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  1. Still looking for ONE Finals night Ticket. I will be at Semi-Finals today. I can meet you inside or outside stadium at anytime. Please message me with ticket location and cost, and we can set it up. Thank You everyone.
  2. We have two finals tickets in the middle of 641, looking for something in 140 if anyone wants to trade and go up to the top! We were originally looking for 3 but only need 2 now. Old post: I am looking for a group of 3 tickets for finals, if I find them, I’ll sell the two I have in 641 row 18. Let me know if you’re selling or interesting in buying. Or both! Will pay and charge cost.
  3. 2 sets of 2018 - Quarter Finals & Finals tickets Section 243, Row 6, Seats 1 & 2 $90 for 2 Prelim tickets ($59 face value each) $150 for 2 Finals tickets ($139 face value each) Will Overnight via USPS to buyer. PayPal accepted
  4. Bought 4 tickets for each night from a member here. Have 2 left for Semis and Finals that didn't go to family or friends. Section 141 Row 23 - seats 5 and 6 Take face value - Semis $89 Finals - $139 I live in Indy so I could work out a place to meet. I'll also be at prelims Thursday night. Prefer to sell each night as a set rather than singles. According to the seating charts, these are around the 40-yard line and near the top of the 100 section. These are great seats! Here's a seating chart I copied from another site that gives you an idea.
  5. A portion of our group cancelled after tickets were purchased. Great Seats! Sec G - Rows 29 and 30 $90 / set (both Sat & Sun) or $45 per night. Please message me if interested. Thanks
  6. I am still looking for Prelims tickets in the Friends of DCI section but cannot afford the Club Seating. Minimum of 3 tickets needed.
  7. Hello. I have 2 Friends of DCI ticket packages that I am selling as I am unable to go this year. The tickets are for Prelims, Semis, and Finals and are in section 238, row 8, I need to confirm the seat numbers but wanted to get the word out. I can be reached via text/voice or email me if you are interested. They are hard copy tickets so I will need to mail them out. LeesaJunk@gmail.com or 813-404-0505.
  8. Hey guys, I have 3 Super 3 package tickets I need to get rid of. I bought them when tickets went on sale, but unfortunately, I am unable to go this year. The Super 3 package were sold on the DCI website and from what I can see they are currently all sold out (the good seat). The tickets are for Prelims, Semis, and Finals and are in section 236, row 13, seats 25, 26, 27. you can either text or email me if you are interested, I have the tickets on hand and mail them out a soon as I sell them! thekirbster40@gmail.com or 480-205-5536 thanks!
  9. Hey! I have two tickets to the DCI Southeastern Regional Finals! I paid $160 for them after all of the fees. Willing to let them go for $80. They are in Section 242, Row 11, Seats 5 & 6 email: AtlTravelFan@gmail.com or text 470-219-8701 Thanks!
  10. Hey! I have two tickets to the DCI Southeastern Regional Finals! I paid $160 for them after all of the fees. Willing to let them go for $120. They are in Section 242, Row 11, Seats 5 & 6 email: AtlTravelFan@gmail.com or text 470-219-8701 Thanks!
  11. Looking for 2 Tix to the show in Atlanta this Saturday (July 28th).
  12. I recently had surgery and can't attend the show. I have 3 tickets for each night. The seating is the same for both nights; Excellent seats. Section G; Row 31; Seats 24, 25, and 26. The tickets are $45.00 apiece. I will sell for $40.00 apiece email me at rmitch9@twcny.rr.com. First come first serve. When check clears I will send tickets. Richard Mitchell
  13. Tickets for the Championships in Indianapolis in DCI Friends Section 441. Same seats in Row 8 for all three nights. Prefer to sell as a set at face value ($574 for the pair for all three nights - $59/Prelims - $89/Semis - $139/ Finals.)
  14. Found the tickets I needed for my group so I can now sell my original 4 that I do not need. Can transfer to email address via Ticketmaster and receive payment via Zelle. Fantastic seats on the 50 yard line: Section 2R Row 9 Seats 3/4/5/6. $70 per ticket ($57 seat plus per ticket fees of Tktmaster $5 order processing fee plus $10.65 tktmaster Service Fee plus tax of $1). Can sell in sets of two. Please email me if interested. philliplies@comcast.net
  15. Hey Everyone, I know I am late to the party this year, but I just found out I have the weekend of finals off. I am looking for Four tickets. All the tickets left on ticket master are all awful seats. I was told that some corps have blocks of tickets, and depending if they are going to make finals or not, some people may be looking to sell those tickets. If anyone can help out, it would be greatly appreciated. Looking to keep tickets under $100 each (give or take a few bucks...)
  16. I have two tickets for both nights of DCI East in Allentown. Section G, Row 24, Seats 8 and 9. Will sell each night as a pair ($45 each/ $90 for the pair).
  17. Looking to buy 4 tickets for finals and semis. Please contact if you have any available.
  18. Tickets for the championships in Indianapolis, Purchased via Friends of DCI and located in the Friends reserved section. Two semi-finals and two finals. Semi-finals are section 439, row 4, seats 16 and 17, championships are section 439, row 7, seats 14 and 15. Tickets being sold at face value, semi finals at $89 each finals at $139 each. Seats are fantastic.
  19. Marched with the Crossmen in 1982. What a great year!! Just found out that my pic was on the cover of the 1983 program. Anyone know how I can find one????
  20. The Brass Shop has been contacted by an older board member of a world class corps He is looking for 1 old style French horn Piston Rotor. If you have such an animal please contact the brass shop @ thebrassshop29@gmail.com or call my cell 608-770-1421 Thank you Paul Collins
  21. I have a Premier marimba for sale. It has 4 1/3 octaves. It is designed for indoor/outdoor use. Black metal frame and synthetic bars. It is in brand new condition and comes with a cover. Feel free to message me for more info and pictures. I am asking $3200 or best offer. Thanks for looking!
  22. We purchased five (5) great Two Day seats to DCI Eastern Classic in Allentown, PA on Friday August 3rd and Saturday August 4th Section I 14-5 thru 9 and are not able to go. We are selling them for face value ($99/seat) and are willing to split into 2 and 3 if need be. Last years show was outstanding and we're bummed that we aren't able to go!! Please let me know if interested.
  23. Need to buy replacement tuning slide/rotary valve from Olds Ultratone baritone, or even whole horn for spares.
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