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  1. I'm not a "him" and the rules here should be followed. It was an example of how asking medical or vaccination questions can get out of hand.
  2. Most mask wearing in the Far East goes back to the Spanish Flu. They continued wearing them during flu and allergy seasons.
  3. The correct term is "virtue signaling" I was making a joke when you called it value before. So sorry about the joke first. Not sure the term Virtue Signaling is 100% accurate for everyone who chose to continue wearing a mask, but some certainly are. Just like all the people who are not vaccinated are not 100% conspiracy believers, but some certainly are.
  4. That is not the path a free society should take. What's next? Show me your HIV test results?
  5. Very true. But just less than a year ago many wanted the corps (orgs) to be responsible. Responsible according their own opinions. In comes Mr. Dixon and his opinion differs and indicates he wants a justification for the decisions and yet many call him out and say no need for the orgs to justify. I totally agree but the hypocrisy is clear.
  6. Maybe the Devils will "do it live" on their own? Or do you think the person just made up the cancellation?
  7. Again I was asking for the opinion and not making a statement about either decision myself. I will give it a try though. In my opinion DCI decision is a good one. I am unsure about what exactly is happening in Europe but according to the state department, there restrictions on entry from the USA. Even if the event was not postponed it would have been impossible to travel there unless the travel restrictions were lifted. Ironically with regards to your post above. The decision by the tatoo will fit into decisions to be made in the USA by the devils.
  8. So the event made the wise decision? What about the devils decision to travel internationally during a pandemic? The way I read your post, its as if you think the devils made the wise decision. If its your opinion the event made the wise decision to postpone, does that mean you also believe the wise decision for DCI is to postpone until 2022?
  9. Did you see the Question Mark in my post that you quoted the sentence from? I know future members will remember, that part I did not present as a question.
  10. At first I thought the Devils were just being financially conservative. Then they released intentions to travel overseas. Now the USbands announcement. Or part of why they did not want to march was for the covid safety. But both the overseas plans and having sessions in Texas does not reflect that in my opinion. Does those 3 corps see themselves as the rich and will do as they please? They will do as they please and potential members will remember. 500 dollars is a lot of money for a session but so far not any more details.
  11. I think it is a good thing they are going to provide a chance for kids to have a camp like session to learn. UsBands and the Devils are teaming up and maybe the cost has to do with coivid restrictions. There are many places in Texas that are wide open and have been for sometime now. Not sure about California as I thought they still have a great deal of restrictions. Sad that they can't perform for DCI events this summer. Guessing that it is easier to send some staff etc to these Sessions and get paid than it would to spend on a season. But they are going overseas so not sure. Do you think the corps that are choosing not to attend the DCI events this year are trying to cause damage to DCI?
  12. which they also do to some other posters - but Continental is all focused on me.
  13. That is totally false. Go back and see who was using it to begin with. Its not hard to use the search feature.
  14. These types of rules could be very destructive and divisive. Sure to be lawsuit's since that is the reality of the world we live in.
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