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  1. I am looking for action photographs of the K-W Lions Northstars. I have a few from a few friends but I would like to add a lot more if I can find them. I would appreciate any that you could send me at Thanks.
  2. I'd like to see Madison try an all Malaguena show. Play one song, the whole show !!! Hopefully they are daring enough to try that !!
  3. My predictions for 2014 are as follows. 1. Santa Clara Vanguard 2. Carolina Crown 3. Blue Devils 4. Bluecoats 5 The CADETS 6. Phantom Regiment 7. Madison Scouts 8. Cavaliers 9. Boston Crusaders 10. Blue Knights If these are the final standings no one will be more surprized than me !!! WE'LL SEE !!!
  4. Although we have recruited a few new members and will be doing regular rehearsals starting in September. Spot in the Dream Seekers are still open to those with special needs.
  5. There is a new guard in the Kitchener-Waterloo area !!! However, they will offer no competition to the Ventures Winter Guard in any way. This guard is called "The Dream Seekers Special Needs Colour Guard" and is ONLY open to K-W youth from 14-25 living with a life challenge !!! This guard was started by alumni of the Dutch Boy Drum Corps back in July. In their first year of exhibition the Dream Seekers will be doing shows in the central Ontario region only. The membership will be around 10 marchers and using basically flags. Rifles and sabres will be added when the staff sees fit. This is t
  6. The Northstar Youth Organization, the parent company of the Dutch Boy Drum Corps of the past, is coming out with an 80 member unit. The MARCHING BAND will be called NORTHSTAR BAND, using all the instrumentation of a marching band. Although the alumni are disappointed with this move, it is in the best interest of the kids in the community.It keeps the kids in the community busy and it gives the city their own band.
  7. I will always have fond memories of North Tonawanda Keith !!! Hopefully we'll meet up sometime in the future !! I haven't been on here for a while for the same reasons Keith....too bad !!
  8. There would be thousands of people in CANADA TOO !!!!
  9. I have been excited by numerous APRIL FOOLS JOKES put on DCP over the years. I am a alumnus of Dutch Boy and I realize this was in poor taste. Please except my apology.
  10. To my fellow drum corps alumni !! I meant no disrespect to the Dutch Boy Drum Corps or to any one who marched in the corps. I have spent many years both in the corps and as a volunteer. I bleed Dutch Boy red, white and black. Nobody more than me would love to see them back on the field. My apologies to those that were excited by this only to have your hopes dashed by a senseless APRIL FOOLS JOKE !!!
  11. Anybody heard what is going on in Kitchener-Waterloo with Dutch Boy ? I haven't seen or heard of them in years !!! Are they still marching or did they fold all together !!!
  12. That's on line I'd never thought I hear about in drum corps !!!
  13. Since we're not going to see any shows in CANADA this year...AGAIN, THANKS DCI, I can only comment on the scores I've been seeing. Is this the first season since 1974 that the BLUE DEVILS fall OUT of the top 5 ?? Only time will tell.
  14. I just got an email saying that due to circumstances beyond their control....Xcorps HAS JUST FOLDED !!! There will be NO MORE rehersals !!! #### !!!
  15. Linda, if the cup is half full and is'll soon be empty !!! (no KIDS)
  16. I haven't seen anyone reply to my original question, so I will take that as a NO, "DUTCH BOY ~ WILL NOT BE BACK THIS YEAR or any time soon." This has left a huge hole for youth in Canadian drum corps scene. (as small as it is)
  17. That was the original intent back in 1977 but I know first hand that the corps director couldn't handle the job and made a major mistake then half the corps quit. A valent attempt was made to keep the corps going but with a lack of members they merged with the Guelph Royalaires for the 1979 season, then both corps went their separate ways and DUTCH BOY regrouped to start fresh again and try to make a DCI corps. In 1982, the won the 'A' Class DCI World Championship and in 1990 they finished 12th at FINALS. Shortly after that n 1993, due to financial circumstances DUTCH BOY went inactive and the
  18. XCORPS ! out of Hamilton new all age DCA corps for next season !!! Practises have already started !!
  19. I'd like to see this grow "WITHOUT" DCI involvement !! Let's see where this goes, you never know, if there are enough drum corps in this they might bring back the U.S. Open, the American International or some more little shows that helped build the drum & bugle corps movemnet !!! DCI keep your hands OFF !!!
  20. That's fine but......will they make the field next year ?