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  1. No idea what happened. But still going to comment that it is really tough to get all of this right. It may be that Vanguard is jumping the gun and poorly communicating. It may also be that Vanguard is jumping out in front of a situation and acting fast, as so many here and elsewhere have argued needs to be done in many cases. No idea. Just tough. Certainly impossible to please everyone + act quickly, especially if someone's safety or health is an issue + be mindful of due process + be attentive to liability issues.
  2. I thought it was pretty good. Always easy just to say these things - and many organizations and companies in trouble do about the same. Here's hoping SOA finds practical ways to make this work.
  3. Definitely engagement. Probably less so on scoring. I gave up trying to figure out scoring once I observed that corps that mess up on electronics never appear to be penalized for it.
  4. I think the long, smarty-pants backstories are also usually highly correlated with shows that just don't measure up.
  5. A neighbor has that size. Awesome is way diluted as an adjective because it's used to describe things that are not at all awesome. That TV/monitor/small theater screen was truly awesome.
  6. We Hoosiers might be challenged with clapping and singing at the same time. Just kidding. But many Hoosiers tear up upon hearing "Back Home Again in Indiana." (It's coming up soon at the start of the Indy 500.) My high school band played that piece in Nixon's inaugural parade in 1972. We marched what was called "drum corps style" back then. Protestors along the route yelled at us for having rifles and sabres. Seems like I might have written this before, so sorry for repetition: Our band parents split up from us after that 1972 parade and walked on their own to the busses. They walked near the Washington Monument and witnessed protestors pulling down all the American flags and setting them on fire. It's important for old folks to keep reminding younger folks that tumult has occurred in years other than just the last four or five. "Four dead in O-hi-o."
  7. Thanks for this. I'll spend some time thinking about things to do afternoon before and day after. Think I saw tour premiers in Indianapolis maybe 2016-2018. And you're right, the shows were really fine for starting the tour. I appreciate that Bluecoats, Cavies, and others consistently put themselves out there for broadcast in the TP. In 2019 I was out west and caught the TP in a theater the night before a nice show in Clovis. My only theater viewing of drum corps, and it wasn't so satisfying. But I might have thought differently if I was not about to see shows live in Clovis and Stanford.
  8. Attending the Tour Premier this year. It's a five-hour drive. I've never been to Detroit, however, so I'm curious about the downtown. I expect the shows to be rough. Also expect to cringe if I drove five hours to watch the corps roll a bunch of junk onto the field. C'est la vie.
  9. Took a look at this and decided to pass. Glad to know it's a new stadium. But I am a little surprised how much I no longer want car rentals, drives to the stadium, drives to hotels afterward. I know the tour stops are not aiming for people coming in from outside the host city. That's fine. Still, it is so nice in places like San Antonio to park yourself at a hotel for a night or two and walk to the show. For all its boringness, Indianapolis has the same terrific convenience factor. I went to the Katy shows a couple of years. Will miss Texas altogether this year. Hope it is a good show and the Cavies shine.
  10. Good question. I canceled plans to attend DCI West at Stanford and DCI Southwest in San Antonio because the airfares were just too much. Stanford also involves a pricey car rental. That said, I know bunches of students who seem to fly everywhere seemingly without concerns about cost. I'm sure that's exaggerated. But hey, it's DCP.
  11. Hater? I know that's tossed out pretty casually everywhere online. And you probably mean it in that same casual, not literal way. But given so much actual hate out there in our world in serious (non marching band-like) contexts, it seems inappropriate here. Maybe @queenanne_1536 isn't a Boston fan. I don't know. But the poster offers reasons and explanations. Nothing is irrational or hate-filled. For me, I've enjoyed watching Boston's rise in recent years. I don't think they are top three ready yet. But like everyone else here, that's only speculation in April.
  12. Back to predictions. I don't know why most of us wouldn't expect BD to be a little favored for another title. Maybe the year off from competition matters. I doubt it does much. Boston, Cavies, Bluecoats, Crown, and Santa Clara surely reliably follow in some order. No way I know how to divvy the spots up here in April. Would be great to see the Cavaliers medal. But that's only a fan's wish, not a prediction. And it wouldn't be a huge surprise to me if, rather than BD, one of that group of five above won it all. More interesting, I think, will be the scurrying for the next few placements. Cadets, Blue Knights, Blue Stars, Phantom seem to group together in some order. And then Mandarins, Crossmen, Academy...
  13. Same here. And I think we just have to accept in drum corps that not all corps or shows have to get everyone of us excited. Crown is great, super high quality in what they do. I just have not dug them since, again, 2016. Used to be that way for the Blue Devils. I applaud their unmatched stay at the top of drum corps. But only recently have I found their really appealing. Appreciating the quality and talent on display in a show doesn't have to always lead to getting goosebumps over the show itself.
  14. There are not a lot of examples of businesses lowering prices in this context and succeeding long at those lower levels. And it isn't clear to me from anything here that if there are problems filing the ranks in corps these problems are only related to price. I certainly hope Surf works things out and has a good tour.
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