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  1. Ghost, this reply is child like. Does it always have to be who's better or stronger.
  2. If both props and judges cause injuries to MM, but only judges were quarantined to the sidelines, then it is not about safety.
  3. any special reason why all the Beatle people visually introducing each song are dressed in black/white?
  4. I think corps have generally cut the size of the presentation field down already whether or not the Pit is on the field or not.
  5. How have the Brass, Analysis and Percussion scores compared to past years with these judges off the field. You would think scores would be higher because they can't get out there and follow the lines. Is there a difference this year?
  6. My worry is how many times can you present the wrong staff; how many times can you present the wrong show design before the members don't trust enough to comeback. Tnen all the top auditioners go elsewhere. This is my worry. There is no more pride in putting on that Cadet jacket. It is now putting on a costume you don't what it is going to be till just before move in. That is my worry!
  7. It may help playing clean but exposure has to hurt - 8 and 9 is harder to play clean than 7.
  8. WOW, that's small for this level corps. They usually march 9 in previous years.
  9. Cavies 7 snares - must have lost 1 or 2. Can't remember how many they had to be begin with.
  10. Sometimes I feel it's a contest on who can wear the weirdest costumes.