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    1960 Boys Brigade Bugle Band, bugle 1967-71 Baton&Drum Corps snare1974 Guelph Royalaires tenor Hamilton Firefighters Rus. Bass 1974-82 RHLI Bugle Band snare/drum section leader 1981 Drum Inst Ridge Raiders 1982 Director Ridge Raiders 1997-2003 Band Officer RCSCC Haida 2006 Drum Inst/playing member Niagara Militaires Alumni 2010 Director.Drum Inst Militaires Alumni
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    Ridge Raiders,Militaires Mighty S. Joes Alumni, Cabs Alumni, Ghost Riders, PTB, Hitmen, Alumni,US Marines,Conn.Hurricanes
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    Ridge Raiders 1982 Canadian National's First time I saw the US MARINE DBC in 1960 Have been a GREAT FAN ever since.
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    1982 when Ridge Raiders won their class at Canadian Natl's after a summer of hard work after a split of the Corps in early May.
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    Interests include the Alumni Corps movement,MLB CFL NFL my family being the best Grampa to my grandkids Member of N.A.R.D

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  1. Looking for a Pearl 80's 90's era 8" cutaway Tom colour not important
  2. The Niagara Militiares Alumni Drum Corps from Niagara Falls Ontario kicked off the "Santa Season" with a parade in the Town of Niagara NY Nov. 1. Watch for the "Millie's" in Niagara Falls Nov. 15, Fort Erie Nov. 22, Thorold Nov. 29, Dunnville Dec. 6, Niagara On The Lake Dec. 13. They will wind up the 2014 season with the Corps Christmas Party on December 19. The Militaires are looking forward to a busy season in 2015 with a number of engagements already in the books. They are actively looking for additional members in all sections. For anyone in the Western NY area they are literally 5 minutes from the US border at the Rainbow Bridge. For more information go to
  3. We have a bunch of 2 valve horns all voices Sop FH Alto Mello Bari Contra. Like Russ says what are you willing to pay and where are you located?
  4. Boston should take a lead from the Alumni Corps. Their unis are SHARP and classic looking. The red and black work well together but one Colour should not dominate.
  5. The song is "The Maple Leaf Forever" It almost became our National Anthem. Opti did it proud yesterday!
  6. I would have thought that Mighty St. Joes would be a part of the Alumni Show seeing its in their back yard!
  7. Really too bad that Mighty St Joes isn't there this year. It's basically their backyard!
  8. Trombones ,guitars amps etc are NOT Drum Corps instruments plain and simple!
  9. It seems these days we go WAY too PC in a lot of things. It's College "pranks" that have gone on for years,traditions etc. I don't condone ANY form of sexual assault,abuse etc but the other stuff is kids being kids.
  10. Actually it's the old DUFFERIN Track RCASC Trumpet Band later Jesters.
  11. I always get PO when I see something on EBay for a decent price until I see the shipping and handling "charges" sometimes 3x what the item costs! Robbery! eBay says a seller can charge what they choose.
  12. I've always had good service with GC. (Amherst NY) If that store hasn't got what I want they can have it in a couple of days from another store usually Rochester. The one bad thing I have found is they don't offer much $$$ when you try and sell them anything used.