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  1. ftwdrummer

    2019 Tour Schedule!

    They still have the June Massillon show, just don't stream it.
  2. ftwdrummer

    Countdown 2008 dvd (Series?)

    Perhaps a better way of splitting it: do it after the 48th season (so, hey, after next year!), and grab three from each 12-year segment of the activity. So bin 1 would be '72-'83, bin 2 would be '84-'95, bin 3 would be '96-'07, and bin 4 would be '08-'19. Assuming the one-show-per-corps rule, my picks so far would be: Madison '75, 27th '80, Kingsmen '73 Star '91 (or '93), Crossmen '92, SCV '89 Cavaliers '02, Phantom '96, Cadets '05 Bluecoats 2016 (or 2014), BD 2014, Crown '08 (my personal preference) or '13 or '15
  3. ftwdrummer

    The Cadets 2019

    ...he wasn't gone until April. That's the majority of the design season, and most camps. IIRC, the new stuff after he left was revised lyrics for the singers, and an entirely new back half of the show.
  4. ftwdrummer

    Maybe The Next Trend for World Class?

    Good to see the marching band world has finally caught up to VK '92.
  5. And also before...Naffier came back in 2011 and stayed through 2014.
  6. ftwdrummer

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    You might want to glance at where those corps have been placing relative to Madison recently...
  7. Best guess: more all-female guards --> fewer options for male guard members --> more/better talent in the guard at Madison
  8. ftwdrummer

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    ...except Weber introduced the specific bent-leg style Vanguard uses when he came over. It would not surprise me if the same happened were he to go to Phantom. That was all I meant.
  9. ftwdrummer

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Wild speculation based on possibly misremembering things time... IIRC, Morris was put in charge of the corps by DCI to get the shop in order. Possible that he's stepping down as lead of Troop because they're using him as the fix-it guy again?
  10. ftwdrummer

    Rules Proposal #2 - Open Class DCI Corps Addition

    So, thoughts on this now that the two most-likely-to-be-picked Open Class corps are now touring California only?
  11. ftwdrummer

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    If you think the 2016 show had better flow to it than 2018, you've blocked the "summer" movement out of your mind. Stretching a 90-second piece to three minutes by adding drum breaks does not flow. And I say that as a percussion guy.
  12. I'm a yes here, with some thoughts on where the caps should be (in constrast to the numbers Chris assembled). By my math, simply scaling based on the maximum cost (new cap = ((old cap / 200) * 320) = 240 --> 250 over the course of the season) would put the effective purchasing power of the world class cap at where open class is currently. This makes the (admittedly simplistic) assumption that corps will spend the maximum on GE, and divide the rest of their cap evenly over remaining captions. If we instead take that assumption and apply those placements to the proposed costs, the World Class cap should instead be 265 --> 275. I'd propose going somewhere between those, say: World: 250 --> 265 Open: 220 --> 230 A: 190 --> 200
  13. ftwdrummer

    Rules Proposal #2 - Open Class DCI Corps Addition

    Clarification: when we say " Would only include Open Class corps that attended Championships every season on a rolling four-year basis, no regional corps," does that mean that if, say, SCVC missed championships next year, they wouldn't be included again until 2023?