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DCA / YouTube Video Policy

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This is the same as we've had posted in our DCI forum for years. Thanks. -MikeN

This is to serve as a clarification and reiteration of our media policy:

The ONLY videos allowed on DCP are those made, approved, and published by corps, and the parent organizations DCI and DCA. If the corps chooses to use YouTube as a venue for publishing their videos, they must have a link to the video easily found on their own website, as that is the only way we can verify legitimacy of the video.

NO other corps videos, YouTube or otherwise, will be allowed on DCP.

All videos posted in violation of the media policy will be removed. This includes instructions, search strings to use, and any link, explicit or implicit to these videos. Threads whose first post includes any link to such videos will be removed in their entirety. Repeat violators will be subject to suspension from DCP.

Why we do this (Reader's Digest version)

Unauthorized recordings of corps performances, warmups, etc. constitute copyright infringement, pursuant to 17 U.S.C. § 105. Distributing these materials online via YouTube or any other hosting service is a further infringement and, generally speaking, a violation of that site's Terms of Service. Allowing these videos to be posted on DCP would make us complicit in that infringement and equally liable, opening us up to legal action, i.e. lawsuits, which could result in the permanent shutdown of DCP. Obviously, we don't want this to happen, and we trust that you don't either. Thus, we cannot allow any videos to be posted here that are not explicitly authorized by the copyright holder.

For more, please read our media policy.

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In light of the fact that DCI, DCA, and many of their member corps have embraced YouTube as a resource for making video content available to the general public - we are amending our policy regarding links to YouTube videos of drum corps. Effective immediately, links to will be permitted for drum corps content. will continue to prohibit links to all other sites in-accordance with our long-standing policy on links to copyrighted materials.

DCI, DCA, and their member corps are solely responsible for ensuring that the content on YouTube is compliant with U.S. Copyright Law and for pursuing the removal of offending content from that site. will not host un-authorized content on our servers and with this change, only provides a link to content that is otherwise available to the public on the YouTube site.

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