Let's examine the Blue Knights

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The singing is in Boston's pre-show. And Blue Knights have that song playing during their pre-show, why is that so different?



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People - LOOK ON THE FIELD! BK are consistently BORING every year. Fault? Not the Kids in the Corps. THE DIRECTION / VISION is at fault. BD stand and play. Sit and Play. Their Marching and Execution

OMG I have noticed this too. I have noticed plenty of times this year on tour as a volunteer with a top 12 corps, where a corps will change part of their show, and the very next performance, you'd th

If one more person tries to compare drum corps to sports I think I'm going to be sick.

Even though BK probably won't rise into top 6 status, what they are doing is still really impressive. Before I saw them at DCI West, I though that BK was just a corps that can't pull off good excitement, but after seeing them this year I was impressed! Granted, you won't see them winning championships as long as the other corps are still improving as well, but the organization as a whole is still improving lots and also pleasing the crowd. I'm placing money on the prediction that BK will break 90 tomorrow at finals. GO BK!

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