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  1. Hold on - YOU are the one who posted the claim that various alumni tore apart YEA then didn’t stick around to rebuild. Then when you are asked if this is really true, you want to punt the question to someone else? So, is your claim completely made up?
  2. I have a vague memory of George in the shipyard in Belfast, arguing with the architect that the compartment isolation doors needed to extend all the way to the ceiling.
  3. Lombardi’s first words to the team: “Gentlemen, a football.” To which Max McGee allegedly replied: “Coach, can you slow down?”
  4. 1. There’s not much farther to fall. 2. BOD has proven by its inaction to be ineffective and part of the problem. The necessary action is obvious. Do what the Cadets did: 1. Flush the executive director and board of directors and replace all of them. 2. Find and hire competent driven fresh staff eager to make a name for themselves turning around one of the true drum corps blue bloods. 3. Support them and be patient. Like we were with CK. He and his staff had many years to make this work and failed to do so. Time to move on.
  5. I guess you told him. It doesn’t change anything however.
  6. I think the problem here is the thread title is wrong. It has everyone arguing over whether the ship is righted (it is). I think a better title is - what will it take to win another championship.
  7. How does that have relevance? Are you suggesting they’ll be making a magical change to it this year? Like completely rewriting it and eliminating the drum break? I’m thinking that’s not gonna happen.
  8. If you don’t like it, why are you paying for it? I bet life would go on if you canceled your subscription
  9. I hope this is the final year of bringing back old favorites. The retreads are never as good as the original. This year’s Fire Of Eternal Glory is the latest example. It doesn’t approach the magical moment that was the ‘93 version. Ugh.
  10. If “your” once elite corps was in 16th place last year and headed for 17th place this year, yeah, I can understand the crankiness. On the other hand, flushing your longstanding executive director and staff and basically starting over, while still remaining well within the top 12..... we should be breaking out the frisbees and beach balls and having ourselves a party! Now, if only all these corps could be done with their obsession over the ridiculous looking body contortions, that would really be a big step in the right direction. Whoever made up the notion that this is necessary should be hit with a sock full of pennies. Rhetorically speaking of course. Simultaneous demand my azz.
  11. 2000-2006 Cavies comes to mind. Blue Devils over the last decade. Blue Devils 1976-1982. Not to ignore your point that they are having a few years now of placements lower than has been their norm. Anyway, I wouldn’t lather on the angst just yet
  12. C’mon people. How to right the ship? 1) cut out the cancer. Done 2) AND the surrounding tissue. Done 3) replace with good people. Done 4) BE PATIENT