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  1. Hey Gar, re: OSU band making stick figures. That’s a funny (to me anyway) example of change, since it’s a “back to the future” kind of change. I’m sure you know the stick figure thing was all the rage in the 1950s (via the magic of YouTube). So it’s a retread, really.
  2. That was probably my defense mechanism kicking in for the reply I knew would come (and yup it did) conflating small change marching bands have made over the years to large and dramatic changes drum corps have made, and concluding “see - no difference!”
  3. You’re smarter than this. If it’s “not noticeable” then it’s obviously not changed nearly to the extent drum corps has. That’s my point and you know it. My point was not that marching bands have not changed at all.
  4. Getting better is one thing. And good. But that’s very different from the dramatic and largely unnecessary changes made in DCI through the years. I cannot imagine any of the bands I mentioned above, or Ohio State’s band, or Alabama, etc. etc. using narration or singing or amps or the emoting or nonsensical body gyrations that drum corps use. They would be laughed out of the stadium. So yeah. There was a time when calling a drum corps a marching band would be an insult to the drum corps. Today, calling a drum corps a marching band is an insult to marching bands. It’s often embarrassing to watch.
  5. It’s weird how drum corps has to evolve over time, lest it disappear into the ether, yet marching bands do not. For example, how much has the Texas Longhorn band changed since, oh, 1970? Or USC? Texas A&M? Penn State Blue Band? And on and on. Not much.
  6. Who’s Michael Angelo? I’m pretty sure he was a caption head for the Blue Coats.
  7. For someone who doesn’t care, this is about your tenth post on this topic. You have a strange way of showing how you don’t care.
  8. Finally. Someone who gets it. Of course hockey should always be supported. After all, the good old hockey game, is the best game you can name.
  9. Indoor drum corps. An acoustic abomination. No thank you.
  10. The Mackinac Island venue could lead to an interesting poll: What’s your preference: Ryba’s fudge or Murdick’s?
  11. I like how you put the word “proof” in quotes even though I never even used the word in my post. I asked for other names so we’re not appear to be singling out Cadets unfairly. In response every excuse possible is all we get. BTW calling out a corps for the crappy practice of not paying the help is far from slinging mud. It’s accountability. They need to be called out. Also - “delaying payment”. Lol.
  12. “Midwest”. That constitutes proof? Good one.
  13. Fun fact. Star of Indiana never used rifles. I do agree that nowadays rifles seem out of place as the activity has changed so much.