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  1. Hmmm..... Here we go again. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com%2Fr%2Fdrumcorps%2Fcomments%2F9a5yv6%2Fthe_truth_about_the_genesis_eric_thompson%2F&h=AT1vD53UU22zdhUyC33D336tKiOAJGwlgNwR0SxEKh_4y9ig-IQ4UBNGz6c628Xt1n0Cj9AF40qu1sJXPv7f7X1d73Ilg81ohLp_BuS9wBnRyaFaEaq-MbG1hxJX_GpPYiUS7C0oM9cu4HNbsB9_V2qWNYpoZMhc9xLPxBMfCAxU7ch3bVG40Q3sYV4PRdi_0OJmXjXkpG_veJ1F6zWAKwIwpAyXkx9mUzD2T0kruJJtfdsX7hyO2awA8q6ceVG-AZKly3DTsrV_pDgosLq39AJrqUQgGe3B8ndV1SAk_zDWqvUQ_ND7jOHZMnQnDqw_KRYwVtFegtv6X4n12SyGPGlKZDH0NlJwiB8
  2. Is this a joke or did someone really steal crown's hammer?
  3. Here are my two cents on this topic. Pioneer is the lowest scoring world class corps. However, despite that, they still provide music education and drum corps experience to youth under 21. Yet, the quality of the music education and drum corps experience that pioneer offers is questionable. In order for Pioneer to continue as a world class corps, they must be able to put all their efforts into making sure that the students there can get through a summer in one piece. At the same time, they must be able to go beyond that and provide quality music education to their students as well. If Pioneer can become like Jersey Surf or Seattle Cascades, then they can being to grow as an organization. Nothing against the Surf or Cascades, but when you look at both organizations, both provide quality music education and drum corps experience despite placement.
  4. Hi, I intend to field all of my drum corps for the 28th season. Can someone approve me so that way I can get caption points and sign up for shows?
  5. How do I register for events and caption points because right now I cant do that.
  6. I'm ready for all my drum corps in all three divisions to compete
  7. Hey so I just registered but my email hasn’t come in yet with my password? what should I do?
  8. I know this a super old topic but after seeing the videos and pictures being put out both corps and DCI, I think that it’s going to be super tight in 2018. Pioneer - 44+ member hornline Addition of new sound effects Upgraded sound equipment New staff Jersey Surf - New direction Higher standards set Faster learning ( Drill )
  9. I personally think that the corps should stay all male. It’s one of the oldest traditions that have remained and survived the changing of the activity with relations towards cavies and Scouts. It makes them special and unique in a positive way.
  10. Recently the Madison scouts released a survey regarding the future of the corps. The first big issue addressed on the survey is whether the corps should stay all male or go Co ed. The results of this survey will be used to lead the Scouts in the right direction according to the Board of Directors. what are your thoughts? please vote in the poll and comment! Below is the link to the survey https://goo.gl/forms/wWQ6eNmyOPfFgskw1
  11. Teal Sound wants to return. However, after the events involving YEA! occured, they feel that the atmosphere is unstable right now. Also, before they make an annoucement on their return, they are looking over all aspects of their plans regarding recruiting, finances, staff members, etc. They are waiting for the right moment to return. They want to make sure that they have everything set. They don't want to make any mistakes.
  12. Well for those organizations who have run out of options, risk-taking and hope is all they have left. Other organizations might be fortunate to get loans, grants, etc. But I do see your point regarding the opinion and mindset of the banks.
  13. I agree. I would love for them to come back but that's only possible if DCI gives them the ok.