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  1. https://simonettitubacollection.com Looks to be very interesting for you blow hards. Who knew that a tube horn is 17 feet long ..... stretched out!
  2. Major good vibrations going out to ALL the Blue Corps tonight (Devs, Coats, Knights & Stars) congratulations on yet another amazing season....it truly is a Blue World!
  3. Let me go on record to say that since 2010, BD's uniforms have become less and less "bad ###" and more flash and guard-like! Beautiful, colorful, whimsical, bright and with great visual impact for sure...... But there was a definite macho flavor to BD, Bluecoats, PR/Cadets (perhaps a bit less due to the prominent white so often), BAC and Troopers (before they went so spandexy)....I'm probably missing someone. But I just loved the understated quality where the musicians sort of said, "that's right....we're here for the music MF's... and we're gonna blow your mind and a portion of your face into the cheap seats....the dancers over yonder... they'll be adding the bright visual impact stuff in contrast to our platoon operations over here...so strap in and hold on to the kids!" I know, I know....definite Dino! But when you saw those guys coming from the stadium all dark and post-black ops-like....you just moved out the way naturally because well...they demanded it!
  4. This is a perfectly reasonable prediction. Seeing that there is no corps called "Blue coats"...therefore one assumes that the real "Bluecoats" would be ranked as #1 or #2. Just sayin'.
  5. Thanks Chief....once a BD pugilist always a BD pugilist! As far as DCP...it seems so......what's the word? ......pleasant and civilized on here, nobody wanting to let the air out of tour bus tires and the boo birds have migrated. Interesting how Bloo has taken to the free form dance designs and body movement so ridiculed 8 years ago. They were cool then and are still cool. Love BD this year of course, but less memorable than shows of the past....music and performance of same is amazing. Certainly championship calabre but Bloo has broken the horizontal plane in the most creative way this year and it's theirs to lose. Miss the old days when warnings were handed out by DCP administrators like government cheese. Still need to catch up on a few more shows and contribute my usual blather.
  6. "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated!"
  7. 2009 Cadets - ridiculously impossible closer ... unattainable by anybody with arms and legs on a planet with gravity.....BTW, there's the show I want see....Gravity!
  8. SCV's percussion definitely suffered tonight....dropping .15 from semi's when most went up.
  9. The oil can is about out of room anyway....special section at Indy next year in the end zone ...for DCP members who quit in a huff and sneak back like they always do, because they love it!!!
  10. Clean Rehearsals And Performance - you got that right!
  11. Performance matters! Way to go Blue Team......we are S000000000000 proud of you!
  12. So .....no one breaks 98??? Mind blowing! Mid-Coast Deflation!
  13. NOt sure CC will be able to see the hash marks with all that Blue smoke out there!
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