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  1. Can we get please get back to actual Predictions? Ok, I will put my money where my mouth is. 1) BD – BD and SCV neck and neck all season, a toss up! 2 2) SCV – two-peat? 3 3) Boston - squeaks into Bronze at the last minute, when clean 4 4) Bluecoats – great show, not clean enough 5 5) Crown – hopefully they have a clear concept 6 6) Cadets – untethered by legacy show design and other issues, let’s see what happens! 7 7) Cavaliers - could be higher 8 8) Blue Stars – show looks intriguing 9 9) Mandarins - momentum B 10) Blue Knights – hopefully they will come back to us from the ethereal and blow us away 11) Spirit – welcome back to finals 12) Colts – welcome back to finals 1 13) Crossmen – very good, could be higher 1 14) Phantom - rebuilding 15) Madison - rebuilding 1 16) Academy – could be higher! 1 17) Troopers 1 18) Music City 19) Pacific Crest 2 20) Spartans 2 21) Genesis 2 22) Gold 2 23) Legends 2 24) 7th Regiment 2 25) Cascades 2 26) Southwind
  2. Is there a summary somewhere of all the staff changes similar to last year? Thanks
  3. Really liked their show this year, especially the color guard
  4. Ok, come on people. Spartans had a disaster during the cold weather and Bomb Blizzard which destroyed their equipment truck. Let's all rally to help out the 5th oldest competing Drum Corps!
  5. Looks like Spartan's need our help, I sent in my donation.
  6. Something to discuss in the off season....
  7. I was there as well...I lost count of the standing ovations for the Spartans. Best program for them ever, if there had been more corps in competition I believe you would have seen a greater spread for them...easily 2-3 points better IMO. Also, color guard was not scored (their superpower). 7th Regiment was much improved from Cranston RI and the show is starting to gel very nicely. Raiders are still not done with the show so we should see better scores for them come Michigan City.
  8. My sweet tooth is acting up, candy please!
  9. I am having a really rough day...a PM would change that. Help!
  10. Would love to see it!