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my thoughts on everyone, brief as they may be...didnt take notes. about 20 rows up lower level....which means when pre-sale goes live, waiting til 9:10 is too late to sit higher so log on early!

general thoughts:

scoops are not every snare lines friends.

vocals either work or annoy.

some incredible bass drumming happening and sadly you won't hear 75% of it in Lucas Oil no matter how many curtains you hang.

JBC may not be an NFL venue, the hill sucks, the lines for bathrooms and water/food may suck, but it just has that vibe. You pull in, you see the tailgaiting, you tailgate yourself....it's drum corps at its finest.

both nights packed, but Saturday was out beyond the end zones all the way to the bottom rows. 


BD....I think they get too much credit for visual in the comp numbers, but you cannot deny the corps is good. Loved the vocal clips from the bygone days, as well as the soloists playing snippets of days when BD really played melodies LOL. IMO, if book numbers keep going over performer, and they should, they can be beaten as I'm not sure that battery will get cleaned.Also, despite the legend of Allentown hating them, a great crowd response

SCV: Loved the show...flows, captivating, good balance with the electronics...but they seemed a touch flat. They moved me last week watching online, but I didn't feel that fire. Here's hoping they can do it.

Crown: They have me til after the ballad. Not denying they are good, and the percussion is no longer the albatross it was a few years ago. But the ending doesn't take me there..

Bluecoats: Just so much #### fun. Strong all around, maybe there's some sameness to last year, but still, it's a crowd pleaser.

Cavies:  to quote my wife "yes the Cavies are back!" Now, she ranted about gimmicks in Bloo, and then of course I pointed out gimmicks in Cavies show, and she got all defensive...LOL, she loves her boys in green. Love the comedy clips, you cant fail with Steve Vai, and Mars/My Way works so much better live. Ladies and gentlemen, the 2012/13 era is just a blip, here come the boys in green

BAC: Won't catch those above them, but the jump in a year is noticeable and who cant love the ending? I think the kids have another level of emotion they can grow into yet at the end to totally  blow the lid off of the echo chamber. #### that guard is good!

Cadets: I liked it more than I thought I would. The religious stuff doesn't faze me. I do think it's too dependent on the vocals, and i'd like some of the familiar melodies to get some more time. Battery was sweet, but I feel some visual choices were dictated by one instead of some people that know how to produce some good stuff.

BK: "i know it's good even if I don't get it". yet another BK offering that is out there, but #### it was fun to watch.Percussion not getting enough love.

PR: I'm biased. Center snare is the last of any kids I ever taught marching....couldn't be more proud of him. I enjoyed the show, but IMO, what could be a huge moment is hidden...the kick halt is too close to the front ensemble to see it unless you're rows up. I was only 20.

Blue Stars: What a fun show, and #### what a mello line! I know after staff defections there were concerns, but this show has really grown on me!

Crossmen: I was intrigued from note one, and it took 7 rim shots at the end for me to say "yes ######, that's the Bones I've loved!" The music flows, some cool visual ideas.....and a great reaction from the former hometown fans

Scouts: Story is IMO, not fully clear, but man those kids convey angry. I call them Madison City Mystique for a reason design wise, but you cant fault the kids for going all in!

Mandarins: Could be the underdog story of the year, but I think Madison's performer is pulling away. No fault of the Mandarins, they just need more time to grow to that next level. Loved the ballad...key add like 4 more counts of growing loudness to the end! 

The Academy: I like it better than early season. Still, at times it needs to decide...full on Looney tunes or serious? Btw, great Elmer quote, but there's a Bugs quote you need at the end.....so we can know "that's all folks"

Colts: Show came a long way from early season viewings. Bassline is a riot. i think now it's performer issues not letting it take that next step

Troop: This will hurt to actually type but....outside of Nessun Dorma, nothing in this show grabbed me. I'm not looking for Ghost Riders and a sunburst every year ( I wouldn't complain), but I just feel there is talent not being given a good vehicle.

Spirit: intrigued early season, wow has it come along. A few spots seem to drag a little, but it's a huge step upward, and showing signs of maybe a return to Saturday night somewhere down the road.

OC: I loved this show. I know there's some performer issues holding it down, but I really feel it should be higher in the mix. .

Pac Crest: I enjoyed it, but to be honest, 3 days later I can't remember any of it. And sadly, that's been a trend of PC for a few years now.

Genesis: the new kid on the block with the little kid that stole everyone's hearts. Good solid corps, with a respectable showing in WC their first year. Could be one to watch in time!

Cascades: vocalist was all that, and a fun show. performer is the name of the game here....is it possible the later start is holding them back?

Surf: Percussion placement is IMO responsible for many musical issues. This corps seems to have been treading water since Bridgemania...waiting for that one idea. Here's hoping they can retain a large number of kids and let everyone grow together

Pio: 22 brass. Ballsy move. Les Mis...ballsy move....but France and Ireland dont mix.

The Company: what a fun show! I'd love to see you guys do DCA...I think it'd be a better fit for you


There you go! shaping up to be a great finals week with battles all over plus the OC corps to add. Despite what you read here and elsewhere, drum corps isnt dying!


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Good read, Jeff!

Already arrangements for more portable "comfort stations" at JBC next year. Both in the stadium and out in the park. More portable lighting added to the park this year. Even more coming next year.

By the way, the difficulty getting the electronics figured out was evident on Flo. The Cadets sounded particularly strange on the telecast. The choir was not loud enough, for one. Plenty of little known parking in the area above the stadium. Muhlenberg Colleges has opened 2 lots for DCI use.


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seems more of that needs advertised. still on the committee?


and Pacific crests issue was the stadium, not the corps. 


most of these corps keep books with detailed info on venues...those that don't should.

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3 minutes ago, Jeff Ream said:

seems more of that needs advertised. still on the committee?



More, or less. For about the last 7-8 years, I spend several hours setting things up Friday morning, and several more hours Sunday morning taking it all apart. Great opportunity to get the "inside scoop" of everything. Still have a trusting relationship with all the major players.

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19 minutes ago, Fred Windish said:

More, or less. For about the last 7-8 years, I spend several hours setting things up Friday morning, and several more hours Sunday morning taking it all apart. Great opportunity to get the "inside scoop" of everything. Still have a trusting relationship with all the major players.

ok i wont harass you, I'll bug Donna LOL

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