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  1. That show would have benefited in my estimation from not having Fan Network that year so I saw it regularly. Start of the year it was "oh wow, they're going there." By the end of the year it was a bit "yes, yes, we got the point, and now you just sound like you're whining." Like, the baby powder was against the rules.
  2. Those other Cali dci corps haven't also had revolving doors of leadership over the past five years and thus probably have less general getting-up-to-speed on stuff which could lead to something like this falling through the cracks.
  3. One of my favorites, if for no other reason than the memories it brings to mind of pitching in on playing the Farandole for my dad's community orchestra's winter concert off and on for a decade.
  4. To be fair, I think part of that is that not strictly basing it off the Murdochs means you can incorporate other rich family dysfunctions. E.g. the end of season 1 seems to be much more Kennedys than Murdochs.
  5. Some shows are improved with multiple viewings--the more times you watch it the more times you catch different things in it. Some shows are the opposite--you love it the first time you watch it and then as you watch it multiple times things slowly start to grate on you. Or you got it the first time and realize there's nothing more to get on second or third viewing. Crown 2022 is an example of this. For me, BAC 2014 is as well. This was the first year I had the full-season streaming package, and I absolutely wore it out. Which meant I saw this show from Akron to semi-finals (I didn't spend the money for the separate Finals stream). When I first watched it, it was dark, and powerful, and it went there with what had happened over the preceding two years. Sure, it was dirty, but they were pushing the corps so hard I respected it. And dark Conquest at the end was fantastic. But after a season of watching it basically once a week, it just felt...whiny isn't the word, but the things they added in just felt...off. Like, you're really going to whine about the baby powder when it was clearly a rule violation? You're going to add in the DCI logo in the flags in the movement where you're complaining about DCI? You're going to add the voiceover to just make sure we know what you're talking about since apparently putting a G7 in the drill wasn't obvious enough? It suffered a little bit from too much work to make the subtext text.
  6. It remains deeply inconvenient that "eyeroll" isn't one of the reacts.
  7. Like a corps based in Tempe would acknowledge the other school. (I think this is how this works? I only have friends who went to Zona so I know how to make fun of Tempe Normal but not the other way around.)
  8. Cavies 1998-2011 was Michael Gaines, who's now at SCV. Bluecoats 2013-present is Jon Vanderkloff.
  9. Yeah, but if it looks like crap it looks like crap. They're not judging in on realism.
  10. And the people judging would look at you and say "No, make it look good." Just because it appears random to your eyes does not mean that there wasn't careful thought required to make it still look good.
  11. Troopers kinda tried to do a steampunk show in 2012. It didn't really work.
  12. Hmm. Something that would be harder to do the math on but might be interesting would be to look at how the numbers look if you shift to an older version of the brass/percussion/visual balance. E.g. something like a modification of the '92 sheets, where the GE balance was 25/15 music-visual, and visual was 20% of the score instead of 30%. You'd have to tweak the math some since those sheets didn't include color guard at all, though. Something like: GE Visual (averaging the two "visual" judges)--15, GE Percussion (the percussion-based GE judge)--10, GE Brass 15; 20 points for percussion (perc and the percussion-based music analysis judge, averaged); 20 points for brass (brass and the brass-based music analysis judge, averaged); 20 points for visual (proficiency/analysis/guard, averaged). I get the general sense that most folks here are music-first in their thinking about shows (there's a reason there's a "Music Corps Should Do" thread, after all), and that weighting might adjust things accordingly. Might sit down with a spreadsheet sometime to work that out.
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