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  1. RIP, Glenn. I always enjoyed seeing you in the press box at DCA Championships.
  2. Works for me. That was just 90 minutes from home. Oh, and I won it in ‘94. 😄
  3. She’s also done some WGI and HBCU band reaction videos, so she’s experiencing many variations on our marching world.
  4. Incredible exposure for Jersey Surf and the drum corps activity, plus a great song re-imagined, as you said, in a unique and exciting way.
  5. Personally, I have found myself moving towards an “activity fan first” mentality in general, not just in drum corps. More and more, I am witnessing the toxic fandom which seems to focus on team first, which tends to incorporate a lot of bashing everybody else, over hyped rivalries, and bashing of opinions which don’t come from white men.
  6. One of the commenters (I know, we’re not supposed to read the comments...) gave a great description of the show design. While I had a good understanding of the concept, understanding Myron Rosander’s motivation behind the design really added to my appreciation of this show.
  7. While this essay is in relation to pro sports, I think it can also apply to drum corps fandom as well.
  8. Seems to be working out well for WGI and it’s a great way to bring visibility to DCA outside of their normal geography.
  9. One of the reasons I do my live show posts on DCP is so I can use those posts as notes when I do my DCW review. Since my focus during the performance is on describing what’s happening, that carries over into my full review writing.
  10. If you scroll down to the bottom of the forum list on the main forum page, you’ll see a member service center forum. Pop in there and put in your request.
  11. I not only read it, I contribute show reviews to it during the summer.
  12. Toledo Glassmen: 1992 - 3rd Soprano - 13th place by 0.1 1993 - 3rd Soprano - 11th place and our inaugural Finals appearance 1994 - 3rd Baritone - 10th place and DCI Quarterfinals champion 😂 1995 - 2nd Baritone - 8th place and just 3 hours from home 1996 - Lead Baritone - 13th place, 24 hours from home, and the saddest bookend to my junior corps career