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  1. And attempted to cover it up. Yeah. Great guy
  2. Any reason you’re not being specific? Are you saying Cadets we’re singled out and Crossmen weren’t? I get more out of it if I can understand. Do we need to be vague for some reason? Like the mods won’t like it?
  3. I don’t really know what to think anymore. Maybe that means I’ve been successfully gaslighted. I feel fatigued by all this. I think more than anything people (most people) wanted Hopkins (and others) gone. I don’t think anyone wanted the sexual harassment, inexcusable negligence (in the case of Roman) and all the other dirty laundry that makes the activity look very bad.
  4. Per a press release today 2/19/19 on Fred Morrison to act in an advisory role for the 2019 season.
  5. Is alumnus Natalie Steele replacing someone who is stepping down? Or perhaps is this a newly created position? Any clarifying information?
  6. HockeyDad

    I think George Hopkins is innocent

    Google “Nikki Yovino”. Any other questions?
  7. HockeyDad

    I think George Hopkins is innocent

    I’m not sure how the Duke lacrosse team would do as Cadets corps director. Or even if they would be better interested in the job
  8. HockeyDad

    I think George Hopkins is innocent

    I don’t want to believe that people do bad things to other people either. But you can’t ignore what’s in front of you. The numerous accusations. Anyway, you don’t have to believe one way or the other right now. You can wait and see how this is resolved in the courts.
  9. HockeyDad


    I’m on board! We must confiscate all tuning forks. And if musicians are doing tuning fork concealed carry we must ban that.
  10. HockeyDad


    People. Do you think Joshua was worried about frequency when he was marching around Jericho knocking the walls down? No. It’s all about the amplitude baby!!! That whaa whaa whaa whaa thing you get going when you’re out of tune probably helped! (P.S. I know .... sound energy is a function of amplitude AND frequency)
  11. HockeyDad


    Band nerds
  12. Now you're speaking my language! You figured me out. As an engineer, I can't relate to doing drum corps for.....future job prospects, etc. I can't relate to doing it for anything other than love of the activity. In fact, realizing that some do it for college credit, or to build a resume, takes some of the starry eyed luster off it for me 😞 And why am I an engineer? Well, the summer I spent at the Interlochen Arts Academy that made me realize I was quite possibly the worst talented musician there, helped me with my focus.
  13. I think Jeff hit the nail on the head concerning the biggest issue in front of the corps when it comes to housing: fallout from the abuse scandal. Do YOU want to be the superintendent who allowed “that group” to stay at your school? Things could spiral out of control at the speed of social media, which is fast.