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  1. Complete with shooting fluids of indeterminate origin at the audience? I can dig it. For those who need an introduction to GWAR (warning: "fruity" language, partial nudity?): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7EVersJ6ts
  2. I think he was referencing the last time BD lost the first contest of the season, not the undefeated-after-losing-seasons streak.
  3. Do we know the story on what happened with drill this year?
  4. Quoting because I second the bolded question (emphasis mine).
  5. Saw it live. The park itself is delightful. A wonderful patch of green space. Quite lovely. That hornline has POWER. Excellent dynamic contrast, good tone, good blend...heckuva lot of volume. Didn't get a good read on percussion from my position. Pit is doing some interesting stuff technically that could pay dividends (how they stick some of the four-mallet work). The music itself...the Rocky/Hamilton mashup didn't sell as well for me in person as it did on video, apparently. Appreciated it from a "that was unexpected" perspective. The herald trumpets were awesome, though. So were the trombones. The ballad would be better without the vocals, or with them live...though part of that may be me judging against Wicked Games. But it's also just possible that I'm just not a fan of George's arranging--I appreciate it without necessarily liking it, and that's been true since at least "Rise." It could definitely medal just off of hornline power and guard, but I have no clue who I would peg to move down. That said: great event all around. Glad I was able to attend. And Conquest was as awesome as ever. Also: I would guess that if they have a late-season addition...it would make a lot of sense for Giant to make an appearance.
  6. There is a correct answer here, and that answer is VK 1992. Mandarins last year had stilts and a turntable. But they didn't have Godzilla and the Energizer Bunny. Or a shark. Point VK.
  7. I'm flying up there tonight to visit my fiancee--should be able to provide a firsthand account tomorrow night!
  8. Before that was Vanguard '13, right before the push in "I Dreamed a Dream."
  9. I went back and looked. It was Fugett. IIRC, he's done Finals since, but on the GE sheets.
  10. Welp. Never mind on the no-vocals thing...
  11. Maslanka himself passed away recently. His estate is much more willing to grant the rights (multiple corps last year).