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  1. Good things from Blue Stars. Got to talk with their center snare's mom. Little bit of thunderous goo (Mandarins were the worse at this, imo.), but a lot of fun nonetheless.
  2. Mandarins with some punch. PR a bit more refined. Curious to see margins tonight.
  3. Spirit a noticeable step up. Not as much crowd reception. Groovy, but a little weird.
  4. Guardians provided a nice start. Some nice moments, especially in their ballad. Work to be done, but it is only their 2nd show of the season.
  5. I will say in their defense that this is their 1st time doing this. Definitely frustrating though.
  6. Show has been pushed back 30 minutes. Not sure why, it's not that hot out.
  7. And unfortunately I can't figure out how to post pictures. Will provide updates, however.
  8. Spectator. One lane, it was bad when we were watching PR Drumline.
  9. I'll try to post updates/pictures. Looking forward to the show tonight.
  10. Judges have been announced and are now listed in the original post. Mods, if you want to merge this with @DrumScorps or @Barneveld thread, feel free.
  11. HSer: Young and impressionable, these newly introducted individuals are known for their fierce loyalty to whichever Corps won the year they got introduced to the activity (Bluecoats 2016, SCV 2018 etc.), as well as a disregard for any show below 5th place. They have gained most of their knowledge from lot videos on YouTube, and always complain about the Blue Devils ruining the activity for everyone else.