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  1. To be fair, probably less amusing in the actual military than in a drum corps inspection. What with one of them being the military and the other being band.
  2. If you wanted to do Sibelius, could do a general Scandinavian thing. Bring in some Ludwig Goransson or Johann Johansen as well. If you're me, you title it "Smiles of a Summer Night," and also incorporate the bits of 'A Little Night Music' that aren't Send in the Clowns. ...also I now want a year where as many corps as possible do takes on Sondheim and now I may go sit down and game this out because I'm a dork. (Offhand: give me Phantom's A Little Night Music, Mandarins' interpretation of Pacific Overtures [that also incorporates Nixon in China]; Troopers' rendition of Assassins; Blue Stars or Blue Devils' version of Follies; Bluecoats' Company; Crown's Sweeney Todd.)
  3. Give me a redo of Star '92 that puts the correct closer on it (American Salute). Ideally someone like Crown, but Troopers will work too.
  4. If I recall the explanation Rondo tried to give on the theater broadcast, it had a pickup that receives the vibration, rather than vibrating reeds.
  5. I finally figured out when the Milestone capsule on Colts mentioned their Sunday in the Park with George show that 'Dreams and Nighthawks' and 'The Cut-outs' are versions of 'Sunday in the Park with George,' for Night Hawks and The Snail respectively.
  6. True, but I think it's less from a strictly performance order perspective, more of an 'amount of time' perspective. Later performance means later EPL, means you can start the day a bit later... Though as I'm saying it I'm having to remind myself that encores aren't really a thing anymore outside of home shows (as I understand it), so there's slightly less of a discrepancy on timing than there was, say, in the era of full retreats everywhere when every corps stuck around until the end.
  7. I mean, knowing the BD folks, their reaction might honestly be, "eh, sounds like fun."
  8. I reckon they win in 2026, if they continue following the path they've been on (massive leap forward in design etc. followed by a show implicitly or explicitly about wanting to be first that falls back to fourth). That would mean next year is an off the wall design that incorporates their best features while still being a thing that no one would think works, then the two years after that are 'look what all we can do' pushing harder than anyone else and breaking through that second year. Am I just describing Crown from 2009-2013? Maaaaaaaaaaybe.
  9. No clue! Honestly, my thought process was, "Hmm...so the last time they needed a new executive, they grabbed a respected director from a northern Ohio corps...wait, didn't Glasgow step down as corps director a few years ago? And the financial resurrection and stability of Bluecoats is one of the success stories in the activity on that end...yeah, that would maybe work."
  10. I know what you mean here, but it amuses me to imagine a verse in Genesis that says 'The Blue Devils won their title, and there was evening and there was morning..."
  11. They did some emoting in the Carpenter show, but in general yes.
  12. I mean, that's happened and they kept rolling. Gibbs transitioned out of the day to day running the A corps and they just kept rolling; Downey retired and Meehan took over that slot and it was barely even noticable.
  13. And maybe, just maybe, a hint of Tower of Power off the top. So we can have Live from Sacramento again.
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