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  1. mjoakes

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    Thanks. And please.
  2. mjoakes

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    I sort of get what you're thinking, especially based on a number of Madison posters on DCP. But it isn't true that all older alumni are out of touch - or unhappy - with contemporary DCI. Let's give folks a break and first see what they give the MMs to perform and how they motivate MMs to execute.
  3. mjoakes

    DCI survey

    They specifically asked about cymbals. I gave my permission to cut them. So I'm pretty sure I have impact. I also asked them to please double up on the use of electronics, singing, and voice-overs. And couldn't we use another couple dozen guard members?
  4. Is this request for volunteers to help with reorganization coming from the current leadership? The page on the Pioneer site doesn't have a new leadership/interim board feel to it.
  5. mjoakes

    DCI survey

    Received mine yesterday and just completed it. I'm embarrassed for DCI for the quality of the survey (and the email format that came to me, requiring me to scroll far right to see any text). But I appreciate what they're trying to get at in this long survey and their efforts overall to collect feedback. Based on the questions about ticket purchases and attendance at events, it seems like the recipients should be almost anyone for whom DCI has an email. Not just certain buyers of DCI show tickets.
  6. mjoakes

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Hey, there’s a Madison thread.
  7. I've taken much of what I read on the Pio threads with various grains of salt. Mostly, I have no insider info and can't comment intelligently. A little bit, there's a lot of speculating and modest gossiping that I don't know what to do with. But this Philly.com article...wow. The RB quotes are stunning. I donate to Pioneer, and I'm a little embarrassed I have done so without knowing more about how it was managed.
  8. mjoakes

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Kids at Pioneer might care.
  9. mjoakes

    Pioneer What Next?

    You've got it right, @wvu80. I meant that the executive director of a non-profit organization is sometimes an ex-officio, non-voting member of the board. Not always. It just isn't only a rare thing. EDs should obviously not participate in any committee or full board meetings where ED issues, HR, etc. are being discussed. ED should never have a voting role. There are practical things that make the ED's role important to a board (especially a volunteer board) and to various issues that are discussed. He/she might provide important detailed info regarding budgets, for example, and as you suggest. But the board treasurer should assume full vetting responsibility for finances and the board should approve and oversee finances. The Pioneer staff-board arrangement looks messy. There are also plenty of non-profit boards out there that are set up properly on paper and yet are still rubber stamps for a non-member ED. It isn't news we're a flawed species. Sounds like you joined a great board - one willing to educate and train. That's a relatively small cost compared to the benefits of getting good board members.
  10. mjoakes

    Pioneer What Next?

    Right. There's some debate, apparently, whether one of those isn't actually somewhere within walking distance of me right now.
  11. mjoakes

    Pioneer What Next?

    Ahem. Anyone know of a board interested in help from a non-corps, real business, finance-specialty person?
  12. mjoakes

    The Cavaliers 2019

    I've been thrilled by the shows the last three years. Am also thinking Propaganda through On Madness... kind of look a lot a like. I wouldn't mind seeing something different in 2019. But then also, I wouldn't mind The Cavies repeating any of those past three shows.
  13. mjoakes

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    From the Scouts' FAQ page: Our 2017 program was a bold risk for us, and we were told that pacing and variety were the keys to climbing higher competitively. We listened. And this year, we have taken the calculated risk of moving in a new direction with a show varied in pacing and emotion. While pacing, variety, and emotion are important, (What successful Scouts show has not had good variety, pacing and emotion?), in 2019 I want the Scouts to avoid trying so hard to calculate what the judges want and just do very good - and very modern - drum corps.
  14. mjoakes

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    Good point. My comments may not be all that clear. And frankly, I’m never successful on DCP with an extended explanation. Despite that, here goes… Maybe what I mean is that as some people listen to judges and pay attention to what others are doing, they can interpret all this in sometimes too literal or too superficial ways. The result is a rather formulaic response that appears to have all the right show elements, but just doesn’t quite come together as a thrilling piece of entertainment. Goose-bump worthy drum corps shows - like good films - take a lot of the standard elements and deliver them in creative ways that thrill us and surprise us. I think Phantom and Scouts might have tried too hard to mirror what they view as a new model of drum corps show. But the result was something without the thrill of an original interpretation. Something on the flat side. Something that seemed to lack authenticity. The props seemed too contrived, for example. Like someone was thinking we have to have these unusual props, and a cumbersome tarp, because that’s what judges appear to have rewarded. Judges, after all, like film critics, are commenting within a context. When a film critic says the story pacing is too slow, that doesn’t mean a film story pace must always be very fast. It means given all the other characteristics of the story within the context of that particular film, some critics found the pacing too slow. Another film with an even slower pace might be very well received by audiences and critics alike. Because all those other things resulted in a different film package, a different context. A drum corps show is a kind of creative stew. I don’t presume that either judges or experienced designers get it right all the time. I’m only guessing the best results come from those who boldly pursue what they fervently believe is a great show - given their read of what will excite marching members, audiences, and judges. Surely, sometimes these folks get it wrong. A lot of times, they probably get it right. I want PR in 2019 to be bold and show us their own interpretation of modern drum corps. Not just a study of SCV and a conclusion that, well, staging is now necessary. So let’s stage. And maybe we should do some hip hop routines, too. Did the Vanguard show come from designers who were trying to hit bullet items from judges comments? It almost seemed as though the show designers said the h*** with expectations. Here’s what we want to do. Phantom 2019 should think like that. All this asserted here by someone who has no idea from any personal experience the challenge that confronts drum corps show designers. My hat is off to them no matter where their corps placed.