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  1. I’m thinking amps and electronics was pretty devastating and for me, ruined the activity. I was and am all about the acoustic sound. Now it’s just marching band and so nothing unique. Note I didn’t say “bad”. It’s just that I’ll go watch a marching band now. No difference. Also, I’ll take entertaining over “excellence”, which is the only argument that remains. I find marching bands more entertaining. I don’t get embarrassed watching marching bands (at the college level anyway) like I do with the out-of-place body contortions and inexplicable emoting you see the drums corps do. I’m much more entertained, for example, by a HBCU band. Yup. Even though they overblow and distort the sound.
  2. I really don’t think anyone wants the Madison Scouts to actually fail. I think the frustration with the inept executive leadership plus the board of directors failure to do anything about it is the source of frustration. If the Scouts fail, That will be the reason. Not because they went coed.
  3. That old one. Yeah, everyone is cheering for the members to fail. You couldn’t be more wrong. But continue with the - “you’re hurting the kids” line.
  4. C’mon now. They may have outstanding music programs in the schools in Costa Rica. Dare to dream.
  5. Scouts have not been fine for years. With no change in executive leadership I expect more of the same. The addition of female members is just a cynical attempt to divert your attention.
  6. Haha. The entirety of the drum corps activity is not a good return on investment for anybody involved. But that’s not the point. This is where the concept of Ars Gratia Artis comes from! This is why artists have wealthy benefactors. Even Mozart had one. And this is what drum corps need. The only one I can think of was Bill Cook.
  7. Whoa slow down there speedy. So you’re saying that you gotta not spend more than you take in? That’s CRAZY TALK!
  8. C’mon. The noun comes first. Los Corps Americas Or maybe El Corps Americas
  9. Banda Municipal de Zarcero (Alajuela, Costa Rica) will be participating in the Rose Parade and related performances. Troopers could do some soliciting of Costa Rican talent right in Pasadena.
  10. The pure sound of an acoustic mallet section is never inferior to the plastic sound of an electronically amplified / microphoned sound. Acoustic sound does not “suffer.” Any judge who thinks otherwise is just following the herd that’s created this tinny sound that seems like it’s coming out of a tunnel. It’s horrible.
  11. No one is accusing them of being the brightest bulb on the string. My guess is they feel threatened. Self first. Corps second. A real formula for success. BTW that’s sarcasm.
  12. Seems to me he was merely stating the obvious. But why don’t You go ahead and educate us about how Kilties failed. Put up or shut up, know what I mean brah?
  13. Uh. Wut? Bitter and negative are the last things it was. I was having fun poking fun at the typical camp posts you always read on DCP. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, sonny. Love, Pops
  14. Sorry, here’s your summary: They’re ahead of where they were this time last year Signed, Every post ever posted on DCP on the topic of camps.