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DCPI Season 27 Show Announcements

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Hi, all:

In the past, people have expressed interest in having a means for judging the best show--that is, the best overall show concept/musical selections/uniform design (if you do one)/etc. To do that, though, having show announcements in a centralized location is useful.

So I'm starting this thread to list all of those as they come up. This will be similar to the Programs thread on the World Class forum, ideally (and I may throw a playlist together, if people are interested).

So, feel free to post your shows!

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For DCPI season 27, the Texas Zephyrs are proud to present Medea's Appeal. This show takes a new look at the Medea tale, picking up as Medea tries to defend her actions (killing her children to spite her husband, Jason) as she journeys down the river Styx. Cycling through pure logic to justify herself, then through ethos, she finally descends into the madness of her setting, lashing out before finally being condemned to Hades.

Musical selections include

  • "Parodos" (from Medea), Samuel Barber
  • The Canyon, Philip Glass
  • "Kantikos Agonias" (from Medea), Samuel Barber
  • An American Elegy, Frank Ticheli
  • "Medea" (from Medea), Samuel Barber
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Show Title: Northern Lights

Opener: Day One, music from The Interstellar, by Hans Zimmer (
Ballad: Lux Aurumque, by Eric Whitacre (
Percussion feature: Subterranean Homesick Alien, by Radiohead (
Closer: Vitae Aeternum, by Paul Lovatt-Cooper (

Being a corps from the North, seeing the Northern Lights is a thing of beauty. The music/show concept will try to depict the beauty that is the Northern Lights. L'Étoile du Nord, formally known as Minnesota VanDevs, went through some changes this off season. A name change, corps color changes (from black and blue) to a Forest Green, Red, and White (think SCV) look with a possible uniform change mid show (think Seattle Cascades).

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Ohio Valley Thunder - The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass

"Oh, I do believe a place awaits us high above the mountains, and when we reach that highest peak, we’ll spread our wings and soar..." - Credo (from "The World Beloved")

In our Season 27 production, Ohio Valley Thunder pays tribute to our Appalachian heritage by bringing to the field Carol Barnett's composition "The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass," which takes the Ordinary Mass setting and combines it with the tradition of bluegrass music and Appalachian-ised texts.

Movement I - Ballad: Refrain // Kyrie 
Movement II - Gloria
Movement III - Credo
Movement IV - Art Thou Weary?
Movement V - Ballad: Third & Fourth Verses // Agnus Dei // Conclusion


Storm Troopers - Taking Back Oz

In their Season 27 production, the Storm Troopers tell a story of the Wicked Witch of the West returning to Oz, running of The Wizard and taking control.
Dorthy and her friends are called to restore order and take back Oz!

Movement I - Bacchanalia (from "Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Wizard of Oz")
Movement II - Me Against the World (Simple Plan) // Uprising (Muse)
Movement III - March of the Witch Hunters (from "Wicked")
Movement IV - Somewhere Over the Rainbow // Finale (from "Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Wizard of Oz")


River City Express - Ghost Train

In our return to the competitive field, RCE pays homage to the heritage of our home city, Huntington, WV, and its railroading industry with Eric Whitacre's triptych "Ghost Train."

Movement I - The Ride
Movement II - At The Station
Movement III - The Motive Revolution

Edited by DannyII
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Hello, Everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posting this, but the real life business of being a band director got in the way.

Anyway, the 2017 show for the Black Sheep Squadron is called: "No Fear, No Limit, No Equal", and is entirely made up of the soundtrack for the movie Senna, a documentary on the career of three time Formula One World Champion Ayrton Senna.  All of the music in the show was written by Antonio Pinto, with the exception of one piece which was written by Nacao Zumbi.  One of the pieces, God-Senna Theme, recurs throughout the show in its numerous variations as it does in the movie itself.  

The selections for our show include (not necessarily in the order used in the film):

God-Senna Theme (recurring),

The Bomb (used in the movie during the 1984 Grand Prix of Monaco where Senna drove a poor performing car in heavy rain conditions and finished second),

Home Peace (recurs in the movie whenever Senna is at home with his family in Brazil between seasons),

Japan Lotus (used when Senna left the struggling Toleman team to join the Lotus-Honda team in 1985),

Hunt (used in the movie during the 1989 GP of Japan when Senna and teammate Alain Prost were both fighting for the championship, and each other personally, which led to a collision near the end of the race, and the investigation afterwards that sealed the championship for Prost),

World Champion (used at the conclusion of the 1988 GP of Japan when Senna won his first world championship),

Strange Justice (used after Senna was killed in an accident during the GP of San Marino in 1994, and during some of his reflections on his career).

Maracatu Atomico (used in the end credits.  This piece is the one written by Nacao Zumbi)



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