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  1. There has to be a sense of competition, but without a balance it can become very damaging. We see the freak outs on here over scores, spreads, drops, etc. As a performer, if you get caught up in this, it can provide not just frustrations but a sense of emptiness in how you view your accomplishments as a team. There may be a level of resentment towards the "weak" links or units. It impacts how you view, watch, and interact with your direct competition. It can be dangerous towards the psyche of the corps. But it can also be a huge motivator, especially in those rough days that every member has on tour. Culture of the organization and how scores are communicated from the top down are huge As far as design, it is the job of the design team to provide a product that appeals to each level of the audience. I always felt that is most important. I hate seeing designs that seem to be strictly built around the judging sheets.
  2. The last pro sporting event I attended, I moved up a couple sections with no issue. But it was a Summer afternoon game in Hotlanta to watch two terrible baseball teams, so the place was about 30% full. I try to prescribe to the idea that if a section is half empty, it is fair game to poach a seat. But if a place is near capacity, just be happy with your assigned seat. I chased away a poacher twice on semis night. One was friendly, the other was offended that I would dare make them move. It was annoying.
  3. Clearly Madison Why does it have to be the Last man?
  4. I pretty much agree with the results. SCV was my favorite show. BD was just too much to overcome. Seeing it put together live on semis gave me an appreciation I didn't have before for it. Was fantastic. I don't understand the Bluecoats love. Found the show to be dirty, disjointed, and really boring at times. The last couple minutes are incredible though. Nothing against the performers...more of a design issue Felt the complaints about Crown vocalist were over the top. I am not a fan of that element but it was done really well. Their visual program was a step back though. First trip to Finals week in 15 years. Enjoyable trip. Tons more thoughts, but for another day.
  5. prefer lower level driving up to Indy in the morning. PM me or reply to this thread if you have something Thanks