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  1. School is back in session the week before Labor Day. (Or at least it was when I was in school.) Plenty of time between the end of drum corps season. Summer band kicks off August 1, though, so you may run into issues sharing rehearsal space with the kids. Middle schools and/or non-competitive-band high schools might be an option, but those are also more likely to not be interested in the first place, to my way of thinking. If you really wanted to go insane, you could plausibly host multiple corps at the universities--off the top of my head, Rice has enough field space even outside of the football practice facilities, and you'd have more than enough housing (though they may want that closed to prep for student move-ins).
  2. It's not that the Green Line has ended before it; they just took away the Green Line route that went closest to it because of how horribly designed the Newton Corner interchange on the turnpike is. (Source: just moved to Brighton two months ago and have been geeking out over the history of the Boston Elevated Railway/MTA/MBTA ever since. Still mildly bitter that they built the turnpike instead of the rapid transit extension along the Worcester route.)
  3. It's almost...hear me out here...it's almost like you two are talking about two different things and refusing to acknowledge it.
  4. Boston and Cavies. Pretty easily, truth be told. Cavies haven't had a great show since 2010, and some of them have been quite bad (looking at you, 2012, 2015, and 2017). And Boston's best output over that timeframe (2018) doesn't come up to the standards of the other two.
  5. Have you considered that your issues are the fact that you're deliberately mis-using the service? FLO's inability to stream outside the US is an issue, yes. But it's likely that several of the issues you have with FLO have something to do with piping it through a VPN, too. And if we went with the Twitch setup you want we'd still have the same production issues you're complaining about.
  6. Offhand: TROOP 2013 Also Troop 2016 XMen 2011 Troop 2011 PC 2012 Colts 2014 Colts 2015 Academy 2014 Academy 2017 Mandarins 2017 Music City 2018 PC 2019 Also SURF 2012, SURF 2013
  7. To be fair, if there's anyone layering on the kitsch with that line, it's Copland in the original. It's not like Lincoln Portrait didn't have narration already.
  8. Crossmen 2009. On second thought, that one's probably better off forgotten.
  9. Not infallible...but it seems that given that he's better at judging than we are, and he was actually in a position to judge (unlike us), he might have a better read than we do and should be given the benefit of the doubt.
  10. Specifically to the bolded point here--go look at the 1812 section of Crown 2008. Hornline is split into four groups, each given different tributes to other corps for the drill. There's a Cavies diamond cutter, a Phantom crab-walk wedge with 360, a Z-pull, the mellos (who are playing the Simple Gifts melody) doing a dissolving company front a la Cadets '87, some Brubaker (Cavies) geometric drill--it's delightful to watch.
  11. And BK kinda did it already in 2017. So probably a non-starter there. The northeastern design teams do seem to be on an over-literalism-to-the-point-of-cheese kick, don't they.
  12. They had some Goodwin in 2016, too. Then Academy had Hunting Wabbits in 2017. No Goodwin on the field since by anyone, I think. My personal request for them is to continue incorporating the standard marimba literature into their shows--I'll take one Monograph IV appearance in 2020, thanks. If they wanted to be perhaps overly clever and play off of 20/20 vision, there might be a show somewhere about lenses--how they correct vision, let us see smaller and farther away, bend the way we normally see things. No idea what music would go with that, but they seem to be better at finding stuff that works perfectly for them, so...
  13. There's two specific major-ish names that have taken the past few seasons off. No idea if either of them are interested in getting back into the game right now, but I think I'd consider Weber or Prime going somewhere to fall under "major." And if they go some place, that frees up whoever they're replacing to go elsewhere...etc. Like the dominoes from after 2016, but in reverse.