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I'm a 14 year old drum corps fan from Georgia. I'd love to do drum corps, but as I'm sure all of you know is extremely expensive. However, I am determined to work for it. I've been told I'm artistically talented, and my family encouraged me to try and make stuff and sell it. I decided to sell drum corps items to try and get help from this great community, along with other things such as basic housework to save up. My Band Director also told me about GoFundMe (but just thinking about it makes me feel guilty about taking other people's money). But I downloaded Etsy, and saw all of the other extremely talented sellers, which diminished my hope instantly. I contacted fellow Georgian DCIPaintings through Etsy, and asked for tips. From there she showed me an article she did on a website about this. However, I still have questions:

How do I contact Drum Corps about wanting to merchandize their uniforms (how I'm merchandizing them, I'd like to keep to myself so nobody steals the idea)? Do I just email them? And what if they request a percentage of my product? How do I get the money to them? Am I too young to even sell stuff? Are there other ways to make money?

Help would be amazing.

(Sorry for the monologue)

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I designed Tee shirts for the Long Island Sunrisers back in 82 n 83 but I was a member of the corps we where putting out new designs every 2 weeks durling the season to sell on our table ,Some corps members from other corps wanted to buy a Tee but thought they'd upset members of there own corps by wearing one that said Sunrisers on it .So I designed one on a blue tee that had the outline of Long Island on it in white with the sun raising over the island the sun was in Orange .So if you think hard enough there's ways to do some thing and keeps everyone happy

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