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  1. Posts From The Pressbox 2 mins · The "Any instrument" rule just passed the DCI instructors caucus. It now goes before the Directors for the ful
  2. Yes, it is true that Encorps assumed that they had the green light for the 2020 season. However this assumption was based upon the fact that no review of the organization was made noticeable to encorps by DCI. Furthermore, when encorps asked DCI for what was happening with regards to the “review,” DCI said/did nothing at all. This ambiguity combined with this form of negligence to manage its constituents is the key problem here which is a threat to potentially all corps. DCI already has done its reviews of corps. Blue devils B for example got their review made public with their approv
  3. Understandable point you make. But the thing to remember is that DCI told encorps nothing at all with regards to their future as an open class corps. More importantly, they didn’t specify to them whether they might be demoted to soundsport should they fail to meet the requirements. With this uncertainty, it’s hard to recruit new member when you can’t even tell them what your organization is. Furthermore, even if DCI wanted to demote encorps to Soundsport, that’s kind of a slap in the face if membership is the only problem. They had the financial resources and were very well managed. IMO being
  4. I understand the point you are trying to make but I think that the key point here is DCI and it’s general treatment and management of its open class members. Essentially encorps has everything set right and to quote the Facebook post, DCI gave them the green light to fully participate in the up coming season. However, DCI failed to make open class corps aware of the new rules of the 55 minimum rule. They had to consult other open class corps directors to find out the truth. Then when trying to find an anwser to what would happen to them if they didn’t meet the membership requirements DCI staye
  5. I agree that the issue is very old but I do believe that in the case of encorps, we are finally seeing direct proof of what is going on behind the scenes with regards to open class treatment. Without an open class, there is no world class. And by the looks of things, DCI is about to have nearly half of its open class corps population wiped out by its abrupt and one sided policies combined with the negligence of DCI to help guide and support open class corps growth. That’s the main problem seen specifically outlined in Encorps Facebook post. Even if some open class corps survive thi
  6. Some disturbing and questionable news has arisen once again in the DCI community. Before you continue reading, please read the following post put out by the now defunct drum corps Encorps. Encorps December 13 at 11:21 AM · FINAL STATEMENT AND DETAILS REGARDING ENCORPS As you know, the Board of Directors of Jersey Arts and Music has decided not to continue with Encorps DCI Open Class Drum Corps as a program offering. Instead of explaining all of this everytime someone ask
  7. Hmmm..... Here we go again. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com%2Fr%2Fdrumcorps%2Fcomments%2F9a5yv6%2Fthe_truth_about_the_genesis_eric_thompson%2F&h=AT1vD53UU22zdhUyC33D336tKiOAJGwlgNwR0SxEKh_4y9ig-IQ4UBNGz6c628Xt1n0Cj9AF40qu1sJXPv7f7X1d73Ilg81ohLp_BuS9wBnRyaFaEaq-MbG1hxJX_GpPYiUS7C0oM9cu4HNbsB9_V2qWNYpoZMhc9xLPxBMfCAxU7ch3bVG40Q3sYV4PRdi_0OJmXjXkpG_veJ1F6zWAKwIwpAyXkx9mUzD2T0kruJJtfdsX7hyO2awA8q6ceVG-AZKly3DTsrV_pDgosLq39AJrqUQgGe3B8ndV1SAk_zDWqvUQ_ND7jOHZMnQnDqw_KRYwVtFegtv6X4n12SyGPGlKZDH0NlJwiB8
  8. Is this a joke or did someone really steal crown's hammer?
  9. Here are my two cents on this topic. Pioneer is the lowest scoring world class corps. However, despite that, they still provide music education and drum corps experience to youth under 21. Yet, the quality of the music education and drum corps experience that pioneer offers is questionable. In order for Pioneer to continue as a world class corps, they must be able to put all their efforts into making sure that the students there can get through a summer in one piece. At the same time, they must be able to go beyond that and provide quality music education to their students
  10. Hi, I intend to field all of my drum corps for the 28th season. Can someone approve me so that way I can get caption points and sign up for shows?
  11. How do I register for events and caption points because right now I cant do that.
  12. I'm ready for all my drum corps in all three divisions to compete
  13. Hey so I just registered but my email hasn’t come in yet with my password? what should I do?
  14. I know this a super old topic but after seeing the videos and pictures being put out both corps and DCI, I think that it’s going to be super tight in 2018. Pioneer - 44+ member hornline Addition of new sound effects Upgraded sound equipment New staff Jersey Surf - New direction Higher standards set Faster learning ( Drill )