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  1. Always had a preference for high cam, but multi cam for Vanguard and Cavies is outstanding. Very entertaining.
  2. Just watched Vanguard on digital download. I had forgotten so much about that show!
  3. mjoakes

    Request for DCI

    That’s a good idea. I’d like to have something like that.
  4. Yes. Invited others to form their own corps, but no one is going to touch Pioneer.
  5. mjoakes

    The Cavaliers 2019

    So exhausted (and weirdly fascinated) by the postings on the top threads right now, thought it would be refreshing to remember there's a tour starting up in a few months. Anyone anxious to catch The Cavaliers out West in June? I'll be at Stanford. Maybe Clovis because I'd like to say I visited a place called Clovis.
  6. Did he also imply that complaints and problems should be handled in-house?
  7. mjoakes

    Trust and Truth

    Good point. As someone around many 18-21 year olds on a university campus, I can support that most are wonderful. Some are not.
  8. You're right, @Spatzzz. Membership fees through 2017 activities were $26,260. All other things - a mix of contributions, gifts, etc. - were $30,584. Some of that could be from Lutz. He may also have used personal funds to just pay various things that didn't make it on their books.
  9. Arsenal Performing Arts shows revenue of about $60,000 and assets of about $54,000. That's as of Sep 30, 2017 and from their 990. A more recent 990 isn't due until Feb 15, 2019. A year ago, they had a loan of about $22,000 for for mostly brass instruments. The loan is for Arsenal, it says, not mentioning any person also attached. Other instruments were donated and valued at $20,000. No one was pulling down any kind of salary. Slightly sadly, from my perspective, the board consisted (again, as of Sep 2017) of four people, one of whom is the executive director. Probably necessary to have that one guy intimately involved at this point. I just prefer a little more formal governance structure separating the ED from the board (at least for voting purposes) even in early stages. This is subjective, but the commentary and explanations in the 990 were a little unusual and showed, I think, the passion and ambition Lotz has for what he was trying to do. He also is listed as having completed and filed the 990 tax form.
  10. Hope this is still at home with the issues in this thread: Is DCI understaffed? Certainly isn’t unusual for nonprofits to have fewer staff members than their missions or ambitions require. I’m still stuck on what would seem a relatively simple management practice of having your communications people tied into the decision-making process. So you inform privately, announce in public, and tell your side of the story in a deliberate way nearly all at once.
  11. Had conversations in the past year with people trying to start two corps in Indiana. Nice, passionate, certainly well-meaning people. The passion and interest in music and marching are way, way above any thinking through of finances and business and organizational operations. Ya gotta have the whole package.
  12. Thanks. This is a bit helpful. I'm still open to the possibility that there is more to the story. And more doesn't have to mean the Arsenal director's perspective is wrong. Pretty frustrating, though, that DCI would take that action and tell Arsenal without having an accompanying statement or plan for communicating the decision.
  13. You're right! I stayed at JW in 2016, and one of the show nights (Semis or Finals?) came with rain. From JW, you can walk inside - overhead indoor bridges and all of the Convention Center - until just across the street from LOS.
  14. I stayed there a few nights last spring while a family member was at Methodist Hospital in Indy. Nice, modern rooms. And you no doubt already know it's next door to Tavern on South. Great pub and home of The Cavies gathering before Finals.
  15. It’s a really fine hotel. You’ll like the rooms and amenities. I prefer a few blocks closer to a wider selection of restaurants and bars.