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  1. Yeah, they can seem a bit weird at times. But think about it this way, there was a time when every time Phantom Regiment halted during their shows, they would swing their left leg way out. EVERY time.
  2. 1. Cavs 2. Boston 3. Cadets 4. Crown 5. Bcoats 6. BDS A side thought, but does anyone else wish that the W Class corps names were a bit more spread out through the alphabet? I mean 15/24 are A-C.
  3. This was a lot of fun. Thank you Kevin, I'll certainly be back for next season!
  4. Ouch! Not a good performance day for most yesterday.
  5. Okay thank you! I have a friend who is interested in joining.
  6. Hey, so I know that the deadline has passed, but what day was the deadline? (Wondering how late it would be for someone to start now)
  7. Quick question... I was thinking about getting into this, and was just wondering if registering for the site is the same thing as scheduling, which would be done later. Thanks, EnderPlaySmash