New Colour Guard in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

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There is a new guard in the Kitchener-Waterloo area !!! However, they will offer no competition to the Ventures Winter Guard in any way.

This guard is called "The Dream Seekers Special Needs Colour Guard" and is ONLY open to K-W youth from 14-25 living with a life challenge !!! This guard was started by alumni of the Dutch Boy Drum Corps back in July.

In their first year of exhibition the Dream Seekers will be doing shows in the central Ontario region only. The membership will be around 10 marchers and using basically flags. Rifles and sabres will be added when the staff sees fit. This is the 1st Special Needs Colour Guard in CANADA and will be the base unit for many more special needs guards in the future.

The guard colours will be black, white and blue. The guard already has three bookings for the spring time and are quite anxious to get started on Tuesday October 1, 2013

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Great news! We have a similar group in Hamilton of special needs folks who have a drumline and guard as well.

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Although we have recruited a few new members and will be doing regular rehearsals starting in September.

Spot in the Dream Seekers are still open to those with special needs.

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