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  1. Yes you are ,but you get to watch 14 half time shows live.How great is that.
  2. well l think we all know who's gonna win ,its just the placements of the corps we wonder about.lol
  3. meant to say most corps have 2 shows in august ,so 2 weeks
  4. 2 weeks to go to close out another dca season..Looks like it will come down to Bucs and CV.With Cabs in 3rd.
  5. Was the frist Southern DCA show a rain out?no scores to be found?
  6. This has to be a frist for DCA all corps making finals,LOL
  7. Best of Luck on your move.At least you know you'll be in finals on sunday night.
  8. A lot of smaller shows this coming season,Only 3-4 corps,i guess thats becoming the norm?
  9. When is the next DCA meeting? Hopefully we fine out the line up for the shows.
  10. Could be ,but some might not.Hopefully we will see Highland Reigment added to a few more.
  11. waitting to see what corps are doing what shows this season.
  12. !-Cadets are no longer 2.Sunrisers don't show Peckville on there Sced. Thanks
  13. l know its early but when does DCA list all the shows for the 2019 Season?
  14. Sunrisers have on there sceh.a show listed for the 20th of July on Long Island,at Mitchell Field .Great news to see a show return to the island .
  15. Sun could run a van if they got enought kids from Cadets2 to Long Island .
  16. To bad Teal Sound is not around anymore ,that wouldv'e been so close to home for him.The praticed at Orange High School in Jacksonville .
  17. Undestand this has been takein care of by Sunrisers ,now how long before DCA lifts the ban?