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  1. The Red Lion Area Senior High School Marching Lions located in Red Lion, Pennsylvania is currently in search of an additional full or part time Color Guard Instructor for a 24-member color guard. Rehearsals during the school year are held Tuesdays 3-530; Wednesdays 530-8PM, and Thursdays 6PM-9PM. Looking for a candidate to begin around August 13, 2018. Rehearsals are also held on Saturdays of competitions. Base salary for a full time position is $2,483 plus a percentage for years of experience. Part time instructor is pro-rated. Calendar of marching season events can be found here: ww
  2. I know, just one ticket. But maybe some of the loners out there might be interested. Section J, Row 33, seat 10. $45 Again, this is for Saturday. PM if interested and we can work out details.
  3. I don't know what you all are talking about... I heard the corps directors are getting together at noon the day of prelims for a double elimination Rock/Paper/Scissors tournament.
  4. Trust me, it's for the best. (Long rehearsal + hot day = ampssuck )
  5. Immediate opening for 2007 Marching band season: Drum Line/Battery Coordinator Red Lion Area High School Red Lion Area High School is looking for a qualified individual to teach their outdoor drum line this summer and fall. Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings over the summer, a week of mini-clinics the second week of August, a full week of band camp during the third week of August. During the school year the band rehearsal Tuesday and Wednesday 3-5:30pm, Thursday 6-9pm. Friday football games and Saturday competitions(Five competitions, two TOB and three COB). We would like someone who is
  6. There is about a .0001 percent chance of anyone getting this 20 bucks, isn't there?
  7. 20 bucks? I want 20 bucks! Cavaliers - 99.25 Blue Devils - 98.925 Phantom - 98.1 Cadets - 97.45 Bluecoats - 95.9 Santa Clara Vanguard - 95.125
  8. For those worried about having enough gas: I heard Gov. Rendell on the radio this morning saying that while other states are having problems, there is not currently a gas shortage in PA. Take that for what it's worth.
  9. The New Providence High School Marching Band is seeking a qualified person to take over an established color guard; both outdoor and indoor programs. Qualifications needed: 60 college credits Experience writing and teaching flag, sabre, and rifle Ablity to writing musical, level appropriate work Availability during most scheduled rehearsals (for indoor, you would be able to schedule your own rehearsals, with some limits) I have spent the last four years teaching here. The kids in the guard are great, and the program is top-notch. If you're interested, please email the Director, Mike