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  1. In this broke activity what would the pay off be? A crisp $20 and a big handful of Hubba Bubba gum?
  2. Pretty sure denverjohn was not claiming equality of opportunity exists. Rather, that equality of opportunity is the goal to strive for.
  3. Hoo boy. Talk about not being ready for a dialog. But maybe I still have learning to do. Or am not a grizzled veteran. Etc
  4. My personal lived experience with DEI is seeing it used as a cudgel to silence people and enact reverse discrimination. It’s a power play. It drips with Marxist theory of oppressor groups and oppressed groups. This I know in my heart: you will Never build up one group by tearing down another group. Love your neighbor as yourself is the only way. Starting the conversation with - YOU have implicit bias and I am a victim - is doomed to fail. Let’s judge each other by the content of their character. That’s my aspiration. You want to talk about stopping sexual abuse? I’m all in! Like Mello Dude, I see little relation between the two.
  5. “…adjusting treatment accordingly so that the end result is equal.” So - 12 way tie for first? Cool Nobody gets cut? Also cool. 300 members per corps. Words mean things. This is what the words say.
  6. I don’t know. All I remember is docking pierside and everyone got to skeedattle on shore leave while we had to stay onboard to shutdown the reactors and bring on shore power. USN navy nuke
  7. It’s not a big shock that SCV talk will trend toward the negative until SCV changes the narrative by demonstrating improvements. Talk is cheap. Prove it via improved behaviors and financials. No amount of - “stop being negative” whining is going to change anything.
  8. Go ahead. Throw out some thoughts about the 2024 show. Who’s stopping you? Seems like what you’re really trying to do is get another thread shut down.
  9. Well, now let’s be fair. Your - why would you need to know that - comment on page one didn’t really kick this off on the right foot.
  10. I got a bit of insider information. The theme is going to be Reconciliation and Redemption. They will start with Oops I Did It Again by Britney Spears. Followed by Blame Game by Kanye West. Then as they transition to the Reconciliation part of the show, Please Forgive Me by Bryan Adams. Then finish with moving and inspirational excerpts from Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony. It promises to be a great return to the field by the 2024 Vanguard.
  11. Well, let’s see what your options are: Don Angelica, Fred Sanford, John Brazale, George Zingali, Jim Ott. Who did I miss?
  12. Because they might not get beyond the “paying the plaintiffs” part. The Cadets can’t continue. A group of like minded people could launch a new corps theoretically. Call it whatever. Go for it. The pool of kids and the pockets of money available for scouting are much deeper than the unregulated summer youth band circuit where hormones rage and temperance is scarce.
  13. Fans have a strange way of wanting to learn anything and everything they can about their favorites. Why would you not understand that?
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