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  1. Have they ever posted the 2017 and 2018 journals? I read the 2016 one when it dropped, but never saw the other two that they mentioned.
  2. I'd be sorely disappointed that Chestnut Hill and Lynn got rained out, after my sister flew into town to come to them with me.
  3. I know of no such group that matters in this board called the "Blue Coats," so... EDIT: Dangit, NEB beat me to it.
  4. Makes complete sense to me. Thanks for the insight!
  5. Out of curiosity: why the specific years chosen? It's an interesting mix (and avoids me using my favorite batch of captions, from 2007, darn you! lol).
  6. Until this past season, 1998 was my high-water mark for Cavies ballads. It still is, but last year's certainly the best one they've had since then. Probably my favorite Cavies show music-wise. 1998 is my favorite Crossmen show, point-blank. Mostly because of that pit break, which, talk about ballsy design choices. I can't find it anymore (or remember how I found it in the first place) but once upon a time there was a webpage by one of the 1998 Xmen staff talking about all the things that went wrong with that show going from design to execution. The highlights I recall include needing to move a couple of snares into the pit such that they only had five snares marching the closer by finals, and the sop line being too weak to handle any of the sop parts, which is why the melodies are carried by the mellos and baris basically the whole time. Anyone else remember what I'm talking about/have a link? It'd be nice to go back and re-read that again. Super-fan-friendly BD is confusing to think about and also it's maybe the most brilliantly-arranged mash-up drum corps has ever done.
  7. I appreciate having the regional at TCU rather than JerryWorld. Thank you.
  8. IIRC, they also ran it quasi-separate from Fan Network--ran it on a different server because Finals was a single-day purchase, and then way more people were willing to pay the price they offered it at than they thought so it was complete trash because they had wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more bandwidth demand than they'd planned for.
  9. True, but he wanted to know why the sound then (when only one corps had Kevlar) was different from the sound now (when everyone does). That would seem to be a key culprit.
  10. Difference in drum sound: probably mylar heads instead of Kevlar. To test if this is the case: watch Cavies 2010--the snares in that show switched to mylar for the second movement, and you can hear the difference from the rest of the show.
  11. Yes, per the video of retreat: (relevant shot of person in the Phantom block at 3:15)
  12. To be fair, he said consistently. And in some cases I can see his point? I'm still in the camp that 2010 is an intellectual exercise more than a show, and those aren't necessarily the most entertaining. And 2005 is obviously hit-or-miss (the music from that show is so, so good...and when you watch it instead of listening to it the show is so, so bad). Then again, my favorite BD shows 2005-present (when I started following the activity) are 2008, 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2017. So I may not be the best person to go off of.