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Happy new year! Season 23 is almost upon us, as we're just a few short days from getting started with our first events this Friday. I've prepared the list of corps that are currently registered, and I also have an announcement about registration.

As you know, this season, I've been allowing corps to register for all rounds of prelim/finals competition to help with preparing the score sheets for those events. Unfortunately, these extra rounds are counting towards the 30-show registration limit, and there's no way that I know of to fix this. So, if you're at a point where you really want to register for a certain event but don't have space on your calendar, you can remove your corps from any semis or finals round you're currently signed up for and I'll manually track your corps as you progress through the championship rounds.

And now, here's the list of corps that are currently registered for this season. Please be sure to double-check your corps' registration information if you are not showing up as fully registered. The list will be updated on an ongoing basis throughout this week.

Fully Registered Corps (65)

World Class (23)

Aftershock NZ

Alpine Scouts

Circle City Sound

Confederate Regiment

Dark Knights

Dewsbury Regulars

Dune Battalion

Golden Panthers

Great Lakes Sound

Northern Light

Panther Prime

Polaris Regiment


River City Regiment

Schuylkill Thunder

The Knights

The Royal Crusaders

Tri-State Troubadors

Euphony Empire

Buckeye Brass

Violet Knights

Ivory Brigade

Pride of Salem

Twilight Brigade

Open Class (22)

Aftershock NZ B

Confederate Regiment Cadets

Dark Knights B

Golden Panthers B


Huddersfield Hundred

Les Blanc Chevaliers


Northern Stars

San Antonio Xpress

Spirit of Indy

Texas Zephyrs

The Blue Raiders

The Marauders

Thunder Cadets

Valley Vanguard

West Virginia Sound

Euphony Vanguard

Buckeye Brass B

Abracadabra Academy

Spartan Vanguard

Twilight Cadets

Class A (20)

Cape Cod Regiment

Confederate Regiment Easy Company


Golden Panthers C

Hamburg Junior Buccaneers

Hoosier Regiment

Mackinac Island Crusaders

Mirfield Lockmen

Mountain Magic

Northern Cadets

Pandemonium NZ

Stars of St. Louis

White Chord


Euphony Cadets


Kaiju Corps


Buckeye Brass C

Twilight Echo

Registration info needed (16)

Alpine Cadets (need captions)

Northern Lights (need captions)

Leviticus Grand (need tour)

Western Wind (need captions)

Conquistadores (need tour)

Conquistadores B (need tour)

Brown and Gold (need tour)

Dune Cadets (need tour)

Dust Cadets (need tour)

Scarlet Armada (need tour/captions)

Scarlet Regiment (need tour/captions)

Scarlet Cadets (need tour/captions)

Diamondback Crusaders (need tour/captions)

Australian Divers (need tour/captions)

Australian Divers B (need tour/captions)

Australian Divers C (need tour/captions)

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Dewsbury Regulars are going to climb up the rankings this year, with their show Mallory.

Huddersfield Hundred are going to desert the lower ranks, with their show Lawrence.

Mirfield Lockmen are going to murder the competition, with their show Christie.

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Are you sure Hg's captions are over limit? They're showing up fine for me.

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At this point, we have exactly 63 corps registered, including 23 World Class corps. Assuming it stays that way (or increases), there are now too many corps registered to have all corps from all divisions able to compete in the World Class Prelims. I am open to allowing a small group of Open Class and Class A (say the top 6 finishing corps in each division) to participate in World Class prelims IF the directors approve, and I will open a poll in the forum that will run through the second week of the season. I will also update the scheduling interface later tonight to reflect this.

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