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  1. Not really research. More like true life experience. School of hard knocks.
  2. And we all know diesels do not like running at low power. Many problems happen, not the least of which is fuel carry over into the exhaust manifold, which eventually catches fire and stinks up the place. If You People aren’t going to tell me what the Cadets 2020 repertoire is, we will have no choice but to fill this idle time with these sidebars.
  3. I assume you’re talking about SCV. Not sure how that relates to a timing issue with Garfield’s show. Unless you mean the staff was preoccupied with the other corps?
  4. That’s an all-star staff right there. Unfortunately they probably learned their lesson at your expense..
  5. Not trying to pick an old scab. Is there a back story here?
  6. Ugh. Just curious how that could happen. Late season, you should have the timing down. So what happened? That must have been crushing. How far over was it?
  7. Ummm. What? Anyway, I sure hope each and every corps has Implemented very strict guidance regarding staff / member and member / member interactions. Never again should a staff member be allowed to be in direct contact with a corps member in a private setting.
  8. Why do you allow yourself to get dragged into the mud with that poster? We got called a name. So what. Ignore it. There’s a much more important discussion there than reacting to being called a hop supporter / enabler.
  9. There is sexual abuse going on in the drum corps activity- I said drum corps, not “Cadets”, that hasn’t been fully flushed out and eliminated. And it appears we don’t want to talk about it when we get so darned defensive
  10. Looking forward to a conviction. Need closure. Recalling the first time I saw Cadets. 1978, somewhere in the midwest, maybe Key to the Sea in Toledo or something. Having no frame of reference, I had no idea the anomaly I was watching. Two corps, Cadets and Cavaliers, not making the top 12. To me that was my normal. THAT certainly turned out to be wrong! Edit: I see Tesmusic and I are sharing the same brain this morning.
  11. So we’re in attack the messenger, ignore the message mode? Not a good look, people.
  12. I was focused on the actual abuse claims and information provided.
  13. True. But I am trying to separate the message from the messenger. I understand it’s sometimes hard to do.
  14. To quote from “Judgment At Nuremberg” - Are we going to do this again? By that I mean, are we going to look like we are covering it all up by going *poof* with posts? It sickens and angers me to read (reread mostly) the stuff Exitmusic posted. At the same time it’s a cautionary tale and should be mandatory reading in my opinion.