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  1. thebrassshop

    Tuning slide/rotor for Ultratone baritone

    I have no idea what his contact info is BUT you may want to contact Ken Norman, Racine Wi. The last I knew he still has SOME parts
  2. thebrassshop


    The Brass Shop has been contacted by an older board member of a world class corps He is looking for 1 old style French horn Piston Rotor. If you have such an animal please contact the brass shop @ or call my cell 608-770-1421 Thank you Paul Collins
  3. thebrassshop

    Dr. Dan Richardson passes

    When The Brass Shop and Phantom Regiment were at the same shows DR.DAN always stopped to say hi and how are things going. What a gentleman and Corps supporter. He definitely will be missed. Paul Collins The brass Shop
  4. thebrassshop

    tubas for sale

    I was Just contacted by the Mandarins Drum Corps They have 3 used Quantum tubas available. $3500.00 each, SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED no mouthpieces and they have cases. These horns are in excellent condition and well maintained and cared for. Contact the brass shop or call cell 608-770-1421. PS These are shipping from texas NOT DAMAGED BY HURRICANE
  5. thebrassshop

    Has the time come?

    Being in the parking lots for 29 years repairing instruments I have seen this activity grow from 2 busses 1 truck and a food wagon of sorts. 1oo members plus staff and volunteers of approx. another 15 (115) to 150 members plus up to 50 staff and volunteers (200 and more) also Corps today run 3 and 4 busses plus Staff busses 2 or 3, 3 and 4 trailers, 1 or 2 box trucks, vans and chase vehicles is one huge undertaking. I hear of budgets from $900,000.00 to almost 3million. The first show this year there was a small issue getting everybody in the lot that was just 6 corps, and they filled it. This has not been a mom and pop organization for years, it's year round with offices , storage , rehersal facilities. office staffs from 3 to 8 or 9. This is Large business folks. I know what I spend just for Fuel for a 13000 mile 40 show tour , 1 vehicle roughly 60 days runs between 2300.00 and 2600.00 Figure what fuel costs are for busses 5 to 6 mpg , tractor trailers,maybee 8mpg, box trucks etc do 10,000 miles and 25 shows. I believe a lot of people could live very well on what it costs just for fuel. NOT a joke a corps 5 yrs ago fueled everything at once 3 busses 2 tractor trailers staff vehicles, etc well there goes $20,000.
  6. thebrassshop

    Troopers 2017

    Saw 2 runs sat nite and sun nite. of course sun better than sat. They are already pushing, great program, corps working very hard, I think folks will be very surprised
  7. thebrassshop

    Vintage Horn Restoration

    all I know is he lives in the Racine wisc. area
  8. thebrassshop

    Yamaha Baritone For sale

    I have 1 Yamaha YBB201MS baritone for sale. The horn has been completely overhauled including REPLATING New case, looks like a brand new horn. $1550.00 shipped in the usa I have pics on my cell contact the brass shop or call my cell 608-770-1421
  9. thebrassshop

    Vintage Horn Restoration

    Try Contacting Kenny Norman,, I sold him all the old parts I had from the Piston Rotor era
  10. thebrassshop

    Rochester, NY

    Really Keith Rochester has lost the Corps, Kodak, Xerox, and others. My last trip home to Rochester was disappointing to say the least. There's nothing left the economy is way down, and winters are still brutal. I left to move the Brass Shop to the Midwest and now NC. You need to go and see for yourself Paul The Brass Shop
  11. thebrassshop

    Looking for (cheap) graphic artist...

    You get what you pay for, My nephew is a graphic artist he told one of his customers if you want cheap, go that way and you get what you pay for
  12. I really think it will be much easier to sell individually
  13. thebrassshop

    Yamha YBH301MS For sale

    Price reduction on the Yamaha Marching Baritone YBH301MS completely refurbished no dents or scratches WAS $1700.00 Reducing to $1500.00 SHIPPING NOT included I have pics on my cell or email 608-770-1421 The Brass Shop
  14. thebrassshop

    Yamha YBH301MS For sale

    Very Interesting, Before I had this YBH301MS baritone people were looking I've ad it advertised since Sept. Like a brand new horn, completely disassembled, cleaned, all dents and scratches removed, valves like new, slides like new, re assembled and replated Silver. I have pics on my cell 608-770-1421 STILL AVAILABLE SHIPPED TO YOU $1,700.00
  15. Repost with additions The Brass Shop has 2 King F mellos totally refurbished at Badger state repair with new cases $1,175.00 ea. plus shipping 1 Yamaha YBH301MS $1,700.00 plus shipping Tried to post pics text my cell and I'll send to you 608-770-1421 or email Just received them Friday , refurbished they are like a new horn .