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  1. If this year is any indication of the year to come, then YES! This year was stellar.
  2. Ummm...number sense announcers!! Not to be picky, but...BD: 98.325, BC: 98.238 Difference is 98.325 - 98.238 = 0.087 is NOT 87/100 of a point. Instead, the difference is 87/1000 of a point. It is true that the difference is less than one tenth of a point, it is less than 9 hundredths of a point, but to be exact, it is 87 thousandths of a point. Make your math teachers proud!!!
  3. Ok....on the web, the Rocket Mortgage advertisement is getting OLD!!!!
  4. I agree--one of the best years of shows, and not just the Top 12! Many of the shows took it up a notch this year, e.g., Pacific Crest, Spirit, and others.
  5. Try 20+ error crashes using Apple TV. Granted, the fix was quick: Hit Menu, reselect the Multi-Cam or High-Cam, and the feed would reset quickly. But still utterly ridiculous and they should refund money for this. Replaying it is a nice idea, but while I would enjoy it for the helluvit, there is something lost on watching a clean feed after the fact. Utterly ridiculous! Web version on laptop has had no feed issues (for me so far...oh god, now I'm jinxed!)
  6. I finally gave in, and switched to my laptop to watch with AirPods...much better sound and no feed breaks. I was trying to write Flo a feedback email and the feed went out 7 times in the span of a 4 line email. I worked hard not to lace it with profanity.
  7. Hands down, the Cavies Ballad and the Crown Ballad (Gabriel's Oboe) are my two favorite ballads of the year. Each different, and each quite stunning and tastefully performed. Powerful builds on each and yet so musical. We are blessed to have heard these two ballads from corps this year!!!
  8. Mine as well...if Flo keeps going out and resetting in the middle of shows...ARGH!
  9. Thanks for your perspective on this as well. I agree that many of the corps probably play less in motion than I would think or expect.
  10. I just saw Cadets 11 days ago in Winston-Salem, and even with the really poor sound imbalance in the theater, I can tell you that tonight's performance was much more tight, energetic and well-executed than in W-S. So, they did step it up tonight.
  11. So, after seeing several of these same posts, and matching my own experience at the theater, I conclude that it has to be in the broadcast mix that is being streamed to the theater and not just bad EQ in the theater's sound. Also, having attended the show in Winston-Salem recently that was broadcast, I can attest that, live, the imbalances are not there. Of course, some corps do better at balancing electronics and mic'ed groups than others, but nothing was so distracting that you could not hear the brass on the field. The imbalance in the theater was so poor that it made the listening experience almost uncomfortable. And I love to be blasted away by corps on the field!
  12. That was my next post exactly! I actually tried to contact one of the broadcast staff that I know and relayed the very same feedback. The imbalance of amplified sections versus the brass on the field was so great, that most of the brass sounded very muddy and many nuances such as your example of the Mandarins' Sound of Silence! I hope that someone can relay this to the broadcast team. I checked with our theater's management and they said it was the mix in the broadcast.
  13. Thanks for that suggestion. I actually do try to watch the shows in context and look at them globally. I agree that there is a consistent motion and flow to the entire show, and that "freaking forest" is indeed amazing!! That's why I love the show. I also understand that there are different types of "demand" and this show does have demand in spades, but I guess my "old school" would really like them to do some playing and visual drill (for lack of a better expression) at the same time. Thanks for the reminder to look at the forest more than the trees!
  14. I have a bad, er touchy, question, so don't please don't flame me. Disclaimer: I'll preface this by saying that over the years, I have been a Cavies fan, but am truly a drum corps nut and have loved shows by every corps out there. This year, I greatly appreciate each of the top five and many of the other corps shows (Mandarins rock this year and I can find something that impresses me about most of the shows). I am blown away by the design of SCV's show, their volume, and their ability to move and play musically. Crown's brass is tops hands down and they move all over the field. Cavies' show is unique and is starting to show some oomph brass wise; their percussion and guard are stellar and they sell their show. Bluecoats have given swagger new meaning, and I love their soloists. Blue Devils sound amazing--their soloists also are phenomenal, and I agree that they are performing/executing at a high level. I could go on about the others below the top 5, but hopefully, you see that I truly do appreciate what each corps brings uniquely to the activity each year. So, touchy question, and I know it's been raised before: Is it just me, or do the Blue Devils, who play amazing, not really "play and move" at the same time very much? Every corps finds a way to stage and let their brass/percussion handle the hardest licks in that staged position, but I feel like BD just moves a lot, then parks and plays (outta this world!), then moves some more, then parks and plays. What am I missing? I think that Crown and SCV both move and play better (at the same time), SCV has a design that's amazing, Bluecoats uses their "stair" props in a much more integrated fashion that BD, etc. I'm not trying to diss BD, because I truly love their show, but I don't see how SCV is not passing them. I welcome your thoughts and reactions.
  15. Not only did they hold on in GE and Visual, but they topped Cadets in music tonight.