dying, even though you may not have understood. I did not get that talk. I don’t blame my mom or dad, yet it still haunts me. One day, she was just gone. No chance to say goodbye. Ugh. This is the opposite of encouraging. Sorry.
  2. Take your time with the PPE and you’ll find you get the hang of it quickly. Annoying yes, but you adjust to it. Just have to slow yourself down and take the time to do it right.
  3. I remember my grandpa had a free standing ashtray that stood on the floor. He smoked Winstons. Died of pulmonary heart disease, surprise. He had a full head of white hair. Except it wasn’t white. It had that tan discoloration from the nicotine. My dad smoked Pall Malls. Then he quit and took up Tiparillos. Claims he never inhaled. Sure. It’s hard to remember just how prevalent and socially acceptable smoking was.
  4. To those of you who have quit smoking - well done! I have a question for you. Does the desire to smoke also go away with time? Or is it always kind of there somewhere?
  5. You’ve taken some big steps. You know you want to quit. You know it’s bad for you. Do you have a support system - someone to call when you’re having a craving? Use your support system. And know that with time, the cravings will lessen. They will. And you can do it. Just one “no” at a time. We’re pulling for you !
  6. The 1918 influenza did, and that’s the pandemic the experts are comparing this too.
  7. In so many ways, yes you’re right, medicine has advanced. And we are so lucky for that. We don’t have to worry about an outbreak of polio every summer. Or TB (although...that’s changing). A heart attack or blockage is not a death sentence. But in some ways things haven’t advanced much at all. Covid is an example. Unfortunately. I am praying a vaccine will be developed. Just saying it won’t surprise me if it isn’t, and this thing goes away “the old fashioned way” by burning itself out. And the sooner the better on that.
  8. There was no vaccine developed during the 1918 influenza pandemic. Life returned to normal. So, I strongly disagree with this statement. It is just as likely a vaccine will never be developed for Covid as it is there will be. Yet life will return to normal either way. Why? Because these pandemics eventually burn themselves out. I personally think that’s what will end this. Not a vaccine.
  9. Those kids in the high school band gotta have some serious chops to play Pomp And Circumstance for 6 hours straight.
  10. Beautifully stated. Thank you. I also don’t agree that somebody needs to “protect you from yourself”.
  11. I haven’t thought about this much (refer to previous post concerning my attention span), but does testing/contact tracing actually work when you’ve reached the point of community spread? With community spread i.e. coming at everyone from all directions, it may just be a very large exercise in futility. Not saying all is lost. Not saying that at all. Just that maybe plan B is what we should be doing versus plan A. Plan B being something along the lines of - isolate the vulnerable, keep working hard on treatments and vaccine, slowly open things back up for the under-60 crowd. Just a thought, d
  12. Instead of shutting this thread down, how about one of you who just can’t stop themselves from injecting your political views start a different thread and have at it.
  13. You would have no way of knowing this, but your first sentence right there made me burst out laughing. This is because I know I have a short attention span. So touching on things is about as good as you’ll get from me haha.