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  1. Nathan Bashline is also consulting at Spartans.
  2. Spartans' food truck would not have made it another year, Southwinds gift will give them a few more years before they have to raise a lot of money for a new one.
  3. It is generally like this already. Most corps do not leave their region until mid-July (there were a few exceptions). The major costs for transportation, food, and housing are the same whether you stay in your region or not. You still must travel, house, and feed the kids between shows - which can be far apart in the regions you mentioned. Travel, Housing, and Food are the BIG costs. Midwest may be the most workable as the corps are closer together. But think of the distance between the Spartans in NH and Heat Wave in FL (1500 miles), or Cascades WA and Gold in CA (1500 miles), or Battalion UT and Genesis TX (1300). Last year Crusaders hosted 2 shows and there were only 4 corps in attendance (BAC, Cadets, Spartans, and 7th Regiment). Crown, Spirit, Bloo did not attend, in part, because of the distances. It would take Crown at least 3 days of travel to get to the MA show. Also, the other eastern corps are just not ready until mid-July each year and would probably not travel much anyway (Surf, Raiders, Heat Wave) As for reducing the number of vehicles, that may help some. Thank you for trying to help with presenting ideas, god knows we need them!
  4. I seem to remember that when BDPA made the announcement last year they stated that they were returning BDB to its original roots and mission to provide a more local program for area youth (Northern CA). I don't think we will be seeing them return to Indy in the near future unless they revise that mission.
  5. Don’t forget that this show wii be broadcast live on Flomarching! 5:00 PM Gates Open 6:00 PM Welcome & National Anthem 6:15 PM Les Stentors - Sherbrooke, QC 6:32 PM Raiders - Princeton, NJ 6:49 PM Colt Cadets - Dubuque, IA 7:06 PM 7th Regiment - New London, CT 7:23 PM River City Rhythm - Anoka, MN 7:40 PM Intermission 7:57 PM Guardians - Houston, TX 8:14 PM The Battalion - Salt Lake City, UT 8:31 PM Columbians - Tri-Cities, WA 8:48 PM Southwind - Mobile, AL 9:05 PM Gold - San Diego, CA 9:22 PM Spartans - Nashua, NH 9:47 PM Awards Ceremony
  6. Don’t forget OC Prelims are on Flomarching tonight!
  7. Spartans and Gold have gone head to head six times this season!
  8. Let’s go Open Class! 5:00 PM Gates Open 6:00 PM Welcome & National Anthem 6:15 PM Eclipse - Indianapolis, IN 6:27 PM Les Stentors - Sherbrooke, QC 6:44 PM Colt Cadets - Dubuque, IA 7:01 PM Raiders - Princeton, NJ 7:18 PM 7th Regiment - New London, CT 7:35 PM River City Rhythm - Anoka, MN 7:52 PM Intermission 8:09 PM Guardians - Houston, TX 8:26 PM The Battalion - Salt Lake City, UT 8:43 PM Columbians - Tri-Cities, WA 9:00 PM Southwind - Mobile, AL 9:17 PM Gold - San Diego, CA 9:34 PM Spartans - Nashua, NH 9:59 PM Scores Announced
  9. Is your wife Sherri? If so, we really appreciate her help!
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