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  1. EnderPlaySmash

    Show design puzzle

    Yeah, they can seem a bit weird at times. But think about it this way, there was a time when every time Phantom Regiment halted during their shows, they would swing their left leg way out. EVERY time.
  2. EnderPlaySmash

    Your 2018 Top 6

    1. Cavs 2. Boston 3. Cadets 4. Crown 5. Bcoats 6. BDS A side thought, but does anyone else wish that the W Class corps names were a bit more spread out through the alphabet? I mean 15/24 are A-C.
  3. Wow... I knew it was bad but not THAT bad...
  4. EnderPlaySmash

    DCP-I Season 28 Discussion

    This was a lot of fun. Thank you Kevin, I'll certainly be back for next season!
  5. EnderPlaySmash

    DCP-I Season 28 Discussion

    Good luck to everyone at finals!
  6. EnderPlaySmash

    DCP-I Season 28 Discussion

    Ouch! Not a good performance day for most yesterday.
  7. EnderPlaySmash

    DCPI Season 28 ONLINE

    Okay thank you! I have a friend who is interested in joining.
  8. EnderPlaySmash

    DCPI Season 28 ONLINE

    Hey, so I know that the deadline has passed, but what day was the deadline? (Wondering how late it would be for someone to start now)
  9. EnderPlaySmash

    Coming soon

    Quick question... I was thinking about getting into this, and was just wondering if registering for the site is the same thing as scheduling, which would be done later. Thanks, EnderPlaySmash