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  1. Fun Fact, the 2019 Open Class and World Class CG trophies are only 40 miles apart. Boston Crusaders and Spartans.
  2. I don't really miss cymbal lines (sorry). They compete for attention with the multi-tenors, snares, basses, front ensemble, drum majors, props, sabers, rifles, flags, horns doing body movements on the left side, horns doing body movement on the right side, etc. I understand some people love them but I am not sure one more visual element is needed.
  3. This summer we were all looking for a Spartans tee, I just bought their World Champs shirt on their on-line store. Nice looking shirt.
  4. You were awesome this year, can't wait to see what you come up with for 2020!
  5. You could mix EWF very well with Tower of Power music
  6. Hey Mods, when are you going to update the rankings with the scores from this show?
  7. 1 Spartans 78.400 2 Gold 76.800 3 Louisiana Stars 73.000 4 River City Rhythm 72.750 5 Golden Empire 69.650 6 Shadow 66.650 7 Colt Cadets 63.350
  8. Tonight is the last 2 shows of the Open Class tour before Championships on Monday. Last show for everyone to make their last minute moves! Good Luck to all!!
  9. Golden Empire rejoins the fray tonight for the first time since 7/20 and could be a spoiler for those vying for that 25th spot.