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  1. I will see the Cavaliers' 2021 show for first time in Indianapolis. In past seasons, I would have seen it several times before then. I'll miss seeing how show details develop.
  2. I have seat assignments, BTW. Last row in 140. Same seats I've had before.
  3. Glad to see the corps and leadership embracing the coed model. Really young-looking. This glimpse at a show and music makes me curious about what kind of quality will be apparent overall in Indianapolis.
  4. I'm sure this is frustrating for a lot of fans, members, and family. It isn't a bad policy, however. And it seems like an easy one to follow.
  5. FWIW, I am finding none of the usual hotel rooms available for Saturday night. Maybe that's a sign of okay demand for that final night.
  6. Just ordered tickets through DCI for the 3-day event in August. An email was distributed yesterday to Friends of DCI. Tickets are $265 per person (covering all three days). Maybe that's based on my Friends level (Bronze, lowest, I think). Of course, no idea about the format or number of performances. For me, I think it's worthwhile to get in the queue for seat preferences. I'll decide later just what I'll attend.
  7. I'm pretty tolerant of those who don't want the vaccine - or any vaccine - even though I have a strong preference for vaccines. The tracking and control explanations seem kind of silly (not the people, but their explanations) since so many people allow themselves and their activities to be tracked widely already. And in a not quite literal way, a lot of people appear to be controlled by something other than their own good thinking. If I have to choose between control by Bill Gates or partisan news networks, I think I'd go with Gates.
  8. I'm not big on the idea of solidarity of any kind. It usually leads to conformity and, for some, an absence of critical thinking. (Sometimes, too, a stifling of alternative voices.) Seems like there are plenty of current events examples of this. If DCI has serious problems after the Indianapolis events, it won't be because BD, Crown, and SCV decided not to participate.
  9. Yes, I think they're doing what they think is best for them. I only meant that I think that folks worried about them not somehow contributing to DCI or the activity at this important moment should give them a break here.
  10. A lot has changed since November. I don't feel any angst over this issue. Seems like the corps and DCI will work this out as needed.
  11. I'll support corps leaders doing what they conclude is in their groups' best interests. BD and SCV have done plenty in their histories to support DCI and enhance the activity. They should have some credit to trade on for doing something different this year.
  12. Wasn't sure what to expect. But glad to see so many user names I recognize responding that they follow DCW.
  13. And the others here who write reviews: I'm impressed with those. They often bring in much more background and context, making for a rich read.
  14. I'm always impressed when I browse through Drum Corps World magazine. Lengthy articles, extensive interviews, deep knowledge of drum corps, and overall a lot of work by Steve Vickers and a long list of contributors. I'm also impressed (and surprised) it survives, especially in the same basic format and design for so many years. Just curious about its relevance. How many here on DCP read it, at least somewhat? Does it have a readership base among current corps members and recent alumni?
  15. I'll likely be there. But it's a 50-minute drive. Will be fun to see some drum corps again. But will also be interesting to see what DCI puts together and how they execute it.