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  1. Last night at the first Blue Devils camp I was able to play the new SB30 King System Blue Euphonium Hybrid for about 5 minutes. In the last almost 40 years I've played a number of different baritones and euphoniums, the nicest being a $7,000 Willson 2900 series Euph. I've got to say, that this new horn is the *closest* horn I've ever played to match the Willson. Plus, the construction is fantastic, and superbly balanced to hold. Congrats to John Meehan and the System Blue team on producing such an amazing instrument, which WILL revolutionize the lower marching brass sound.
  2. When I went to Europe with BD 5 years ago we saw them in Kerkrade. I have a video of them on the Blue Devils Mediabox. These guys ROCK!
  3. Hammer. Nail. Head. If Frank says anything about audio ... you better STOP whatever it is you're doing and LISTEN. I guarantee you will learn something!
  4. I believe Dave Tuttle (French Horn, BD) has 4 rings as well.
  5. Congrats to the Bucs! THANK YOU to the DCP team! Todd ... have a drink on me (I'll pay you back later)! ;-)
  6. It sucks to be waiting here in California for the results. (On the OTHER hand, I do have a nice Single Malt Scotch in my hand!)
  7. One REALLY COOL thing about Senior Corps (among many cool things!) ... a LOT of the people know the names (as well as personally know!) the soloists! Great camaraderie!
  8. If I was still marching Renegades, I'd still be "above average" ;-)
  9. John, Did you buy the new Mint Moon Pies?!?!?! Save one for me!!!!
  10. I'm still getting caught up and just read this and LAUGHED OUT LOUD! Todd, you crack me up!
  11. I just got online and have some catching up to do! Fran, if you're reading this ... I wore a bright hawaiian shirt out here in California today, in honor of you (and DCA!).