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  1. For me, some of that guard choreography (and a few instances of it for the rest of the corp) is sort of off-the-shelf dancing moves that don't fit this show. It's staged with all guys in scouts uniforms. It's "majestic." It's clearly meant to be a bit of throwback. Aren't there dance moves or choreography that is more fitting? Maybe more aggressive? I'm not objecting to the dance moves. But to the type of dance moves.
  2. It's very important to me that private nonprofits be able to choose their membership and missions as they think best serves them. Even if I don't like their choices. I don't think others should dictate either (membership or missions) based on their own preferences. What makes this decision so fuzzy is that it has been made at a time when there seem to be other concerns regarding strategy and leadership for the Scouts - both as a nonprofit and as a drum corps. So several issues are getting fused and confused. I think it's a solid point that the Scouts' recruiting problem is not due to being all male. It's also a good argument that going co-ed isn't the solution to recruiting or to the quality of their product on the field. Are there other strategies forming, or now put in place, for returning the Scouts to some greater success as a corps? I've no idea. (Seems like a lot of speculation, though some folks on DCP may well have accurate inside info.) This is a BOD and ED thing. Great if they could communicate their plans well. But they're under no obligation to tell all of us what they're up to. That doesn't mean there aren't consequences to not communicating, especially for development of their alumni stakeholders.
  3. Whitewater tonight was my third time seeing Cavies. It’s a wonderful show. It’s also a major shift. Last 3 years (I think), the Cavaliers have gone for a lot of cool but gaggy moments. This year’s show is much more sophisticated. Thoughtful, even. It stands out from the other theme-based shows that really make no sense at all. And it stands out from the loud dazzle that is Vanguard, Devils, and others.
  4. Great evening for drum corps. Liked Bluecoats for first time since 2016. Loved the Cavies and wish I could do something to boost their marks. Much else tonight is in memory as sort of a battle of loud chords. Madison: If there is a thoughtful (strategic?) rebuilding plan for climbing back into a routine finals position in the next 3-5 years, then what they’re doing now makes good sense. Lots of young, new guys. Lots of pieces to like in their show.
  5. It’s a thin, tiny thing. Good idea, but it needs to be a wider, ruby/red sash that stands out.
  6. Yay! I get 2/3 of my aisle seat because of 4 people with those port-a-seats that take up a lot of space.
  7. Whitewater is excellent. Slight breeze keeping it comfy.
  8. Great lineup for this show. Good luck to everyone attending and performing. Katy was the worst of several shows I attended last year. Uncomfortably hot. And my aisle seat put me right behind a railing and a post. (Saying it was worst means it was still pretty good. The other shows were just more comfortable.)
  9. Four corps so far - BD, SCV, Cavies, Cadets - have partnered with PepWear on T-shirts and other souvie items. Looks like PepWear handles design, production, shipping, and point-of-sale things. (As is obvious from those three corps in the West utilizing combined space for souvie sales.) I'm only speculating, and without knowing any of the economics, it isn't a bad thing to assume that essentially outsourcing much of the logistics and operations of getting T-shirts and hoodies on the road for tour might have some savings in money or volunteer/staff time and effort. (Or both.) And after spending three days last week in a corps' food truck as a volunteer, I wonder whether outsourcing food service isn't an opportunity, too. (Or maybe the opportunity is creating a business to offer food services to corps.) PepWear is the firm Charlie Frost, Vanguard ED who recently announced his resignation, is joining as VP of operations. It never occurred to me to think that three corps and a sportswear company trying something new might be viewed as elitist.
  10. You guys have an interesting topic here that’s worthy of its own thread. It isn’t contributing well to the OP’s question in this thread.
  11. Good question. It's been asked here before. The relatively consistent scoring trends don't make make sense to me. It's a hugely human action-based, and creative, activity. But I don't understand the scoring system used. And there's little room to debate with someone who does understand well the technicalities how these shows are adjudicated and who can rationalize why such amazing consistency is legitimate. As soon as Madison received higher GE scores from one judge compared to the other (was that in Madison on June 22?), there seemed to be a generally common reaction that the higher scoring judge was wrong. Maybe so. But I was more interested in the implication that two judges could not come up with noticeably different scoring results. Again, for an activity which I believe encompasses much that is creative and subjective.
  12. Two common problems stifling so many non-profit organizations are (1) an ED that controls the board, rather than a board that is independent; and (2) poorly managed and poorly communicated finances. I read others discussing these things on DCP, but I don't know that these are Madison's problems. (And I am not speculating about them here.) Any good outside, non-profit consultant, however, will have her early early radar fine-tuned on both (1) and (2). Problem (1), BTW, isn't so bad when you have a really effective, visionary ED leading the organization.
  13. If you are going for 2-3 days, stay downtown. Rates are higher, but the convenience of walking to/from LOS and many restaurants is worth it. Try the DCI site to get good discounts on hotels.
  14. I’m not necessarily defining it as fan friendly. Just that many of us don’t get it, whatever it is.