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  1. IMO DCI became a caricature of what it once was. So if it’s blown up and started anew, that’s a great thing as far as I’m concerned.
  2. Put ski goggles on over that, walk into your local Wells Fargo, and they’ll be glad to see you.
  3. I was just gonna put a plastic bag over my head like my mom used to do when I was being too loud around the house. It always seemed to calm me down and make me sleepy.
  4. I was feeling a little angry today and wanting to give a big F U to the C virus. So I blasted ‘96 PR. It was just what my defiant heart needed. If you need a little pick me up today, go feel the power of that show.
  5. I wouldn’t know. I’m talking about drum corps. Which is not a sport.
  6. Nice. I know it’s expensive (80k per year at Univ of Iowa a couple years ago) and competitive. You have to do well on the DAT. So, good for you.
  7. I said - work on two in a row then we’ll talk about three! P.S. 83-85, 2000-2002 You know I’m just yanking your chain here I hope.
  8. Work on two in a row first then we’ll talk. 😉
  9. Didn’t you hear? Reborn DCI is going to cut costs big time. Therefore, no amps, electronics, shorter tour, regional focus. All corps come together only during Finals weekend. Maximize buildup and drama. So - back to the future. Dust off the screamers! Hey I can dream can’t I?
  10. Haha 😆 though it was Melissa Manchester. But yeah I can’t disagree with your PTSD about that.