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  1. HockeyDad

    Help me out here!

    Brasso - paragraphs are your friend.
  2. HockeyDad

    Help me out here!

    Haha you're gonna get flamed for this. I do agree with you though. I view electronics as a gimmick or crutch, versus an innovation.
  3. HockeyDad

    Help me out here!

    That would be a new thread. Which is one reason why DCP was started in the first place - people couldn't stay on topic on the previous platform.
  4. HockeyDad

    Help me out here!

    Yeah but, we're trying to answer per his request, which was how did we get from 72 to 18. Not an indictment of anything that came before.
  5. HockeyDad

    Help me out here!

    1975 Blue Devils - 76 BD was 75 refined. 75 was the true innovation. An entirely new musical sound introduced to the activity. 1980 SCV. Dissolved the 50 yard line and it never returned. The end of symmetric drill. 1980 27th Lancers (1980 was a big year). Zingali showed how color guard could drive a show. 1993 Star of Indiana. For the body movement introduction. 2000 Cavaliers. Showed that visual can drive a show. Melody now optional. 2016 BC. Introduced the "z" dimension, adding a third dimension to a show. Also for introducing the no-uniform look that caught on with amazing speed. Those are six shows that come to my mind that got us from Kingsmen to SCV (2018 version)
  6. HockeyDad

    Help me out here!

    He said 6. I'm sorry sir but you are disqualified. (Said in jest. Good list)
  7. How old are these guard members they're looking for? I mean, cologuard? Isn't that like a stool sample test for people 40 and over?
  8. What a toxic work environment GH created. How did such an abrasive SOB last so long?
  9. Any money Hopkins makes in a lawsuit will end up being forfeited to lawyers and/or victims.
  10. HockeyDad

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    You're right. They aren't Carmel's Viking ship or Crown's stagecoach or BA's go carts. They're Tarpons tv screens. To me no different from any of the other cool one hit wonders. But time will tell, right?
  11. HockeyDad

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    So they would become that one band that always uses giant tv screens? I doubt it. Every year it has to be something new. Otherwise Blucoats could still be using those slides.
  12. HockeyDad

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    What happens with the digital screens now that the season is over?
  13. HockeyDad

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    Well how would I know that? Perhaps that's why other mods include a statement such as - offensive posts removed. Your "facepalm" snark is duly noted.
  14. HockeyDad

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    It's a sad commentary on society today that the mere mention of patriotism is seen as a political statement. Which reminds me, to all fellow veterans out there, on this 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War, happy Veterans Day and thank you for your service. Or is that too political?