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  1. I'm hopeful we'll look back on 2020 as a prompt for serious rethinking regarding the financial models and management of the musical arts nonprofits sponsoring drum corps.
  2. Me, too. On the trusting. It's hard for me to grapple with all the factors and details involved and how they might play out for each corps. Why BD and SCV leaders don't deserve the benefit of the doubt here - that they are likely making smart decisions on behalf of their organizations - is puzzling.
  3. Some of the humor on DCP doesn't align well with my tastes. But it doesn't have to. It is a social media platform, a forum for all kinds of commentary related to drum corps (except political stuff). Some posters are really thoughtful, @N.E. Brigand usually among them, others not so much. Many posts require a background in the subject I don't have. And that's fine, too. I sometimes dig more deeply on my own. No one is required to educated me about the experiences or knowledge framing the context for their posts, however. That's for college term papers, not an online forum. I'd quickly
  4. Thanks @garfield, and these details are not surprising. A few things: First, I'm clearly suggesting a different model, and any new model will challenge DCI and old ways of operating. If right now DCI has some specific requirements for hosting shows, fine. But what if an organization was able to set up the shows in ways that meet or surpass any currently-set DCI stipulations? I don't particularly care that DCI right now doesn't want member corps to compete outside its circus ring. I'm wondering what would happen if there was an attractive alternative. Second, if successful – and if co
  5. Haha. I get it. But I'm in Bloomington. Some of us dream of big things, even if the surname isn't Cook.
  6. Say I am a nonprofit arts/education organization and I have the resources. I'm not DCI. I organize 3-5 shows, set up the venues, invite 7-9 corps to perform, arrange for housing and rehearsal sites (and pay for any associated expenses). I manage all other logistics, marketing, ticket sales. All the relevant cash (such as it might be) comes to me. I pay the corps performance fees and prizes. The geography of the shows obviously matters, but ignore that issue for now. Can I do this? That's mostly asking, can corps that are members of DCI accept my invitations and perform? If allowed, would
  7. Thanks @N.E. Brigand. I picked up a new word, anodyne. I like how it looks.
  8. Oh. It’s Wednesday. But there is a super double secret preview of all shows for those select few who pay to... I can’t think of anything clever. I have Wed Omni on the calendar because I was going up a day early to have dinner up with good friends who live downtown. Can never do much for dinners during the three days. Without missing good shows, anyway.
  9. Would be arriving at the Omni about now (1:00) and having some lunch at Harry & Izzy’s so I can avoid LOS food. Then watch some shows starting mid afternoon. I would have seen all WC by this week, and would enjoy catching any changes or improvements.
  10. Side bar: Anderson Highland was a dominating force in the track shows at the Indiana State Fair. They'd won twice in a row in 70 and 71 when my tiny high school, Shenandoah, won in 72 with the first "corps style" show. We had rifles and sabres, something most of the audience had never seen. Our band stepped off the line by playing the Highland school song – a Scottish thing I've forgotten – and then did a little Scottish fling with our feet to the Mickey Mouse tune. Followed by, of course, a marching version of Shenandoah. That was August 72 and I can still do that 20-beat fling.
  11. I think the edit might have been related to the rule on maximum number of ellipses.😀
  12. Just remembered why I have been staying away from DCP.
  13. Any chance some small part of this is a new person, and bit of an outsider, challenging the old guard/status quo in drum corps and triggering push back?
  14. You'll know better than most @garfield. The 990s show a few corps with strong balance sheets, many corps with weak balance sheets. No one has any major endowment that would cover all of operations, even though that would be good practice for a nonprofit. FWIW, what I've seen on the 990s suggests many corps will struggle to sufficiently reduce costs over the next several months. The tour itself, however, is largely all expenses. (That's a general comment. "Largely," not totally.) But I don't think it's obvious that several organizations must fail or fold. They should get creative about cas
  15. Don't give up! Seeing corps live is worth it even if there's a year's delay.