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  1. I gave multiple examples in the form of the podcast episodes I linked, one of which posted by the Bluecoats back in June. Did you listen to them? What were your thoughts?
  2. RiB, was originally formed as an alumni group. Shortly before COVID shut things down, they reorganized as the official SoundSport performing group of the Bluecoats organization.
  3. Unfortunately, racism is still an issue in the drum corps activity. The Bluecoats are willing to address that fact openly and set corps policy to specifically address the issue within their organization. While you may not feel this is necessary, current events have shown otherwise, as well as the experiences of drum corps members. It is those members, past, current, and future, who may appreciate a World Class drum corps working to ensure the activity is welcoming to them, starting with their own organization. Back in June, the Bluecoats Brass Podcast posted an episode entitled “The Black
  4. I completely deleted my Facebook account in July of 2019. It’s archived for about 30 days, I believe, before it is SUPPOSED to be removed from Facebook permanently. Whether that happens, I can’t say, but I have only used Facebook once since then, as I needed an account to post to the WGI Facebook page while working on their social media team for their Dayton percussion/winds regional last year, right before COVID shut everything down.
  5. Since they’re still trying to figure out where on that spectrum 2021 will land, I’m not surprised that anybody has announced costs yet.
  6. And right after Adam Tan posted his reaction video of the same show.
  7. The only specific entry I found on DCX (the website formally known as Corpsreps) is the 2017 Kidsgrove Scouts. There were some shows on there which just listed Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet, so there's a chance they performed that movement of the composition but didn't specify it. and Juliet
  8. There are three other marching reaction video sources I enjoy: Adam Tan ( - A percussionist and composer from Australia who hosts a regular show on YouTube. One of his segments is "Let's Watch" where he checks out and reacts to videos submitted by his audience. Some time ago, somebody submitted DCI videos, something Adam had never seen before because there is absolutely no marching activities in Australia. Adam got hooked, has been checking out a bunch of other videos submitted to him, and has talked about coming to DCI and possibly
  9. "Tonight, this is for real." ACTUAL WEDDING PROPOSAL DURING SHOW. I was in the top row of UD Arena for that one, one of my favorite moments. And then they did a bass drum solo at their wedding reception!
  10. “John Madden’s got nothing on you!” —- Steve Rondinaro