is this the oldest drum corps video on youTube?

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Bengal Guards Drum and Bugle Corps, Orange, TX

1936-1958 Sound and pictures only

Edit: Interestingly, it appears that in the earliest days of the group, woodwinds were employed as well (GASP!!!)

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I need to post my video of the Hormel Girls Drum & Bugle Corps, from Austin, MN. It's color and full sound, and it's from 1947. It may very well be the oldest color/sound video of a drum and bug

There, I think that may be a more accurate representation... Don't be a troll..

This is way too modern for me. Bring back the 40's when drum corps was drum corps!!! In the 40's, no one would turn their back to the audience! How dare they ruin the activity!

I've always thought that it would be very cool if a show started out in period uniforms with a small number of a corps MM's (like the video presented in the first post) then......somehow merged and melded into a very modern production by the rest of corps, like taking the worm hole to a more practical use. A bit like BD 2010, emphasizing old drill moves vs the newer body movement and scatter drill.....not to mention the contrast of music and productions. Unmic'd, non-electric juxtaposed by the most severe and gooey example of the other....Starting with period and ending with period.

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