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  1. Carl306

    How did you discover DCI?

    I had just joined my high school drumline and went online (Napster/Kazaa/whatever) and started downloading random warm ups and exercises. In the process I happened upon a recording of Cavies 2000 show which led from one thing to another...
  2. Before it gets closed, some OSU sad faces.
  3. Staff being paid and organizations running on large budgets has absolutely nothing to do with being classified as a non profit organization...
  4. Please, don't bring logic to this discussion.
  5. Carl306

    Looking for Sponsors

    Start looking and asking around early.
  6. Carl306

    I & E

    I like how they threw in that '06 lick. Please congratulate them all!
  7. Given the context of this thread, I can't help but laugh at this comment...
  8. Haven't seen Hrothgar posting in a while. DCP hasn't been the same without him
  9. Carl306

    If You Had to Choose...

    JUNE!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!?!