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  1. Yup! A New corps in the midwest... and, also, ANOTHER corps based in Minnesota! For those of you keeping count, that would make it a grand total of 4 DCA corps in the great state of Minnesota! Hehehehe
  2. At this point, we're going whichever way we can get horns. G, Bb, Whatever! We're not picky
  3. Greetings all you Corps people. A group of us up in Duluth, MN are planning on starting a Drum Corps, but we need some gear. Horns, Drums, etc... We're planning on kicking off in a year or two, but the sooner we can get some horns together, the better! We're looking for: A full, Class-A style Horns and Drums. Bugles in G, don't matter much, as long as they're all keyed the same. Feel free to post here, or just Email me at aaronkruse@gmail.com. Thanks much, everyone!
  4. I'm stuck here in Chicago, and I wasn't able to make it to finals... so I wanna see pics! Either here, or link them! Dont matter what they are either! I must live vicariously through people's pictures!!!
  5. if there's a tie, then the two corps should fight. Or, have them both start their shows at the same time...and the last corps standing wins.
  6. Well, if that were the case... 1) there is 10 letters in Govenaires 2) it's their 79th year 3)it's their 3rd year coming to DCA 4) they've won 2nd Place the last 2 times they were there 5) there are 3 corps in Minnesota (each MN corps gets to add this) 6) The home show is on August 19 so... 10+70+3+2+2+3+19=109 The govenaires will get an 109.
  7. Well, what if you all marched with your short sleeves, then some leg warmers over your forearms?? That'd look cool, I swear! hehehe And, Patricks Beer Garden would only work if instead of Finals, we all just stood around and got drunk, and then the Kiltie Choir would have to sing. That's mandatory. I'm all for having finals in DCA-C territory...DeKalb stadium is pretty nice...but the local crowd is kinda lame... I still say Duluth...
  8. Well well well! The lineup is gonna be sweet this year. I think that the Sunday finals should be all the A class corps, with the top 3 open class corps on in the earlier evening. But, that would completely cut into the A class drinking time...Hmmm...
  9. Hey now, I wasnt a guest performer... The Kruzer is like a rash... Just when you think you got rid of me, BAM! there I am, makin your stuff itch. ^0^ Once a Govie, always a Govie. I still remember the quote that smoothy told me on the ONE TIME I ran through "Lust" with the corps at the showcase before we went on stage.. "What the **** was that Kruzer? Why the **** are you playing so **** Loud??" And all I could do was smile. The thing that I keep telling people when I'm telling them about the small corps experience, is that you get to know EVERYONE in the corps, and become good friends with them all. When you have a larger corps, you mostly all can't fit on a school bus. But, some of my favorite times with teh Govies are when we had the whole corps on one bus. I was in it cause I loved the music, and I love the people.
  10. Hello there! I'm looking for some information on the D&B corps that used to be out of Duluth, MN. I'm from there, and I was talking to someone about drum corps, and they said that they remember hearing about one or two from here, so I figured that this was the place to look for it. Any ideas??
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