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  1. That's a fair opinion, but I can't vibe with someone who doesn't dig BD 2012. That's my favorite Devils show.
  2. Let's be real here. tonight is the night where you just wish the DCI season was longer so you could see more competition between two amazing shows. I am happy Devils won, yes. but I also recognize the joy one feels when watching The Blue Coats perform "The Bluecoats." seems like just yesterday everyone was announcing their shows. it would be very interesting to see 5 more shows with just the top 2. Maybe that would more definitively show a winner! Seriously though, congrats to the coats for their highest score ever. I enjoyed their show even not liking Beatles music! This was the most intense and close dogfight I've been alive for in DCI world class history, it was a pleasure to watch. God bless everyone and get ready for next year!
  3. Just to clarify, crown 2015 had a bad run. Devils deserved the win that night.
  4. One can like someone for being strong in their beliefs! Not to toot my own horn at all (seriously)! I mean i like many posts that differ from my general opinion and narrative! We can like things in the other side; this doesn't determine what side we are on explicitly.
  5. Fair enough, good on you. I am tipsy rn after this year, so it's hard for me to hold back.
  6. Don't we all hope it continues. But one cannot pick and choose what they attribute to one president. All the positives at this time (almost everything), if attributed to Obama, must also be included with all the negatives at this time (very little for the whole populace) with Obama or Vice Versa. One cannot claim one positive for a certain president 3 years after and decry the negatives after 3 years as well. It's either one or the others fault. One cannot have their (zim/ zey/ zerself I'm not sure which is correct) cake and eat it too.
  7. anyone who laughs at that gas probably never heard the term "leg shape" once.
  8. To be clear, I meant the last three nights. All the "finals." None of those nights should have placed lower than 3rd. I would apply, but it doesn't pay well enough to leave my current job.