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  1. You can see the dysfunctional states clearly with the distribution of this vaccine.
  2. Not sure about that but Mike asked for the thread to be deleted. I'm trying to remember the exact words. Its rich that someone says someone was getting harassed in a different post.
  3. I will be participating this coming summer. I'm excited and happy. These corps pushing forward is a win against the people who looked to find obstacles and to poo poo any thought of trying to do a season. Going to be fun to perform in 2021.
  4. I'm sorry for your loss. I did not realize your lost someone to covid. My point is that people who work in other job fields have caught and passed away from it. Those workforce's are still going into work.
  5. So what about other job fields? Why is Fauci so highly offensive when he says schools should be in person? You fail to acknowledge he made that statement. Where is your outrage at him? Why would the W.H.O. and pediatricians say go back to school? Are they also being offensive?
  6. It has the tone of the lack of caring. That is my opinion. I am sure you will come back with some censored out swear words and then tell me I should not do what other's do with reaction emoji's. I should have turned it back to you and said you can rise above it all without having to use swear words. Fauci said schools should be back in person. I still have not seen anyone say he is offensive or despicable.
  7. In reality those of us who have family that do not do a job that can be done online would consider the ability to do a job at home online a luxury. Many keep coming back in replies to me about how I am selfish and do not care. They follow with personal stories. My family run a restaurant and grocery store. Everyday since the covid19 pandimic shutdowns they have gone to work. A few have had covid and are back at work. One Aunt we have who is in her 70's was not able to return to work until last month. She had to build her strength. She is high risk and continues to be with family and keeping bu
  8. Only because every time I mention that schools should be back to in person I get replies about how teachers will get sick and die. I try to make a comparison to other jobs that continue and I get made fun and in my humble opinion attacked.
  9. People who do not care about how and what it takes to allow them the luxury to work online is pretty uncaring in my point of view. Never mind the assumptions you make about me personally.
  10. You had the hashtag filter which if I'm not mistaken means swearing. But the other stuff you mention is off topic personal information. The laughing reaction emoji is the same was what happens to my posts. Teachers can work just like everyone else according to Fauci.
  11. Teachers are scared to go into work. Are the other workers who show up to work everyday not scared? The other workers find a way to go into work everyday. No reason to say bad words. The schools can be set up the same as grocery store with the barriers and sanitation protocols. Dr. Fauci and many others say schools should be open. Follow Science. Covid vaccine started today in the United Kingdom. Wonderful news. Some Drum Corps are planning a season which is wonderful news. Spring and Summer are just around the corner. I hope all the corps are taking care of their corps and doing w
  12. This is a great post Greg. #NO ASTERISKS! It will be sad not to have great corps like Blue Devils and Santa Clara. I guess the Cavaliers read what the DCP logistical and subject matter pundits had to say and decided to be optimistic instead of doom and gloom.
  13. Teachers can't teach but grocery stores, amazon warehouse, truck drivers, constructions workers have to work so all the non working teachers can eat and stay on zoom. So those workers who have to actually work are not able to monitor their kids to ensure they are on zoom. Failures are up as much as 40%. I have a friend who struggled pre covid-19 with depression. The schools being closed only caused more harm to her. She is still having more issues and who knows what the long term issues could there be. A few days ago the washington post had a article about schools. Here is a point
  14. From the latest news, I and many others don't have much choice. Life goes on. Live our lives scared or just live?