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  1. Looking forward to listening! Looking forward even more to when you finally break down Crockett '93.
  2. '05 and '06 have them as well, if I recall correctly. But I mostly want high cam for this, so you can see the intricacy of how he moves around inside the drill (e.g. that pausing for a split second so he fits in the gap in the collapsing box in Cadets 2008).
  3. The next reaction/commentary videos should be someone assembling and then breaking down Madden-style a supercut of Jeff Prosperie vs drill writers. Complete with pauses and telestrator outlines.
  4. Look at Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark and tell me heroes don't make irresponsible financial decisions all the time. /nerdcorner
  5. Still think Star wins in '92 (or at least picks up silver) if they close with this instead of the closer they used.
  6. Per Marc Sylvester on one of the Cadets webinars from earlier this year, it was this year, and they did it...mostly because they could. Though the story at the time was that Zingali instituted it because ballet starts with the right foot. Sacktig has a good story on the same webinar about how Delucia teed him up to talk about this on one of the broadcasts and he gave that answer, and then during the show Delucia told him that he got it wrong and it was the ballet thing, to which Sacktig retorted something along the lines of "no, that's just what we told everyone."
  7. IIRC, they did touch on it in 2012. More recently, Bluecoats used it in 2018.
  8. Shouts to Spirit for having a moderately tear-jerking ballad (with the flags for Zingali, Royer, the Bridgemen, etc., topped off with Ott at the end). This was the year of Cadets that I showed in my Finals-quest from a few weeks ago (mostly because I couldn't find videos for '96 or '01, but still). Also, in case anyone else is in the mood for what one person on Reddit described at their favorite Cadets show of all time:
  9. They still throw things up every once in a while. Couple of weeks ago they posted an hour-long breakdown of BD 2013 on YouTube.
  10. Update: my final list in order of presentation ended up being: 12. Crossmen 2012 11. Blue Knights 2009 10. Boston Crusaders 1999 9. Blue Stars 2014 8. Santa Clara Vanguard 1992 7. Bluecoats 2008 INT 6. Carolina Crown 2007 5. Phantom Regiment 2011 4. Madison Scouts 1995 3. Cadets 2003 (only because I couldn't find full videos of Cadets 2001 or Cadets 1996) 2. Blue Devils 2004 (especially for my dad, who works for the railroad) 1. Cavaliers 2006 Music-before-scores: Cadets 2003 in an auditorium ripping through the end of Malaguena Retreat: 2008 E
  11. Two Hall of Famers--I've linked to their Hall of Fame bios below. Don Angelica was the chief judge administrator for DCI at the beginning. IIRC, he wrote the original General Effect sheets. John Brazale was the longtime drill writer for Phantom Regiment.
  12. Having grown up in DFW, I'm more inclined to think rumors do involve Jerry if farm animals and lard are involved.
  13. Doesn't quite work for the rules but it's a good list all the same. I just watched Sky Ryders 1987 for the first time and holy moly is that a good show.