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  1. kevingamin

    2019 Drum Corps Tour

    I used to be like that, but I've slowly gained interest in the indoor and marching band seasons. Didn't see that coming, to be honest, but I'm glad I did.
  2. kevingamin

    2019 Drum Corps Tour

    I can't wait to do it! It's the only time I live blog marching events.
  3. Now that I follow and attend indoor events during the winter and spring, there is a sense of withdrawal which takes place between WGI Championships and the start of the drum corps season. Fortunately, that period is only for a couple months, but it's still there. In order to get myself psyched for the upcoming season, I love to plan out what shows I will go to throughout the summer for both DCI and DCA. That plan is what you see on this page.
  4. kevingamin

    20% Off FloMarching

    They've gotten the rights to Boston and Crossmen from last year, full video and audio, though Crossmen's opener is cut out, same as on the DVDs/Blu-Rays.
  5. You're a great friend, Jeff. 😁
  6. kevingamin

    Drum Corps Podcasts

    Hmmm, it sounds like somebody with a background in drum corps and access to the latest news has a great opportunity to fill a niche need in the podcasting world. I wonder who might do that? 🤔
  7. And now I appear to be out of the running. I don't know if I should be relieved, amused, disappointed, or a mixture.
  8. There was a discussion about Schiller marching brass on DCP a decade ago. Sounds like they're good horns for the price.
  9. They apparently switched back to King some time after J.D. Shaw left for Vanguard. (Shaw is a Jupiter artist)
  10. With the cancellation of the OIPA Premiere due to weather, my first indoor marching arts event of the 2019 season becomes the Winter Guard International Troy Indoor Percussion Regional. The Troy regional is one of two percussion regionals taking place during the first weekend of WGI's 2019 season.
  11. kevingamin

    Rita Moreno

    I didn't catch the names of the two broadcasters but they're at the end of the retreat ceremony.
  12. This is my favorite GIF to use, especially with political discussions on social media.
  13. DCP News Guy here. I just wanted to make a quick clarification as I noticed there was some confusion about the discussion thread which was created from the Philly Inquirer article. I update the DCP front page (almost) every evening with drum corps news. There are three types of sources I pull these news items from: Official corps websites Submissions (announcements/releases) directly from corps PR/admin A Google News search for the words "drum" and/or "corps" in an article #3 is how the Inquirer article came to my attention and how I posted it on the front page. Now, when I post an article, the website automatically generates a related discussion thread in the forum linked to the category I choose for the article. For example, I categorized the Inquirer article as "DCI World", though TECHNICALLY I should have categorized it as "DCI Open" (No SoundSport category or discussion forum yet). As a result, a discussion thread was created linking to that article. Ideally, since I knew about this thread in this particular situation and the article was already referenced here, I should have asked the forum admin/moderators to either delete the thread generated from the article or merge it into this one. I didn't and the confusion about having essentially two discussion threads about the same topic came about. In no way was that auto generated thread an "official" discussion thread for the topic at hand. If you see a thread started by "DCP News Feed", it is simply a thread created automatically when I post the news item on the front page. If there's already a user generated thread related to that subject, keep on talking there and let the mods know about the auto generated one so they can take care of it and keep the forums nice and neat. If you ever have any questions about DCP News, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, either through the forums via PM or by emailing me at Kevin Gamin Managing News Editor Drum Corps Planet "We were here before the DCI News Network" 😎
  14. kevingamin

    DrumScorps v4 Now Available!

    Just re-installed the app on my phone and Chromebook.