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  1. I was Just contacted by the Mandarins Drum Corps They have 3 used Quantum tubas available. $3500.00 each, SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED no mouthpieces and they have cases. These horns are in excellent condition and well maintained and cared for. Contact the brass shop brassshop29@gmail.com or call cell 608-770-1421. PS These are shipping from texas NOT DAMAGED BY HURRICANE
  2. How can I find old souvenir programs to buy? Looking for 1983!!!
  3. I've got two tickets available down low for Semis (Sec. 139, Row 3, Seats 9-10) and two up high for Finals (Sec. 638. Row 18, Seats 21-22). Asking what we paid for them ($177.60 for each pair of tickets, $355.20 total for all 4 tickets). All tickets are transferable through Ticketmaster, so no shipping is necessary. If you need three tickets for Semis, BDCorno has Seat 8 available so the combination of that ticket plus mine would give you three. Feel free to PM me with any questions!
  4. SWAP COMPLETED, Hi DCI fans, We waited a little late (didn't think we'd be able to go) and ended up with 2 decent Friends of DCI tickets in section 441 row 4 for Semi's and Finals. I would love to give my 14 year old "Band Geek" daughter a closer experience for a night so I was wondering if anyone would swap their 100 or 200 area seats for just a night. I'm only asking to swap one night so if you would be kind enough to do that we would certainly feel blessed and very appreciative:-) Section 441 seats are high enough to get the design of the drill and still get a good blast from the horns:-) Thank you in advance for your consideration:-) Feel free to PM me or reply:-) Lisa
  5. I am unable to make it to Indy this year. I have 2 great seats for all three days (Prelims, Semis, and Finals). Section 141, Row 20, seats 4&5. $650 for the pair gets you all 3 days. If you interested, please message me here.
  6. I know, just one ticket. But maybe some of the loners out there might be interested. Section J, Row 33, seat 10. $45 Again, this is for Saturday. PM if interested and we can work out details.
  7. Looking for 2 awesome seats for finals. Thanks!
  8. Two Friends of DCI tickets in Section 140, Row 21 (top row of section 140, handicap section is right behind this row. Can stand up to watch corps on the field and not block anyone's view), Seats 5 and 6 are available for Quarter and Semi finals. This section is on the 50 yard line, so you get both great site lines for watching drill and still get your hair blown back with brass! Asking face value for the tickets: $59.00 for quarter finals; $79.00 for semi finals. If interested please post your contact information so that I can get in contact with you.
  9. Face Value: Semi Finals: Section 442, Row 5, Seat 12 - $79
  10. Hello, does anyone out there know how I can purchase individual used marching snares that were previously marched by a DCI corps or where I might find them? Thank you for your help.
  11. Sec 107 Row AA and BB I purchased a group block to avoid enormous Ticketmaster fees. If you go online TODAY to buy 1 $35 ticket, you will ultimately pay $53 per ticket I have several tickets left in this block available for $35 each. First paid, first served. PM me to make arrangements 3:00 p.m. Box Office Opens 5:00 p.m. KICK START 7:30 p.m. Welcome & National Anthem 7:38 p.m. SoundSport Ensemble 7:48 p.m. SoundSport Ensemble 7:58 p.m. SoundSport Ensemble 8:08 p.m. Heat Wave - Cape Coral, FL 8:25 p.m. Spirit of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA 8:42 p.m. Jersey Surf - Camden County, NJ 8:59 p.m. Colts - Dubuque, IA 9:16 p.m. Intermission 9:31 p.m. SoundSport Awards 9:41 p.m. Boston Crusaders - Boston, MA 9:58 p.m. The Cadets - Allentown, PA 10:15 p.m. The Cavaliers - Rosemont, IL 10:32 p.m. Carolina Crown - Ft. Mill, SC 10:49 p.m. Encore 11:00 p.m. Scores Announced - No Drum Majors
  12. I have one extra ticket to DCI Denton that needs to be sold. Any takers can email me at saxmania3377@gmail.com. Price is firm at face value of $25.00.
  13. Hey DCP, I'd love it if y'all could take a look at something I've been working on. Specifically, my new Mac app for marching drill design called – wait for it – Drill! http://celestialteapot.com/drill/ I noticed that existing drill design apps tend to be pretty pricy, so I set out to create one of my own. Drill is not quite as sophisticated or feature-rich as some of the much-more-expensive drill design apps out there, but I think it's got all the most important features. Drill has a nice Bezier Path tool that allows you to create formations of literally any shape. Of course you can print out Drill-Set Sheets for your show, and you can also generate individual Coordinate Sheets for each marching member. And Drill also has a animated playback feature for watching your show back as a 2D animation. If you're a Mac user, you can download the free trial version of Drill from my website link above. And if you like what you see, do me a solid and tell your friends/colleagues! Thanks!
  14. Looking for 2 tix to the show in Pasadena 7/1. Prefer between the 40 yard lines. Can pay electronic or ? I'm located in Sacto. Thanks, LENNY
  15. Hello, Looking for 2 seats together for either Friday or Saturday evening in Indy. I would buy both nights if that's what you have. Seats don't have to be in the Friends section:-) Good seats in section 139, 140, 141, 239, 240, 241 would be best. Let me know if you have only one night or both:-) Thanks very much in advance, Mark
  16. I have one extra ticket to DCI Denton that needs to be sold. Any takers can email me at saxmania3377@gmail.com. Price is firm at face value of $25.00.
  17. I'm selling 2 2017 world class finals tickets. I need to sell them by May 28, 2017. Contact me if interested emastenbrook911@gmail.com
  18. Hello all! I'm a total newbie to the Drum Corp world, but am looking for a G 3 valve Kanstul Mellophone. I've just joined the Kawartha Kavaliers. Any leads would be appreciated. Thank you!
  19. The description is hilarious! As a tech who enjoys stealing the drum guy's used inventory, this is right up my alley! Enjoy: http://www.steveweissmusic.com/product/steve-weiss-gock-stick/education-specials#full-description
  20. I have 3 tickets to the DCI Finals this Saturday for sale. Section 642 top row on the aisle. Asking what I paid for them through Ticketmaster, $88.61. I am will to sell them separate if needed. PayPal accepted and I can transfer the tickets through Ticketmaster. Please email me if interested at photogirlcass@yahoo.com Thanks!
  21. Here is the thing - I live in Detroit and am trying to sell my tickets for tomorrow night (quarters) but I am not going tomorrow. I could drive to meet you within some reason. Unfortunately, I do not not have the PDF copies of these tickets or ai would put them on Stub Hub. The seats are good Section 343 Row 3 Seats 1-2 for $59.00 each anyone traveling from Michigan, North Ohio or from Chicago????
  22. I have 2 tickets for FINALS - Section 643 Row 20 Seats 1 & 2 on an aisle. Great seats for drill watchers! $79 each. They're on Stub Hub right now, but let me know if interested and I can sell outside of Stub Hub. Thanks!
  23. I am selling two tickets to the Saturday Allentown show. These are Premium seats in Section J, Row 6, Seats 7 & 8. Selling at cost for $90 (for both). If interested, send me a message ASAP and let's see if I can find a way to get the tickets to you in time. If it helps, I'm in the DC area.
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