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  1. No, I'm not. Look, I'm sorry that SCV smoked whatever corps you like, but having a stage on the field is not the same thing as having giant chairs, palm trees, construction equipment, barstools, and whatever hell the else got dragged out of a TJ Maxx. I mean, seriously. Some of these corps make the field look as if a Wal-Mart truck jackknifed in the middle and they're still cleaning up the debris.
  2. To me, SCV and Mandarins are the only shows that kept my attention beginning to end. Absolutely riveting.
  3. Those aren't props. They are stages. Compared to what came before, it's positively spartan.
  4. Have to say it. SCV is winning because of extraordinary musicianship. At the same time, they have a show that is coherent and centered around the music without being reliant on props. It's just several notches of show design above everything else. A striking refutation that you need to drag a garage sale out on the field in order to score points with the audience.
  5. This broadcast could use a color announcer. Something.
  6. Is it an intentional design decision that the guard looks like prison matrons? I promise you that's not a snide question.
  7. Flo still hasn't worked out the lighting issues in their camera work, I see.
  8. I saw a score sheet through Southwind staff. They had difficulties with traffic, so they saw the 43 on the score sheet and thought, "Whoa. 30 points in penalties?"
  9. This is a cool show. Wasn't wild about Guardians.