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  1. ok ray i was wr.............wro..............wron..............wrong.
  2. taking all those captions was awesome. i mean how did they do it? they couldn't even win thrie own show last week! congrats to the greatest DCA corps of all time sorry frank. i feel for ya buddy. i thought ya had it tonight.
  3. who is big red? when you say something about a soloist am i supposed to read you're mind and know what you are talking about? and just because a soloist is bad the entire corps needs to suffer? i mean talk in plain terms cause really i have know idea who or what you are talking about. and that explains a lot. a lot more than you at least. sorry.
  4. DCA did this from the beginning and then sometime , i don't know when , they mad class A. for the smaller corps. but now they are beating the scores of the finalists. i would be in favor of the top 12. and leave it at that.
  5. and thats exactly how it used to be done.and maybe they should go back to it.
  6. john do you think this schedule will hold up? cabs going on that early.......9:21pm? i bet it will run later.
  7. oh now that's not good. didn't they have a problem there the 1st year of FN?
  8. well seeing that MBI had problems during the show if they straightened out, and i'm sure they will i expect them to do what i said , win it all!
  9. we know jeff. you trying to build your post count?
  10. yup i was talking about 2014. not 1983 or 1986. not hard to follow.
  11. i could be wrong but isn't this thread about.........2014 DCA? how did we go back over 20 years?
  12. unlike you my shed buddy i lived in rochester and i knew it was leroy. been there many times. i didn't need to google that one. c'mon man.