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  1. ftwdrummer

    Past 10 Seasons

    Y'all're undervaluing 2011.
  2. Agreed. They would have been better off adopting something similar to the guard uniforms from '97--keep the black jacket, but go white pants, and a neon cummerbund.
  3. I've gone back and watched several 2008 Finals night videos recently. Prosperie spent the whole night on death escape duty lol
  4. ftwdrummer

    About licensing

    Very true. That said, it's an interesting thought experiment. New staff comes in and is told, "ok, here's the music that's licensed for this year. Make a show. Good luck!" So if...for the sake of argument...let's say Cadets were held to the Bernstein deal for this year, but with a substantially revised design team. Or say that Rennick/Shaw/Rosander had picked music for 2010/2011/2012, and then Hill/Gwaltney had had to arrange to the previous selections. Interesting idle thought, if nothing else.
  5. ftwdrummer

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    Well, there was the recent bit where it was brought to light that he welcomed a registered sex offender into multiple corps he supervised...
  6. ...so you didn't watch last year's Bluecoats, then.
  7. ftwdrummer

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    Um...no. He's got...other issues to worry about now.
  8. ftwdrummer

    “Failure to Protect”

    The person was booked for a felony, but wasn't necessarily convicted. However, the mugshot exists whether they were convicted or not. So they could be called on something, even if they were found not guilty.
  9. ftwdrummer

    2019 Tour Schedule!

    They still have the June Massillon show, just don't stream it.
  10. ftwdrummer

    Countdown 2008 dvd (Series?)

    Perhaps a better way of splitting it: do it after the 48th season (so, hey, after next year!), and grab three from each 12-year segment of the activity. So bin 1 would be '72-'83, bin 2 would be '84-'95, bin 3 would be '96-'07, and bin 4 would be '08-'19. Assuming the one-show-per-corps rule, my picks so far would be: Madison '75, 27th '80, Kingsmen '73 Star '91 (or '93), Crossmen '92, SCV '89 Cavaliers '02, Phantom '96, Cadets '05 Bluecoats 2016 (or 2014), BD 2014, Crown '08 (my personal preference) or '13 or '15
  11. ftwdrummer

    The Cadets 2019

    ...he wasn't gone until April. That's the majority of the design season, and most camps. IIRC, the new stuff after he left was revised lyrics for the singers, and an entirely new back half of the show.
  12. ftwdrummer

    Maybe The Next Trend for World Class?

    Good to see the marching band world has finally caught up to VK '92.
  13. And also before...Naffier came back in 2011 and stayed through 2014.
  14. ftwdrummer

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    You might want to glance at where those corps have been placing relative to Madison recently...